Spells, Forces (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Forces 1, Initiate
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Forces spells Composure + Occult + Forces Covert
Influence Heat 162 M:tA redirect heat Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Influence Light 163 M:tA redirect light Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Influence Sound 163 M:tA redirect sound Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Nightsight 163 M:tA see in darkness or low light Wits + Composure + Forces Covert
Outer Music 56 Ban listen to the noise of outer space Wits + Science + Forces Covert
Read Matrices 163 M:tA Mage Sight Wits + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Receiver 164 M:tA hear sub/supersonic frequencies Wits + Occult + Forces Covert
Tune In 164 M:tA listen to radio frequencies Intelligence + Science + Forces Covert
Forces 2, Apprentice
Activate Police Band 56 Ban send a pulsed "officers need assistance" signal Manipulation + Streetwise + Forces Covert
Aether Net 108 (x) FC wireless connection from any location Manipulation + Science + Forces Vulgar
Alter Frequency Space 1 188 GotV increase or decrease frequency of sound Presence + Expression + Forces Covert
Circuit Television Space 1 108 v FC tap into any local wired signal Intelligence + Computer + Forces See text
Control Heat 165 M:tA increase or decrease temperature Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Control Light 165 M:tA brighten or darken light source Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Control Sound 165 M:tA increase or decrease volume in area Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Control Traffic 61 TotM alter traffic control patterns Wits + Science + Forces Covert
Electronic Eye 108 (x) FC read data from touched disk or drive Intelligence + Computer + Forces Vulgar
Eyes of the Matrix 165 M:tA grant Mage Sight Wits or Presence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Fireproofing 44 (x) L:tA prevent damage from flames Stamina + Survival + Forces Vulgar
Friction Reduction 62 (x) TotM make surface slick Wits + Science + Forces Vulgar
Influence Electricity 165 (x) M:tA cause electricity to arc at targets Dexterity + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Influence Fire 166 (x) M:tA force fire to burn in direction of choice Strength + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Insulate 191 SotT reduce damage from electricity by 2/dot of Forces, automatically pull away Stamina + Survival + Forces Vulgar
Invisible Object 166 (x)● M:tA make stationary objects invisible Manipulation + Subterfuge + Forces Vulgar
Invisibility to Machines 108 v FC elude electronic surveillance Wits + Persuasion + Forces (FC) OR Wits + Stealth + Forces (GotV) See text
Invoke Password 109 FC gain access to active computer function Wits + Crafts + Forces Covert
Kinetic Blow 166 (x) M:tA give a Bashing weapon Lethal damage Strength + Brawl or Weaponry + Forces Vulgar
Modulate Frequency Fate 1 177 AA create secure network of devices Wits + Science + Forces Covert
Modulate Speech Fate 1 197 SL control own speech patterns and volume Manipulation + Expression + Forces Covert
Nullify Combustion Death 2 177 AA prevent or kill combustion in action Presence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Spare Sleepers Space 1, Prime 1 56 Ban use ranged weapons without hitting Sleepers Composure + Firearms + Forces Covert
Telekinetic Push 23 (x) GotU push results in knockdown; target rolls Dex+Athletics-Potency to stay up Presence + Intimidation + Forces Vulgar
Transmission 167 M:tA alter radio exchanges Manipulation + Expression + Forces Covert
Unseen Shield 167 M:tA Shielding Stamina + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Forces 3, Disciple
Autonomous Servant Mind 1/5; opt Space 2 167 (x) M:tA telekenetic assistant Intelligence + Investigation + Forces Vulgar
Bestow Unseen Shield 168 M:tA grant Shielding Intelligence or Resolve + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Call Lightning 168 M:tA pull lightning from cloudy sky Dexterity or Strength + Athletics + Forces Covert
Complex Transmission 109 (x) FC alter complicated signals Manipulation + Science + Forces Vulgar
Control Electricity 168 M:tA change direction of current or diminish flow Wits + Science + Forces Covert
Control Fire 168 M:tA increase or decrease intensity of fire Presence + Occult or Science + Forces Covert
Curse of Electrical Rebellion 139 s TotM item crafting, curse Intelligence + Crafts + Forces Covert
Cutting Scream 178 (x) AA deal damage and cause deafness with voice Stamina + Expression + Forces Vulgar
Empowered Voice 178 (x) AA knockdown opponents with a shouted syllable Presence + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Floating Step 70 (x) GoG maintain balance, leap prodigious distances Resolve + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Instill Shock 140 1-3 TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Crafts + Forces Covert
Light Mastery 169 (x) M:tA create or extinguish light Composure + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Optimize Kinetic Attack 71 GoG gain bonus to future attack, up to weapon bonus Wits + Brawl + Forces Covert
Personal Invisibility 169 (x)● M:tA become invisible while concentrating Wits + Stealth + Forces Vulgar
Sorcerer's Retribution Prime 2 55 (x)s GoG protect self against spells and lash out at attacker Presence + Expression + Forces Vulgar
Sound Mastery 170 (x) M:tA alter qualities and direction of sound Resolve + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Stay the Invisible Fires 109 FC gain armor against radiation Strength + Science + Forces Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Obrimos only) call a Seraph from the Aether, with difficulty Covert
Supernal Hack Matter 3 194 Myst gain bonus to Computer rolls Intelligence + Computer + Forces Covert
Telekinesis 170 (x) M:tA move or throw objects Wits + Athletics or Larceny + Forces Vulgar
Telekinetic Strike 170 (x) M:tA strike a target at range Presence + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Turn Projectile 171 (x) M:tA alter the trajectory of an object reflexively Dexterity + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Forces 4, Adept
Bag of Winds Fate 2, Time 2 68 (x)● L:tA store weather for later use Dexterity + Science + Forces Vulgar
Bestow Invisibility 171 (x)● M:tA grant invisibility to others while concentrating Manipulation + Stealth + Forces Vulgar
Burst of Speed 171 (x)s M:tA make yourself faster temporarily Wits + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Change Weather 172 M:tA create any non-disaster level weather condition Intelligence or Resolve + Occult or Sciences + Forces Covert
Containment 195 (x) Myst protect against fast movement and environmental dangers Wits + Crafts + Forces Vulgar
Control Velocity 172 (x) M:tA alter the speed of an object Intelligence + Science + Forces Vulgar
Destroy Spirit Prime 4 208 Summ inflict lethal damage and remove essence from a Spirit Strength + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Fiery Transformation Life 4; opt Matter 4 172 (x) M:tA become living flame Stamina + Intimidation + Forces Vulgar
Fiery Servant Mind 5 43 (x)● L:tA create sentient being of fire Stamina + Intimidation + Forces Vulgar
Firebolt 179 (x) AA inflict serious damage, ignite flammable objects Dexterity + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Firestarter 43 L:tA kindle flames Presence + Intimidation + Forces Covert
Friction Knife 173 (x) M:tA increase air friction to lethal levels Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces vs. Stamina + Gnosis Vulgar
Gravity Shift 179 (x) AA redirect personal center of gravity Wits + Occult + Forces Vulgar
Influence Magnet 63 (x) TotM make a magnet stronger or weaker Intelligence + Science + Forces Vulgar
Invisible Fire 110 (x) FC cause Lethal or Aggravated radiation damage Wits + Science + Forces Vulgar
Kinetic Ripple 180 (x)● AA create an outward blast of force Stamina + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Levitation 173 (x) M:tA float slowly Intelligence + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Quench the Invisible Fires 110 (x) FC remove radiation from area Intelligence + Science + Forces Vulgar
Sensory Deprivation opt Life 3 and/or Mind 2 63 TotM block a target's senses Manipulation + Intimidation + Forces Covert
Thunderbolt 173 (x) M:tA create electricity Stamina or Intelligence + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Transform Energy 173 (x) M:tA change one energy form to another Intelligence or Wits + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Trojan Horse Time 2, Fate 2 57 (x)s Ban embed a Thunderbolt in a Sleeper subject that fires at the next Mage nearby Resolve + Occult + Forces Covert
Unseen Hand 173 (x) M:tA kinetically lift a creature Wits + Brawl + Forces vs. Composure + Gnosis Vulgar
Forces 5, Master
Adverse Weather 174 (x) M:tA create disaster level weather condition Resolve + Intimidation + Forces Vulgar
Bestow Burst of Speed 175 (x)s M:tA make someone else faster temporarily Manipulation + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Bestow Levitation 175 (x)● M:tA allow others to float slowly Intelligence or Wits + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Complete Invisibility 175 (x)● M:tA gain prolonged invisibility Wits + Stealth + Forces Vulgar
Control Gravity 176 (x) M:tA alter power and direction of gravity Intelligence or Composure + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Create Sunlight 176 (x)● M:tA create a burst of light Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Earthquake 176 (x) M:tA shift tectonics in the area Resolve or Manipulation + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Electromagnetic Pulse 177 (x) M:tA deactivate electronic devices Resolve + Science + Forces Vulgar
Eradicate Radiation 177 (x) M:tA remove traces of toxic radiation Resolve + Science + Forces Vulgar
Flight 177 (x)● M:tA gain perfect, but slow, flight Dexterity + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Increase Gravity 178 (x) M:tA increase power of gravitational pull Resolve or Presence + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Magnetize 63 (x) TotM make a non-ferrous substance magnetic Intelligence + Science + Forces Vulgar
Nullify Gravity 178 (x) M:tA cancel gravity entirely in a region Intelligence + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Radiation 178 (x) M:tA create a burst of destructive radiation Stamina + Occult or Science + Forces Vulgar
Velocity Mastery 179 (x) M:tA increase or decrease speed of an object Resolve + Athletics + Forces Vulgar
Forces 6, Archmastery
Nuclear Cascade 35 IM Generate radioactive fission or fusion Unlisted
Forces 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Forces spells Unlisted
Forces 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana Unlisted