Spells, Life (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Secondary Required Arcana Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Life 1, Initiate
Analyze Life - Knowing Duration - Animal Ken, Medicine, Survival Observe a creature and learn information like species, age, sex and overall health. A supernatural creature's species shows up as unknown unless the mage has studied it's kind before. Can discern amount of dots in physical attributes and any illnesses, injuries, Personal Tilts and Condition on target
+1 Reach: May learn a specific Physical Attribute level, rather than just the total number of dots
MtAw2 p148
Cleanse the Body - Compelling Potency - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Help subject resist any toxins in her system
+1 Reach: The subject may make a resistance roll immediately, in addition to the normal ones from regular intervals
MtAw2 p148
Heightened Senses - Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Investigation, Survival Heighten desired senses. Grants bonus to perception roles
+1 Reach: You can track by scent
MtAw2 p149
Speak With Beasts - Unveiling Duration - Animal Ken, Empathy, Survival Magically speak with a specific species of animal. Animals have limited ability to understand things around them, for example a rat may refer to a cat and vampire alike as simply a "predator"
+1 Reach: May communicate with all animals rather than only a single species
MtAw2 p148
Web of Life - Knowing Duration - Investigation, Medicine, Survival Detect all forms of specified life in the spells area of effect MtAw2 p148
Life 2, Apprentice
Body Control - Ruling Duration - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Slow Breathing, Heartbeat and/or Metabolism. Up your Initiative, eliminate or increase body odors and halve healing time for bashing damage
+1 Reach: Gain 1/0 armor
+2 reach: Half healing time for lethal damage
MtAw2 p148
Control Instincts - Ruling Duration Composure Animal Ken, Intimidation, Persuasion Trigger a specific instinctual response in animals(includes humans). Subject suffers a Condition related to the desired instinct
+1 Reach: Control instincts of living supernatural creatures
MtAw2 p149
Lure and Repel - Ruling Duration Resolve Animal Ken, Persuasion, Survival Create a lure or repellent that works on a specific organism. Plant and bacteria have 0 resolve for the purposes of this spell
+1 Reach: Lured creatures may offer food or small favors a appropriate for the animal
+1 Reach: Lured creatures treat the subject good if a lure or bad if a repellent for the purposes of first impressions in Social maneuvering
MtAw2 p149
Mutable Mask - Veiling Duration Stamina Medicine, Stealth, Subterfuge Change a subjects appearance, apparent sex, voice, smell, etc. Changes are illusionary, bio-metric devices will still pick up the truth. Cannot imitate specific people
+2 Reach: Can duplicate the appearance of a specific person, including fingerprints
MtAw2 p149
Purge Illness - Ruling Potency - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Cure yourself of an illness. Compare Potency to the illness'rating if less, reduce the illness by the difference if more, eliminate the illness MtAw2 p149
Life 3, Disciple
Bruise Flesh - Fraying Potency - Brawl, Intimidation, Medicine Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Inflict an additional -1 penalty to any wound penalties the target might have
MtAw2 p150
Contact High - Weaving Duration - Medicine, Occult, Science Creates a drug that targets the nervous system. Anyone who comes into contact with the Subject is affected by this drug for one scene. The Caster determines if it increases Initiative equal to Potency or penalizes Initiative equal to Potency. The drug affects a living subject as well as any touching it
+1 Reach: Living subjects are Immune but still spread the drug to anything they touch
SoS 65
Degrading the Form - Fraying Duration Stamina Brawl, Medicine, Survival Reduce a targets Physical Attributes, but only one
+1 Reach: Spell may effect two different Physical Attributes
MtAw2 p150
Honing the Form - Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Raise Strength, Dexterity or Stamina, but no higher than a subjects max for these stats
+1 Reach: Spell may effect two different Physical. This effect can be applied twice so that all three attributes may be affected
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, may increase stats beyond the allowed maximum
MtAw2 p150
Knit - Perfecting Potency - Empathy, Medicine, Survival Heal 2 bashing damage per Potency
+1 Reach: You can heal Personal Tilts such as Arm Wrack
+1 Reach: Can heal damage done by deprivation
+1 Reach: Reproduce the effect of night's rest, regain a Willpower point if appropriate
+1 Reach: Heal one lethal per Potency instead of 2 Bashing
MtAw2 p150
Living Vessel Prime ••• Weaving Duration Stamina Academics, Medicine, Persuasion Prepare a subject under the purview of Life for the Imbue Item Attainment. The mage can use the Attainment to imbue any living subject SoS 69
Many Faces - Weaving Duration Stamina Medicine, Stealth, Subterfuge Like "Mutable Mask" only the changes are real rather than an illusion. Poor vision or other senses can be restored. Missing organs and limbs can not be restored however. You may also rearrange the subjects Physical Attributes
Add Time 3: You can change physical age as well
MtAw2 p150
Steal Life Force - Fraying Duration Resolve Crafts, Medicine, Persuasion This spell is cast on a mage to alter his imbument process causing the item to damage the user. The item appears to function as normal but requires Life force to function. This item deals 1 point of Lethal damage for each point of Mana spent to cast the imbued spell, if the Item runs out of Mana it deals Lethal to the user to replenish its Mana SoS 72
Transform Life - Weaving Potency Stamina Animal Ken, Science, Survival Give life features normally belonging to other organisms. Gills, Claws, Senses, Etc.
+2 Reach: The bestowed feature, if permanent, can be passed on to a creatures descendants
MtAw2 p150
Life 4. Adept
Accelerate Growth - Patterning Duration Stamina Animal Ken, Medicine, Science Cause a lifeform to rapidly grow, at the end of the duration the subject will return to their actual age. If the subject exceeds its natural lifespan, it will die of old age
+1 Reach: When the spell ends the subject will rapidly de-age at an even faster rate than they grew, returning to their actual age in minutes. This puts great stress on the target. They must make a Stamina roll and on a failure they will enter a coma for a number of days.
MtAw2 p151
Animal Minion - Patterning Duration Stamina Animal Ken, Science, Survival The mage takes complete bodily control of a subject. Difference in gait may be noticeable to those familiair with the subject. The mage's body will be inert while this spell is active
+1 Reach: Target behaves more normally, as you understand the targets habits
MtAw2 p151
Life-Force Assault - Unraveling Potency - Brawl, Intimidation, Medicine Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Inflict an additional -2 penalty to any wound penalties the target might have
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p152
Living Grimoire Prime •••• Patterning Potency Total Arcanum dots used in the Rote + Stamina Crafts, Medicine, Occult The Mage scribes a single rote per casting of this spell onto a living being. Casting this spell constitutes as an act of Hubris against Understanding Wisdom SoS 85
Mend - Patterning Potency - Empathy, Medicine, Survival Heal 2 lethal wounds per Potency
+1 Reach: Can erase scars
+1 Reach: Can heal damage done by deprivation
+1 Reach: Reproduce the effect of night's rest, regain a Willpower point if appropriate
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, can heal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p152
Regeneration - Patterning Duration - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Cost: 1 Mana, restore lost organs or limbs MtAw2 p152
Shapechanging - Patterning Potency Stamina Animal Ken, Science, Survival Take on the form of another creature. Clothes and gear do not change with you. Instincts of the new form may need to be resisted with a Composure + Resolve roll
Add Matter 4: Gear changes with you to fit the new form
+1 Reach (with Matter 4): Gear becomes part of new form
+1 Reach: Turn into a swarm of tiny creatures
+1 Reach: Retain full control over reason
MtAw2 p152
Life 5, Master
Create Life - Making Duration - Medicine, Science, Survival Design and create any form of life you desire. If cast with finite duration life will disappear at the end of the spell, this may count as an Act of Hubris.
Add Mind 5: Give your organism a true mind as appropriate to type
+1 Reach: Creature can be given additional features as per "Transform Life"
MtAw2 p153
Contagion - Making Potency - Medicine, Occult, Science Create minor or life-threatening diseases
+1 Reach: Create a never before seen disease. This is likely to be an Act of Hubris as no creature in the world could have developed any defenses against it
MtAw2 p153
Salt the Earth - Unmaking Duration - Medicine, Science, Survival Destroy life-force in an area. This Creates an Extreme Environment equal to Potency
+1 Reach: Individual living things that survive, will still suffer an additional -1 to any wound penalties they might have
MtAw2 p153