Spells, Mind (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Mind 1, Initiate
Aura Perception 205 M:tA view emotional states as colors Wits + Empathy + Mind Covert
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Mind spell Composure + Occult + Mind Covert
Detect Alien Mind Prime 1 209 Summ track emotional resonance and presence of otherworldly being Wits + Investigation + Mind Covert
Know Virtue 103 KST know target's Virtue Wits + Empathy + Mind Covert
Mask of Normality 143 TotM item crafting, sleepers perceive unusual item as normal Intelligence + Crafts + Mind Covert
Merge Mind 59 Ban center your mind and silence "voices" Wits + Expression + Mind Covert
One Mind, Two Thoughts 206 M:tA undertake two mental actions Wits + Investigation + Mind Covert
Sense Consciousness 206 M:tA be aware of all entities in area Wits + Empathy + Mind Covert
Third Eye 206 M:tA Mage Sight Wits + Empathy + Mind Covert
Mind 2, Apprentice
Alter Aura 207 M:tA falsify your emotional aura Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Beast Control 207 M:tA dominate lesser life forms Presence + Animal Ken + Mind vs. Resolve Covert
Control Waking 191 GotV make target sleep deeper or wake Intelligence + Persuasion + Mind - Resolve Covert
Delayed Rest opt Life 2 192 GotV go for extended time without sleep Resolve + Investigation + Mind Covert
Directory Enquiry Forces 1 53 RotE learn a telephone number from a phone you can see Wits + Science + Mind Covert
Don Spirit Mask Death 2 and/or Spirit 2 210 Summ disguise own essence as Ghost or Spirit Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Eagle-Eye View Space 2 182 AA +1/success to Initiative Intelligence + Academics + Mind Covert
Emotional Urging 207 M:tA alter the emotional state of others Manipulation + Empathy + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Euphoria 192 SotT block out pain to reduce wound penalties, stay conscious Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
False Speech (lesser) Forces 2 25 (x) TotM distort sound in an area Manipulation + Expression + Mind Vulgar
First Impressions 208 M:tA bonus to first social interaction Presence + Socialize + Mind Covert
Gain Skill 111 FC gain increase to a Skill to a limit of 5 Wits + Science + Mind Covert
Hurried Rest Life 2 192 GotV catch up on sleep quickly Stamina + Investigation + Mind Covert
Incognito Presence 208 M:tA make self less noticeable Wits + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Inconspicuous Object Matter 2 22 TotM make object less noticeable Resolve + Larceny + Mind Covert
Inspire 192 GotV telepathically insert one idea into target's mind Manipulation + Expression + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Memory Hole 208 M:tA forget something temporarily Composure + Occult + Mind Covert
Mental Shield 208 M:tA gain Armor against psychic effects, pierce illusions with reflexive Gnosis + Mind Resolve + Occult + Mind Covert
Misperception 209 M:tA Shielding Manipulation + Stealth + Mind Covert
Moment of Doubt 193 GotV inspire doubt in target Manipulation + Intimidation + Mind - Composure Covert
Opening the Lidless Eye 209 M:tA grant Mage Sight Presence + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Perfect Mnemonic 199 Myst brand information into own mind Manipulation + Expression + Mind Covert
Phantom Thoughts 183 AA mask thoughts with false imagery Resolve + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Playback Vision 138 MT record hallucinatory experience Stamina + Expression + Mind Covert
Stammer 59 Ban cause target to slightly mispronounce Words of Power Resolve + Occult + Mind Covert
Voice from Afar 210 M:tA send short telepathic message Manipulation + Expression + Mind - Resolve Covert
Willful Process 200 Myst gain Rote Quality to a Mental or Social Skill Wits + Academics + Mind Covert
Zeal 193 SotT gain +2 extra dice when spending Willpower, defer Degeneration until spell expires Manipulation or Resolve + Expression + Mind Covert
Mind 3, Disciple
Astral Entrance 23 AR mark an Astral location to make it easier to find Intelligence + Survival + Mind Covert
Astral Invitation 22 AR allow others to descend to your Oneiros Resolve + Empathy + Mind Covert
Augment the Mind 210 M:tA gain increase to a Mental or Social Attribute Resolve + Academics + Mind Covert
Aura Cloak 211 M:tA falsify others emotional aura Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Bestow High Speech Prime 3 98 Myst target can speak and understand High Speech Wits + Expression + Mind Covert
Bestow Skill 111 (x)● FC grant target Skill up to limit of 5 Wits + Persuasion + Mind Vulgar
Bolster Virtue 103 KST strengthen virtuous use of Willpower for self Presence + Empathy + Mind Covert
Curse of Dementia 138 5● TotM item crafting, curse Presence + Crafts + Mind Covert
Curse of Ostracism 138 5● TotM item crafting, curse Presence + Crafts + Mind Covert
Defer Conscience Time 3 183 AA postpone morality checks to end of scene Resolve + Intimidation + Mind Covert
Denial of Senses 193 GotV reduce target's Reflexive Perception rolls Intelligence + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Diplomat's Protection 200 SL prevent creatures of weak Resolve from attacking you Wits + Expression + Mind Covert
Directed Havoc 141 TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Occult + Mind Covert
Disinhibiting Sympathy Space 3 57 GoG force target and associates to roll to avoid acting on Vice Manipulation + Expression + Mind Covert
Disrupt Concentration 23 AR impose penalties to efforts of concentration Manipulation + Intimidation + Mind Covert
Enforce Paradigm 65 TotM prevent Sleeper from seeing or realizing supernatural events Presence + Occult + Mind Covert
Eternal Now 200 Myst prevent target from having new memories Wits + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Eyes of the Master Space 2 193 GotV view within a familiar structure Perception + Empathy + Mind Covert
False Fame 66 TotM foster belief of celebrity around self Manipulation + Socialize + Mind Covert
False Speech (greater) Forces 3 25 (x) TotM make conversation in an area sound innocuous Manipulation + Expression + Mind Vulgar
Goetic Struggle 324 M:tA fight inner demons to prevent frailty Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Greater Beast Control 211 M:tA dominate lesser lifeforms Presence + Animal Ken + Mind vs. Resolve Covert
Implant Subliminal Message Forces 2 or Matter 2 194 GotV affect reaction to media Wits + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Imposter 211 M:tA appear to be someone else Intelligence + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Induce Hoarding Instinct 138 TotM item crafting, curse Manipulation + Crafts + Mind Covert
Induce Sleep Life 2 201 Myst cause target to become sleepy Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Kinesthesia Space 1, Time 1 183 AA gain bonus against multiple attackers, partially negate environmental penalties Composure + Athletics + Mind Covert
Know the Truth Time 2 69 L:tA verify accuracy of a document Wits + Investigation + Mind Covert
Know Thyself 194 GotV determine if own memory was altered Wits + Empathy + Mind Covert
Lift the Astral Barrier 23 AR pay the cost of the Astral Threshold for others Manipulation + Empathy + Mind Covert
Mental Wall 211 M:tA grant Armor against psychic effects Presence + Occult + Mind Covert
Multi-Tasking 211 M:tA undertake multiple mental actions Intelligence + Academics + Mind Covert
Passion Link 195 GotV create emotional connection with topic Composure + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Past Life Regression Time 3 105 MT experience events from possible past life Presence + Occult + Mind Covert
Precious Malediction 137 TotM item crafting, curse Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Preserve Astral Object 24 AR prevent object from changing with Astral Intelligence + Science + Mind Covert
Preserve Astral Space 25 AR prevent location from changing with Astral Intelligence + Survival + Mind Covert
Provoke Wrath 193 SotT overwhelm target's ability to stay calm, defer Degeneration till end of duration Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Psychic Assault 212 M:tA inflict Bashing damage psionicaly Resolve + Intimidation + Mind - Resolve Covert
Read Trends opt Time 2 195 GotV determine general public opinion Perception + Empathy + Mind

(Attribute is off, but is listed as written) || Covert

Seal Oneiros 24 AR create Ward on Oneiros Resolve + Academics + Mind Covert
Shackled Morality 117 GoG target can not regain Willpower from Virtue Manipulation + Empathy + Mind Covert
Shroud of Disinterest 142 TotM item crafting, defense Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Sleep of the Just 212 M:tA control sleep and dreams Composure + Occult + Mind Covert
Summon Esoteric 54 Summ call an esoteric (conscious desire) to Twilight Manipulation + Empathy + Mind Covert
Summon Morphean 52 Summ call a dream-fragment out of Oneiros to Twilight Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Mastigos only) call a Wraith from Pandemonium, with difficulty N/A Covert
Telepathic Alarm 141 TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Occult + Mind Covert
Telepathic Eavesdropping 196 GotV overhear telepathic conversations Wits + Empathy + Mind Covert
Telepathy 212 M:tA create telepathic link Wits + Empathy + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
The Inescapable Question 34 L:tA halt target as they ponder question Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Transfer Will 66 TotM allow others to pay relinquishment costs Intelligence + Occult + Mind Covert
Universal Language 213 M:tA understand any language Intelligence + Academics + Mind Covert
Will of Fire 44 L:tA grant others Willpower through oratory Presence + Expression + Mind Covert
Mind 4, Adept
Astral Interdiction 25 AR prevents target from entering Astral Space Presence + Expression + Mind Covert
Augment Other Minds 213 (x)● M:tA grant increase to Mental or Social Attribute Resolve + Persuasion + Mind Vulgar
Autopilot Matter 3 67 (x)● TotM give vehicle limited sentience Intelligence + Mind + Mind Vulgar
Befuddle 213 M:tA decrease targets Mental or Social Attribute Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Breach the Vault of Memory 214 M:tA search subject's subconscious Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Call Eidolon Spirit 4 59 (x)● Ban call upon Virtue, as with "Goetic Evocation" Resolve + Empathy + Mind Vulgar
Climbing the Tree Any 3 43 MT journey to an Astral Realm representing Arcana's purview Resolve + Occult + Mind Covert
Confuse Language 61 Ban deprive target of the abstract concepts of language Intelligence + Occult + Mind Covert
Dream Bridge 25 AR connect Oneiroi of targets None Listed Covert
Dream Traveler 214 M:tA project into target's dreams Manipulation + Occult + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Gleaning the Crowd 139 (x)● MT gain Skill from group mind Presence + Occult + Mind Vulgar
Goetic Doppelganger Spirit 4 117 (x)2 GoG summon Goetic Evocation (see Spirit section) of target Resolve + Empathy + Mind Vulgar
Hallucination 215 M:tA falsify senses of target Intelligence + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Knowing the Dead Death 2 201 Myst Read the Depths of a ghost's mind Manipulation + Investigation + Mind vs. Resistance Covert
Lashes of Fire Forces 4, Fate 2 42 (x)● MT harm target whenever Morality drops Presence + Intimidation + Mind Vulgar
Living Library opt Forces 3 or Matter 3 22 S&S store information in subconscious Intelligence + Academics + Mind Covert
Love Spell 67 TotM become irresistible to target Presence + Socialize + Mind Covert
Memory Oath Fate 2, Time 2; opt Space 2 196 GotV trigger memory loss if violated Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Opening the Dream Space 26 AR enter another's Oneiros instead of your own Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Psychic Projection 215 (x)● M:tA travel mentally in Twilight Resolve + Occult + Mind Vulgar
Psychic Sword 216 M:tA inflict Lethal damage psionicaly Presence + Intimidation + Mind - Resolve Covert
Psychic Violation 143 (x) L:tS paralyze and drain target's Willpower with terror Presence + Intimidation + Mind (Instant)

Manipulation + Expression + Mind (Extended) || Vulgar

Purge Oneiros 27 AR remove non-natives from you Oneiros Presence + Expression + Mind Covert
Read the Depths 215 M:tA enter another's subconscious Manipulation + Empathy + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Reinforce the Lie 194 SotT if Sleepwalker's resistance overcome, they count as Sleeper for the duration Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Seal Other's Oneiros 26 AR create Ward on other's Oneiros Presence + Science + Mind Covert
Severed Sense 197 (x) GotV turn off target's senses Intelligence + Subterfuge + Mind Vulgar
Shape Soul Stone 68 (x) TotM alter form of a Soul Stone Intelligence + Crafts + Mind Vulgar
Silver Threads Space 4 27 AR link a group to make finding each other easy Manipulation + Socialize + Mind Covert
Skeptic 184 AA cause Sleeper to give 9-Again on Paradox rolls, make Improbable spells Vulgar Resolve + Occult + Mind Covert
Skill Mastery 111 FC gain increase of multiple Skills up to limit of Gnosis Wits + Persuasion + Mind Covert
Summon Astral Archtype 56 Summ call incarnation of universal concept into Twilight Presence + Persuasion + Mind Vulgar
Suppress Wisdom 68 TotM undertake one Wisdom sin without consequence Resolve + Occult + Mind (Self)

Resolve + Empathy + Mind (Others) || Covert

Supreme Augmentation 216 M:tA gain increase to multiple Mental and Social Attributes Resolve + Academics + Mind Covert
Telepathic Control 216 M:tA dominate target's mind Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Triumphant Will 201 Myst gain Rote Quality on Mental or Social Skills Intelligence + Occult + Mind Covert
Virtual Voyage Forces 2 112 (x) FC project mind of self and others into internet Intelligence + Science or Computers + Mind Vulgar
Mind 5, Master
Astral Imprisonment 27 AR target can't move in or out of Astral Space Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind Covert
Casual Brutality 118 GoG temporarily reduce target's Morality Manipulation + Empathy + Mind Covert
Construct Homunculus Persona 150 (x)3 TotM create conscious of homunculus Manipulation + Empathy + Life

(as written, likely should be Mind) || Vulgar

Dream Network 28 AR create multiple Dream Bridges Presence + Socialize + Mind Covert
Fiery Servant Forces 4 43 L:tA Create an intelligent flame being Manipulation + Expression + Mind Vulgar
Goetic Manifestation Spirit 5 95 GoG bind your Vice as a Goetic Familiar Presence + Occult + Mind Vulgar
Network 217 M:tA link many with telepathic contact Presence + Empathy + Mind Covert
Nightmare Journey 144 L:tS project target's mind into the Abyss Resolve + Occult + Mind Covert
No Exit 61 2● Ban force target's brain into a continuous loop, permanently Intelligence + Expression + Mind Covert
Possession 217 (x)● M:tA project into target's body Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Psychic Dominion 217 M:tA dominate target's mind Presence + Intimidation + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Psychic Genesis 218 (x)● M:tA create free consciousness Intelligence + Empathy + Mind Vulgar
Psychic Reprogramming 218 (x)● M:tA rewrite memories and personality of target Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis Vulgar
Shadow Projection 218 (x)● M:tA mentally project into the Shadow Resolve + Occult + Mind Vulgar
Sin Eating 48 GoG possibly consume Morality Sin of target Manipulation + Empathy + Mind Covert
Temenos Sanctuary 19 L:tS create bulwarks in Astral Realm Composure + Occult + Mind Covert
The Book of Self Matter 5 197 (x)● GotV imprint own mind into a book Presence + Occult + Mind Vulgar
Twilight Temple 219 (x) M:tA create bulwarks in Twilight Composure + Occult + Mind Vulgar
Mind 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Mind spells N/A Unlisted
Soulwalker 37 IM allow subject to enter the Astral N/A Unlisted
Mind 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana N/A Unlisted