Spells, Mind (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Second Required Arcana Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Mind 1, Initiate
Know Nature - Knowing Potency - Empathy, Science, Subterfuge Determine a subject's Virtue, Vice and Mental and Social Attribute levels
+1 Reach: Also determine Aspirations and Obsessions
MtAw2 p159
Mental Scan - Unveiling Potency Composure Empathy, Investigation, Occult Ask storyteller questions about a subject's mental or emotional state
+1 Reach: Read surface thoughts for snippets of a subject's current ideas or words and phrases before they are actually spoken
MtAw2 p159
One Mind, Two Thoughts - Compelling Duration - Academics, Expression, Science Perform two Mental or Social extended tasks at the same time. Neither can be a purely Physical task.
+1 Reach: May perform two Mental instant tasks at the same time
+2 Reach: If in the Astral Realms one of the actions may be "Physical"
MtAw2 p159
Perfect Recall - Unveiling Potency - Academics, Expression, Investigation Recall old memories with perfect accuracy. MtAw2 p160
Mind 2, Apprentice
Alter Mental Pattern - Veiling Potency - Science, Stealth, Subterfuge Add to subterfuge rolls. Supernatural powers that read surface thoughts or emotions provoke a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p160
Dream Reaching - Ruling Duration Composure Empathy, Medicine, Persuasion Enter a subject's dream. You can influence but not take part in the dream. Cast on self to be able to remember your own dreams.
+1 Reach: You can become an active part of the dream. Cast on self induces lucid dreaming
MtAw2 p160
Emotional Urging - Ruling Potency Composure Empathy, Intimidation, Subterfuge Open or close a subject's doors MtAw2 p160
First Impressions - Ruling Duration Composure Crafts, Socialize, Subterfuge Raise or lower the first impression MtAw2 p160
Incognito Presence - Veiling Duration - Empathy, Stealth, Subterfuge Costs ●. The Mage hides the Subject's Psychic Presence which Prevents people form remembering their presence or looking their way. Active attempts to do so with supernatural abilities (Including active Mage sight) provoke a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p160
Memory Hole - Veiling Duration - Academics, Medicine, Subterfuge Hide a specific memory forgetting it completely for the duration of the spell, One memory per Potency MtAw2 p160
Mental Shield - Shielding Duration - Academics, Intimidation, Survival Protects the Subject from Mental Attacks, Goetia Powers, Influences or Manifestations that target them.
+1 Reach: Also Protects from Physical attacks of Goetia
MtAw2 p160
Narcissus' Mirror - Shielding Duration Composure Intimidation, Occult, Subterfuge The mage can reflect the mental and emotional effects of a Nimbus tilt back onto its source. Whenever the Mage is subjected to a tilt that affects a Mental or Social trait this spell provokes a Clash of Wills. If the mage wins affect the instigator of the Tilt. Can be cast if the Mage is already under the effects of a tilt to immediately create a Clash of Wills
Substitute Life ••: This Spell affects Nimbus Tilts relating to Physical Traits or purely Physical effects instead
Add Life ••: This Spell affects all types of Nimbus Tilt
Add Prime ••: Affects other type of Supernatural Auras with the appropriate kinds of effects
SoS 94
Physic Domination - Ruling Potency Resolve Expression, Intimidation, Subterfuge Send one word commands to a subject that they are compelled to act upon, even against their will
+1 Reach: take control of a subject, forcing him to take actions against their will. These actions cannot put him serious danger however
+1 Reach: Force the subject to take an additional task
MtAw2 p161
Ritual Focus - Ruling Duration Composure Empathy, Leadership?(awaiting Errata), Persuasion A Variant on Telepathy linking a Mage and his Subjects allowing him to guide them as they work in unison on a particular spell (see "Teamwork", MtAw 2e p.119) Must have Scale to affect every other Awakened participant in Ritual. Secondary Actors in ritual add Potency to dice pool SoS 55
Soul Windows - Ruling Duration - Empathy, Investigation, Stealth By Splitting their senses a mage may view whats happening around their Soul Stone 360° or hears the sounds in its vicinity. This doesn't require sympathetic range
Add Forces ••: The mage may project their voice through the stone to speak or create a hologram of themselves
+1 Reach: The mage experiences the Stone's surroundings with all their Senses
+1 Reach: For each reach spent the Mage may split their senses to another Soul Stone
SoS 90
Telepathy - Ruling Potency Composure Crafts, Empathy, Socialize Surface thoughts of the subjects play out in the each others minds. This may grant a bonus or penalty between the subjects. A deliberate message may be send along the link.
+1 Reach: Only thoughts that the originating subject wants to share are shared
+1 Reach: All subjects have the ability to send and receive thoughts
MtAw2 p161
Mind 3, Disciple
Astral Grimoire Prime • Weaving Potency Total Arcanum dots used in rote Crafts, Expression, Occult *Costs 1 Mana* Scribe a Rote within ones own Oneiros, these can be cast from the Grimoire without needing to meditate to the Astral
+1 Reach: The Mage can scribe the grimoire within the Temenos making it available to any who travel there. These can only be cast directly from the Astral representation or with its Summoned goetia
+1 Reach: For 1 point of Mana the Spell's duration is lasting
+2 Reach: The Mage can scribe within the Anima Mundi, these don't manifest as books or scrolls but as constellations or rock formations. Figuring these out is a mystery of itself
SoS 85
Augment Mind - Perfecting Potency - Academics, Expression, Survival Increase a Mental or Social Attribute by Potency, up to normal limits.
+1 Reach: Divide increase between an additional Attribute.
+2 Reach: for 1 Mana, go above normal limits.
MtAw2 p161
Befuddle - Fraying Potency Composure or Resolve Intimidation, Persuasion, Science Lower a Mental or Social Attributes. One Potency equal one dot to a minimum of one.
+1 Reach: May lower an additional Attribute per reach, dividing Potency among the options
MtAw2 p163
Broken Relinquishment - Fraying Duration Composure Intimidation, Occult, Subterfuge This spell creates a breaking point for the subject as a way to relinquish spells without spending a willpower dot. The next act of hubris, braking point or genre equivalent by a subject of this spell suffers penalty by Potency
+1 Reach: The Subject of this spell immediately suffers a breaking point
SoS 73
Clear Thoughts - Perfecting Duration - Empathy, Intimidation, Persuasion Suppress a Mental Condition or Tilt per Potency, for the Duration. Can't affect Paradox Conditions; those cause by the supernatural provoke a Clash of Wills.
+1 Reach: subject gains 1 Willpower.
+2 Reach: effect is lasting.
MtAw2 p161
Enhance Skill - Perfecting Duration - Academics, Expression, Survival Increase an Skill with already at least one rank by Potency, for the Duration, up to their normal limits.
+1 Reach: Divide increase between an additional Skill.
+ 2 Reach: for 1 Mana, go above normal limits.
MtAw2 p161
Give Me That - Perfecting Duration Composure Crafts, Empathy, Persuasion The subject item evokes a concept of ownership. Those who do not Withstand the spell gain the Persistent Condition: Obsession with the object as their focus
Space ●●●: Individuals with the Obsessed Condition to the object also gain a Strong sympathetic link to it for the spells duration
SoS 66
Goetic Summons - Perfecting Duration Rank Persuasion, Socialize, Occult Call the nearest Goetia; one personally known, specified by type of Resonance, or the nearest generally.
Add Spirit or Death 2: it gains the Materialized Condition for the duration.
+1 Reach: Also creates the Open Condition.
+1 Reach: May give it a one-word command.
+2 Reach: may give a complex but single task command.
+1 Reach: summon a Goetia from the subject's Oneiros at a place one could reach the Astral. Must spend the Mana it would take to enter.
+2 Reach: summon from the Temenos.
+3 Reach: summon from Anima Mundi.
MtAw2 p162
Imposter - Weaving Duration - Persuasion, Stealth, Subterfuge Cause the subject to believe the caster is someone else. Manipulation + Subterfuge every minute if mimicking a specific person. Can't replicate Social Merits; any Doors opened benefit the assumed identity. MtAw2 p162
Psychic Assault - Fraying Potency - Academics, Intimidation, Medicine Deal Bashing equal to Potency, mimicking a stroke.
+1 Reach: give target -1 to Mental rolls (may stack 3 times).
MtAw2 p162
Sleep of the Just - Perfecting Duration Composure Academics, Athletics, Occult Control sleep cycle and dreams. Anything else entering or influencing dreams provokes Clash of Wills. MtAw2 p162
Supernal Translation Prime ●●● Weaving Duration - Empathy, Expression, Occult Allows the subject to comprehend and translate High Speech as they hear or read it as if they had up Mage Sight. Does not allow them to Speak or Write it back and is still subject to Dissonance and Quiescence SoS 28
Read the Depths - Weaving Potency Resolve Empathy, Investigation, Medicine Read memories and ideas from target's subconscious.
+1 Reach: modify one of the memories read, for the Duration.
MtAw2 p162
Universal Language - Weaving Duration - Academics, Investigation, Persuasion Target can understand and translate any language they are able to perceive: spoken, written, symbols, encoded signals, body language, hand symbols, or thoughts. Does not allow non-Awakened to understand High Speech. MtAw2 p162
Mind 4, Adept
Haunted Grimoire Prime • Patterning Potency Total Arcanum dots of Rote + Rank Crafts, Intimidation, Occult *Costs 1 Mana* The Mage binds a Goetia to a grimoire, writing its essence into the vessel's pattern. This doesn't host the Goetia's numina or influences nor does it have an essence pool. The Grimoire gains the Open and Resonant Conditions. When cast the spell is increased by the Goetia Rank for Primary Factor however the Goetia has a chance to escape with a Clash of Wills to the caster. When someone memorizes a Rote the Goetia has a chance to possess them using a Clash of Wills. This spell is a Wisdom Sin against Understanding SoS 86
Possession - Patterning Potency Resolve Medicine, Persuasion, Subterfuge Can possess the subject inflicting the Possessed Condition(see p. 261) MtAw2 p165
Gain Skill - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Expression, Science Increase a Skill by Potency. This cannot go above the normal maximum.
+1 Reach: Divide the increase between an additional Skill.
+ 1 Reach: for 1 Mana, go above normal limits.
MtAw2 p163
Goetic Evocatuion - Patterning Duration Rank of Entity Intimidation, Occult, Persuasion May convert pieces of a persons Psyche from a soul stone into a Goetia
+2 Reach: The Mage may extract the Goetia directly into his own Oneiros
SoS 90
Hallucination - Patterning Potency Composure Academics, Persuasion, Subterfuge Create an illusion that affects all senses but touch.
+1 Reach: The illusion can now be "touched" by the subject. It cannot harm or attack.
MtAw2 p163
Mind Flay - Unraveling Potency - Expression, Intimidation, Science Deal lethal damage.
+1 Reach: Cause Insane Tilt
+2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p164
Psychic Projection - Patterning Duration Resolve Academics, Occult, Socialize Astral project into Twilight or into somebody's dreams.
Add Spirit 2: May project into the Shadow. Withstand is Gauntlet rating.
MtAw2 p164
Psychic Reprogramming - Patterning Potency Resolve Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion For each point of Potency change one of the followin: Virtue, Vice, Short-Term Aspiration, Long-Term Aspiration, Obsession, a non-Physical Persistent Condition, or may move one dot between two Social Skills, or between two Mental Skills.
+1 Reach: May also move between two Social Attributes, or two Mental Attributes.
MtAw2 p164
Scribe Daimonomikon Prime • Patterning Potency Rank of Attainment + (10 - Caster's Gnosis) Crafts, Expression, Occult *Cost 1 Mana* Scribe a Daimonomikon for the Mage's Legacy. A Mage must be of Gnosis 2 or above to cast this. Anyone initiated into a Legacy via a Daimonomikon must spend 1 Arcane Experience and if used to learn more Legacy Attainments must use the Experience cost listed for learning without a tutor. These serve as a sympathetic Yantra worth +2 Dice for members of the inscribed Legacy
+1 Reach: For 1 Mana, the Spell's Duration is Lasting
SoS 87
Terrorize - Patterning Potency Composure Expression, Intimidation, Medicine Cause the Insensate Tilt for the duration or until it's resolved
+1 Reach: Inflict Broken Condition instead
MtAw2 p164
Mind 5, Master
Amorality - Unmaking Duration Resolve Crafts, Empathy, Expression Remove Virtue or Vice. Without Virtue the subject regains two Willpower for indulging Vice. Without Vice the subject cannot engage in any activity that would be a breaking point or Act of Hubris MtAw2 p164
No Exit - Making Duration Resolve Expression, Persuasion, Science For the duration of the spell the subject is in a catatonic state. Reading of the subjects mind or memory reveals this spell. MtAw2 p164
Mind Wipe - Unmaking Potency Resolve Academics, Intimidation, Occult Remove large portions of the subjects memories, inflicts the Amnesia Tilt for the duration of the spell. You can affect one month of time per level Potency. You can specify what portions are forgotten.
+1 Reach: May specify what memories are erased, rather than just erasing a single span of time.
+2 Reach: The effect is Lasting
MtAw2 p164
Psychic Genesis - Making Duration - Academics, Expression, Science Create a self-aware intelligence. This is a Rank 1 Goetia in Twilight.
+1 Reach: The entity works as a sleepwalker for the purposes of assisting ritual casting.
+1 Reach: For one Mana, the rank is 2
MtAw2 p165
Social Networking - Making Potency - Persuasion, Politics, Socialize For every level of Potency, gain one dot in one of the following Merits: Allies, Contacts or Status MtAw2 p165