Spells, Fate (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Fate 1, Initiate
Aim for the Dead Space 1, Death 1 56 Ban subtract Potency from penalties to call shots on an undead target Special Composure + Weaponry or Firearms + Fate Covert
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Fate spells Lasting Composure + Occult + Fate Covert
Friendly Face 208 Summ determine which creature to summon from which realm to assist with a problem Transitory Manipulation + Investigation + Fate Covert
Interconnections 148 M:tA analyze fate threads Concentration Intelligence or Wits + Investigation + Fate Covert
Quantum Flux 148 M:tA "aim" any action Prolonged Wits or Resolve + Occult + Fate Covert
Reading the Outermost Eddies 149 M:tA gain small good fortune Prolonged Wits + Investigation + Fate Covert
Sharpshooter's Eye Space 1 + Life 1 or Matter 1 149 M:tA get "target lock" when shooting Special Composure + Firearms + Fate Covert
Sacrifice Fortune 131 TotM item crafting, alternate relinquishment cost - downgrade exceptional successes Lasting Wits + Occult + Fate Covert
Study Final Name Death 1 101 L:tS view a recorded Final Name or Momentary Name Intelligence + Occult + Fate Covert
Synchronicity 60 TotM gain clues from random events Transitory Wits + Streetwise + Fate Covert
The Sybil's Sight 149 M:tA Mage Sight Prolonged Wits + Occult + Fate Covert
Winds of Chance 150 M:tA slight boon or bane Prolonged Wits + Subterfuge + Fate Covert
Fate 2, Apprentice
Deathless Oath Death 4 110 GoG Swear oath that makes caster a revenant after death with a Passion of fulfilling said oath. Prolonged Resolve + Expression + Fate Covert
Dialing the Lucky Number Forces 2 + Space 2 105 FC call the phone nearest your target Lasting Wits + Crafts + Fate Covert
Exceptional Luck 151 M:tA gain 9-Again Prolonged Manipulation + Occult + Fate Covert
Fate's Justice Mind 2 + Time 2 106 FC preemptively curse an attacker Special Wits + Science +Fate Covert
Fortunate Timing Time 1 106 FC manage event timing Prolonged Wits + Persuasion + Fate Covert
Fortune's Protection 152 M:tA Shielding Prolonged Composure or Resolve + Athletics + Fate Covert
Grant the Sybil's Sight 152 M:tA grant Mage Sight Prolonged Manipulation + Occult + Fate Covert
Heroic Effort 175 AA increase next Chance Die pool by one Prolonged Wits + Occult + Fate Covert
Loyal Possession Mind 2 107 FC item crafting, item returns after loss Lasting Intelligence + Persuasion + Fate Covert
Platonic Mechanism 152 M:tA negate dramatic failure of device Prolonged Intelligence + Occult or Science + Fate Covert
Querulous Minds Prime 1 187 GotV detect Sleepers with magical experiences Prolonged Wits + Investigation + Fate Covert
Reveal Enigmas Mind 2 opt Matter 1 193 Myst uncover and understand patterns of puzzles or codes Instant Wits + Investigation + Fate Covert
Scribe Final Name Death 1 101 L:tS record a dying person's history; or a living person's Momentary Name Resolve + Occult + Fate Covert
Shifting the Odds 153 M:tA minor boons and banes Special Wits + Occult or Science + Fate Covert
Sniffing the Winds of Fate Death 2 187 GotV determine magnitude of Destiny Concentration Composure + Investigation + Death Covert
Swearing an Oath opt Prime 3 153 M:tA minor Oathbinding Lasting Presence + Persuasion + Fate Covert
The Evil Eye 151 M:tA penalizes target's rolls Special Manipulation or Wits + Persuasion + Fate - Composure Covert
The Perfect Moment 152 M:tA affects social situations beneficially Prolonged Wits + Occult + Fate Covert
Zone of Extremity 60 TotM all successes and failures exaggerated Transitory Presence + Occult + Fate Covert
Fate 3, Disciple
Alter Oath 154 M:tA change the terms of an Oath Lasting Manipulation or Wits + Politics + Fate - Resolve Covert
Alternate Scenerio Time 3 57 (x)● GoG choose best of multiple attempted rolls Transitory Wits + Occult + Fate Vulgar
Bad Penny 136 TotM item crafting, curse Prolonged Manipulation + Subterfuge + Fate Covert
Bestow Exceptional Luck 155 M:tA grant 9-Again Prolonged Manipulation + Persuasion + Fate Covert
Blessing 61 TotM survive a named fatality Prolonged Manipulation + Subterfuge + Fate Covert
Cursed Object 136 ● (1 to 5) TotM item crafting, curse Lasting Intelligence + Occult + Fate Covert
Eleggua's Notice 75 MT severely deprive target of Destiny and luck Prolonged Manipulation + Persuasion + Fate vs Resolve + Composure Covert
Fabricate Fortune 155 M:tA create false Destiny Prolonged Intelligence + Subterfuge + Fate vs Composure + Gnosis Covert
Grant Fortune's Protection 155 M:tA grant Shielding Prolonged Presence + Persuasion + Fate Covert
Instill Malediction 130 TotM item crafting, relinquish by accepting a curse of ill luck on the item Lasting Intelligence + Crafts + Fate Covert
Lucky Coin 155 M:tA give item Equipment or Armor bonus Transitory Wits or Presence + Occult or Science + Fate Covert
Monkey's Paw 155 M:tA give item negative Equipment or Armor bonus Transitory Wits + Occult or Science + Fate Covert
Occlude Destiny 155 M:tA hide target's Destiny Prolonged Intelligence or Composure + Subterfuge + Fate Covert
Sense Strength and Weakness 72 GoG discern best and worst competence in a group Lasting Intelligence + Investigation + Fate Covert
Shared Fate 107 (x)● FC targets are done duplicate damage Prolonged Presence + Persuasion + Fate Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Acanthus only) call a Moira from Arcadia, with difficulty Special Covert
Superlative Luck 156 (x)● M:tA gain 8-Again per success Prolonged Resolve + Occult + Fate Vulgar
Tangle the Threads Mind 2, Prime 2 176 AA shield self against Fate effects Prolonged Wits + Occult + Fate Covert
Technology Curse Forces 2 190 SotT prevent target from using electronic devices Transitory Wits + Science + Fate Covert
Uncover Final Name Death 2 102 L:tS rebuild a passed Final Name Lasting Resolve + Occult + Fate Covert
Fate 4, Adept
Assuming the Name Death 3 102 L:tS wear the Final Name of the departed Prolonged (n/a) Covert
Coincidental Travel 196 SL series of coincidences help mage get to desired location much faster and easier than usual Lasting Wits + Persuasion + Fate Covert
Destroy Bindings 156 (x) M:tA dispel Anchors, Fetishes and Fetters Lasting* Resolve or Intelligence + Occult + Fate vs. bond Potency Vulgar
Forbidden Fate 196 SL target suffers bad luck when attempting to reach a specific goal Prolonged Manipulation + Subterfuge + Fate Covert
Fortune's Fool 177 AA store failures to inflict on others Transitory Wits + Occult + Fate Covert
Gift of Fortune Space 2 157 M:tA deliver an object from anywhere Lasting Intelligence + Investigation + Fate Covert
Probable Cause 157 (x)● M:tA gain Rote Quality to rolls Prolonged Composure + Occult + Fate Vulgar
Sanctify Oaths opt Prime 3 157 M:tA witness others Oath Swearing Lasting Presence + Expression + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Sever Oaths 158 M:tA dispel Oaths Lasting Manipulation + Occult + Fate Covert
Transfer Destiny 190 SotT touch both donor and receiver, and transfer dots of Destiny between the two Prolonged Manipulation + Occult + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Fate 5, Master
Break the Chains 159 (x) M:tA unweave Oaths and magical bonds of all types Lasting Wits or Resolve + Occult + Fate vs. geas Potency Vulgar
Forge Destiny 159 M:tA give bonus to all rolls involving the destiny and penalty to all rolls resisting destiny Advanced Manipulation or Intelligence + Persuasion + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Forge Doom 159 (x)● M:tA adds to all damage received while within presence of Doom Advanced Resolve + Intimidation + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Forge Godsend 159 (x)● M:tA negate damage while within presence of Godsend Advanced Composure + Survival + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Geas 160 (x) M:tA place target under Oath forcibly Prolonged Presence + Expression + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Great Curse 160 (x)● M:tA penalize all of target's rolls Prolonged Manipulation + Intimidation + Fate - Composure Vulgar
Infectious Curse Space 2 33 (x)● TotM affect all relations of target with Great Curse Resolve + Intimidation + Fate Vulgar
Swarm of Locusts 161 (x) M:tA summon a swarm of pests, humans dont add paradox on this spell Prolonged Wits + Occult or Science + Fate Vulgar
True Love 132 ●sw GoG lovers gain joined resistance, Willpower use Manipulation + Expression + Fate Covert
Fate 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Fate spells Unlisted
Fate 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana Unlisted