Spells, Matter (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Secondary Required Arcana Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Matter 1, Initiate
Craftsmen's Eye - Knowing Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Study an object for one turn to learn it's intended function. If the object has no purpose that will be revealed instead. If something prevents the object from fulfilling it's function, the spell will reveal the nature of the problem
+1 Reach: Learn how to use the studied object. This grants the 8-Again when using the object. Only one object can benefit from this bonus at once
+2 Reach: Learn all possible uses for an object
Add Fate 1: Name a task while casting the spell. All objects that could help you with this task will become obvious to you
MtAw2 p154
Detect Substance - Unveiling Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Become aware of a chosen type of substance in the area. "Iron", "A knife" and "My hunting Knife" are all valid choices
Add Time 1: Determine if an object has been in the area
Add Forces 1: Search for a specific type of electronic information
MtAw2 p154
Discern Composition - Knowing Potency - Crafts, Investigation, Science Become aware of an objects weight, density and the precise elements in it's makeup
+1 Reach: Also become aware of any objects hidden within the studied object
+1 Reach: You know an object's structural weak points. Reduce Durability by spell Potency
Add Space 2: Know not only what an object was made of but also where the materials came from
MtAw2 p154
Lodestone - Compelling Duration - Crafts, Larceny, Science Choose a substance or type of object. Those objects will be drawn toward you or repelled away from you MtAw2 p154
Remote Control - Compelling Potency - Crafts, Drive, Intimidation Control a mechanical object, to make it fulfill its function
+1 Reach: Perform more complex task while controlling the object
MtAw2 p155
Matter 2, Apprentice
Alchemist's Touch - Shielding Potency - Crafts, Survival, Persuasion Choose a material, you become largely immune to its deleterious effects. The material cannot inflict bashing damage and lethal damage is reduced by spell Potency. The spell does not protect against damage from a sword or gun
+1 Reach: Choose an additional material to be protected against
+2 Reach: Your immune to both the bashing and lethal, aggravated damage is reduced by Potency
Add Forces 2: You are now also protected against the damage from the extreme temperature of a material
MtAw2 p155
Find the Balance - Ruling Duration - Crafts, Persuasion, Science Improve the balance and heft of an item. This grants it the 9-Again quality
+1 Reach: Grant a tool the 8-Again quality instead
MtAw2 p155
Hidden Hoard - Veiling Duration - Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge Make matter difficult to detect. Mundane attempts to locate automatically fail. Supernatural power enters a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p156
Machine Invisibility - Veiling Duration - Larceny, Science, Stealth Become invisible to mechanical sensors. Supernatural items enter a Clash of Wills
+1 Reach: This spell now also works on constructs animated with magic, like zombies and golems. This triggers a Clash of Wills
MtAw2 p156
Shaping - Ruling Potency - Crafts, Expression, Persuasion Shape liquids and gases in any form you desire in defiance of gravity
+1 Reach: Can alter solids as well. Warped tools or weapons will have their equipment bonus reduced by potency, if reduced to 0 the object becomes useless
+1 Reach: If creating or repairing an object in an extended action reduce its required successes by this spell's Potency, the number cannot fall below one
+2 Reach: The shaping can create an appropriate Environmental Tilt, such as Earthquake, Flooded or Howling Winds
MtAw2 p156
Matter 3, Disciple
Aegis - Weaving Duration - Athletics, Crafts, Science For each level of Potency grant an object one of the following: Raise/lower ballistic Armor by 1, raise/lower general Armor by 1, raise/lower Defense penalty by 1
+1 Reach: The armor becomes immune to the Armor-Piercing effect
MtAw2 p156
Alter Conductivity - Weaving Potency - Computer, Science, Subterfuge Make an object more or less conductive to electricity
+1 Reach: Alter an objects conductivity to other forms of energy. Each additional type is an extra Reach
MtAw2 p156
Alter Integrity - Fraying or Perfecting Potency Durability Crafts, Medicine, Subterfuge Increase or decrease an objects Durability
+1 Reach: Instead of increasing Durability by 1 increase structure by 2
+2 Reach: The effect is lasting
MtAw2 p156
Crucible - Perfecting Potency - Crafts, Occult, Science Grant a tool the 8-Again for a number of turns. Valuable objects will have their Availability rating increased, this rating cannot become more than double the original rating
+1 Reach: Spend one point of Mana, The object gains the rote quality for a number of rolls. So long as the durability last this effect can be recharged by spending more Mana
+1 Reach: Availability may be triple the original rating
MtAw2 p157
Hone the Perfected Form - Perfecting Duration - Crafts, Persuasion, Science *Cost 1 Mana* The mage takes an ordinary metal (iron, gold, silver, mercury, copper, tin or lead) and transmutes it into its perfected metal.
+2 Reach: The spell may Perfect another substance like Glass or Gemstones
Forces ●●●: May perfect fire
SoS 61
Nigredo and Albedo - Fraying or Perfecting Potency - Crafts, Brawl, Medicine Repair or damage an objects Structure
+1 Reach: When damaging ignore durability
MtAw2 p157
Shrink and Grow - Weaving Potency Durability Crafts, Expression, Science Increase or decrease an objects size
Add Life 3: Can be cast on living subjects, unwilling subjects may Withstand with Stamina
MtAw2 p157
Spell Potion Prime •• Weaving Duration - Crafts, Medicine, Subterfuge *Costs 1 Mana* Magically alters an ingested item, making it act as a storage vessel for another spell. Once the Ingested item has been primed for holding a mage may spend a Mana to cast any other spell on the item if it uses touch/self range. The cast spell doesn't take affect until the item is ingested. May store spells up to level of Potency which don't activate until either Spell Potion is canceled, the Duration ends or the food is injested SoS 70
State Change - Weaving Duration Durability Crafts, Persuasion, Science Change material one step along the path from solid to liquid to gas. This does not cause any temperature change
+1 Reach: You may transform solids directly int gas and vice versa
Add Forces 3: You may transmute matter into plasma
MtAw2 p157
Windstrike - Weaving Potency - Athletics, Brawl, Crafts Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Create an appropriate Environmental Tilt
MtAw2 p157
Wonderful Machine - Weaving Potency - Crafts, Politics, Science Integrate multiple machines into one another
Add Life 3: Machine properties can be grafted onto a living thing or vice versa
MtAw2 p157
Matter 4. Adept
Endless Bounty - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Science, Streetwise Never run out of small expendable items. Enchant a single item that contains a smaller expendable item. For the duration of the spell the expendable item never runs out
E.g.: Money in wallet, Bullets in magazine, Gas in car tank
SoS 66
Forge Dumanium - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Expression, Persuasion *Costs 1 Mana* Combine perfected metals into a single metal called Dumanium. The object is Durability 1 and holds 1 point of Mana. Weapons made from Dumanium can spend Mana to deal aggravated Damage for a single attack
+2 Reach: The Spell is Lasting however this relies on all the Metals to remain perfect, should a perfected metal become mundane the alloy will collapse
SoS 62
Forge Sophis - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science *Costs 1 Mana* Combine perfected metals into a single metal that scavenges Mana called Sophis. The object is Durability 1 and can hold 1 Mana. Potency increases this 1 for 1 for Durability and Mana.
+2 Reach: The Spell is Lasting however this relies on all the Metals to remain perfect, should a perfected metal become mundane the alloy will collapse
SoS 62
Forge Thaumium - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Occult, Survival *Costs 1 Mana* Combine perfected metals to create Thaumium, The object is Durability 1 and holds 1 point of Mana which it spends to shield against Magic.
+2 Reach: The Spell is Lasting however this relies on all the Metals to remain perfect, should a perfected metal become mundane the alloy will collapse
Other Arcanum ●●: Thaumium can protect against other types of Magic provided they fall under the Arcanum
SoS 62
Ghostwall - Patterning Duration - Athletics, Occult, Stealth Turn objects intangible
Add Death 3, Mind 3 or Spirit 3: The object may be shifted into the Twilight, attuned to the used Arcanum
MtAw2 p158
Golem - Patterning Potency - Crafts, Expression, Occult Animate a statue or other object
Add Death 4 or Spirit 4: A ghost or spirit may serve as the intelligence of the golem
Add Mind 5: Grant true intelligence see "Psychic Genesis"
MtAw2 p158
Piercing Earth - Patterning Potency - Athletics, Brawl, Crafts Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Create an appropriate Environmental Tilt
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p158
Transubstantiation - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Empathy, Science Transform any type of matter into another type
+1 Reach: Transmute multiply substance into a single substance or vice versa
Add Life 4: Transform matter into living things or vice versa
MtAw2 p158
Matter 5, Master
Annihilate Matter - Unmaking Potency Durability Athletics, Intimidation, Science Destroy matter completely
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, can now destroy magical objects as well
MtAw2 p158
Ex Nihilo - Making Potency - Crafts, Expression, Science Create an object or relatively uncomplicated tool out of nothing
+1 Reach: Create a complex machine or electronic device, like a car or smartphone
MtAw2 p158
Self-Repairing Machine - Making Potency - Crafts, Medicine, Occult Cause a machine to repair Potency in Structure per day
+1 Reach: The machine heals every hour
+2 Reach: The machine heals every 15 minutes
MtAw2 p159