Spells, Forces (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Secondary Required Arcana Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Forces 1, Initiate
Influence Electricity - Compelling Duration - Computers, Crafts, Science Operate or shut down electrical devices MtAw2 p140
Influence Fire - Compelling Duration - Crafts, Science, Survival Guide flames along a particular path
+1 Reach: Increase or decrease the size of a flame
MtAw2 p140
Kinetic Efficiency - Compelling Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Run faster, jump further or lift more MtAw2 p141
Influence Heat - Compelling Duration - Occult, Science, Survival Control the flow of heat in an area. Can protect against heat- or cold-related Environments up to level 2(see p.224)
+1 Reach: Protect against Environments up to level 3
+2 Reach: Protect against Environments up to level 4
MtAw2 p141
Nightvision - Unveiling Duration - Investigation, Science, Stealth Suffer no penalty form dim to no light. Bright lights can inflict the Blind Condition
+1 Reach: No longer risk the Blind Condition from sudden bright lights
MtAw2 p141
Receiver - Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Investigation, Science Hear sounds outside normal human frequency MtAw2 p141
Tune In - Knowing Duration - Computers, Empathy, Science Become able to see and listen to data transmission MtAw2 p141
Forces 2, Apprentice
Control Electricity - Ruling Duration - Crafts, Computers, Science Alter the flow of a current or decrease it, but you cannot increase it. Direct a buildings electricity to one outlet, or divide the power from one outlet to many other sources MtAw2 p142
Control Fire - Ruling Duration - Crafts, Science, Survival Increase or decrease the heat or size of a fire MtAw2 p142
Control Gravity - Ruling Duration - Athletics, Occult, Science Cause gravity to pull upwards or horizontally MtAw2 p142
Control Heat - Ruling Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Increase or decrease the temperature of an area this may cause an Extreme Environment MtAw2 p142
Control Light - Ruling Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Can focus or disperse light, and alter its wavelength on the spectrum
+1 Reach: Can create a mirroring effect or a complete black-out which causes the Blinded Tilt or provides substantial cover
MtAw2 p142
Control Sound - Ruling Duration - Expression, Stealth, Science Amplify or dampen sound, can also influence the direction of sound. Loud sounds can cause the Deafened Tilt in combat
+1 Reach: Create an echoing effect which imposes a penalty to stealth rolls
+1 Reach: Gain a bonus to hearing-based perception rolls
MtAw2 p142
Control Weather - Ruling Duration - Academics, Science, Survival Make changes to the weather may create an Extreme Environments up to level 4
+1 Reach: Weather changes are more gradual
+2 Reach: Required for more drastic changes
MtAw2 p143
Environmental Shield - Shielding Duration - Occult, Science, Survival This spell gives resistance to any Conditions and Tilts caused by the environment MtAw2 p143
Invisibility - Veiling Duration - Larceny, Science, Stealth Make a subject invisible MtAw2 p143
Kinetic Blow - Ruling Duration - Athletics, Brawl, Science Unarmed attacks gain a bonus
+1 Reach: Apply the Knocked Down Tilt
+1 Reach: Apply the Stunned Tilt
+1 Reach: Spell can affect held weapons
+2 Reach: Spell affects thrown weapons but can also grant bullets Armor Piercing
MtAw2 p143
Transmission - Ruling Duration - Crafts, Expression, Science Hijack existing signals and change the transmitted data or its destination
+1 Reach: The signal becomes "encrypted" only specific actions will allow somebody to read them
MtAw2 p144
Zoom In - Ruling Duration - Investigation, Science, Survival See distant objects or better examine small ones
+1 Reach: See clearly for miles
+1 Reach: Clearly examine dust-sized particles
+1 Reach: No longer suffer penalties form atmospheric conditions
+2 Reach: Clearly see microscopic particles, even molecular bonds
MtAw2 p144
Forces 3, Disciple
Call Lightning - Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Can call lightning from an existing storm which may be created with "Control Weather". MtAw2 p144
Data Hog - Perfecting Duration - Computer, Larceny, Persuasion increase or decrease a computer device's capability to process, accept and transfer data by Potency SoS 65
Energize Object Prime •• Weaving Duration - Expression, Larceny, Science *Cost 1 Mana* Primes an object with the potential for activation to hold a spell. Once the object is primed a mage may spend a Mana to cast any other spell on the object which doesn't activate until appropriate force is applied to the object. May store spells up to Potency which won't take affect until either the controlling mage cancels this spell, the duration ends or the correct force is applied to the object SoS 69
Gravitic Supremacy - Fraying/Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Increase or decrease gravity MtAw2 p144
Perpetual Motion - Perfecting Duration - Expression, Science, Survival The subject no longer requires an energy input for the duration of the spell SoS 65
Rapid Access Memory Prime ••• Weaving Duration - Expression, Larceny, Science Allows the Subject to use the attainment Imbue Item on computer Software which can later be activated on a computer. SoS 69
Telekinesis - Weaving Duration - Athletics, Brawl, Science Use telekinetic force to lift or manipulate an object remotely. Potency is applied to either Strength or Dexterity the remaining stat becomes 1
+1 Reach: Divide Potency between Two of the Three Physical Attributes
+2 Reach: Divide Potency between any of the Three Physical Attributes
MtAw2 p144
Telekinetic Strike - Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Apply the Knocked Down or Stunned Tilt
MtAw2 p145
Turn Momentum - Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science When applying defense against an object this spell may be used, causing the object to be deflected in an uncontrolled direction though it never reverses direction
+1 Reach: Spell can be used as an reflexive action
+1 Reach: Mage has control over where the object is deflected, sol long as the new direction is within 90 degrees of the original arc
+2 Reach: Objects direction can be completely reversed Ranged weapons hit their users
Add Time 1: Use a Reach, you can now turn objects too fast for you to apply defense against
MtAw2 p145
Velocity Control - Fraying or Perfecting Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Increase or decrease an objects speed MtAw2 p145
Forces 4. Adept
Electromagnetic Pulse - Unraveling Potency - Crafts, Computers, Science By Unraveling electricity in the Subject this Creates an EMP that snuffs out powered devices in the affected area. Military devices may be shielded. Magical devices require a Clash of Wills. If used on a Living being this acts as an attack spell MtAw2 p145
Levitation - Patterning Duration Stamina Athletics, Science, Survival Levitate a subject, if unwilling the spell is withstood. You may direct the levitation each turn as an instant action. Without the mages focus the subject simply stops and floats in midair
+1 Reach: Subject retains momentum form turn to turn, floating slowly in whatever direction it was last directed in
+1 Reach: Subject can fly freely, apply defense normally and a speed equal to the mage's Gnosis+spell's Potency
MtAw2 p145
Rend Friction - Patterning Potency - Crafts, Drive, Science Increase or decrease friction. Increases can cause lethal damage. Decreases cause objects to move after they normally would have stopped MtAw2 p145
Thunderbolt - Patterning Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, spell deals aggravated damage
MtAw2 p146
Transform Energy - Patterning Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Transform one type of energy into another of the same level
+1 Reach: May decrease the level of transformed energy by one. This Reach can be applied multiply times
+1 Reach: Split one type of energy into two others
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, increase the level of transformed energy by one
MtAw2 p146
Forces 5, Master
Adverse Weather - Making Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Create Extreme Environments of nearly any kind up to level 4
+1 Reach: Can create weather drastically different from the local conditions
MtAw2 p146
Create Energy - Making Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Create any type of energy form nothing, including sunlight and radiation MtAw2 p146
Eradicate Energy - Unmaking Potency - Intimidation, Science, Survival Explosively destroy energy, if used on a creature the spell is instantly fatal MtAw2 p146
Earthquake - Making Potency - Crafts, Science, Survival Apply damage to all structures within the affected area. Buildings made to withstand earthquakes subtract their Durability MtAw2 p147