Spells, Death (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Death 1, Initiate
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Death spells Composure + Occult + Death Covert
Ectoplasmic Shaping 133 (x) M:tA alter existing ectoplasm Presence + Occult + Death vs. Resolve + Gnosis (mage) or Resistance (ghost) Vulgar
Forensic Gaze 134 M:tA learn how a subject died Intelligence + Medicine + Death Covert
Grim Sight 134 M:tA Mage Sight Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Instill Mortality 130 TotM item crafting, alternate cost relinquishment - Item dies as it is used Intelligence + Crafts + Death Covert
Pain Harvest 131 TotM item crafting, alternate cost relinquishment - Increase damage to pattern from violence Stamina + Survival + Death Covert
Shadow Sculpting 135 M:tA deepen existing shadows Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Soul Marks 135 M:tA examine a soul for Derangements (extended Intelligence + Empathy to diagnose what kind) Intelligence + Medicine + Death Covert
Speak with the Dead 135 M:tA see, hear, and speak with ghosts in Twilight Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Death 2, Apprentice
Animate Shadows 136 (x) M:tA move shadows into lit areas Wits + Occult+ Death Vulgar
Bestow Ghostly Sight Prime 4 29 TotM grant ability to see ghosts Intelligence + Empathy + Death Covert
Corpse Mask 136 M:tA hide the true cause of death Intelligence or Wits + Subterfuge + Death Covert
Corpse Unmasking Prime 1 186 GotV reveal the true cause of death Intelligence + Occult or Science + Death Covert
Decay 136 (x) M:tA reduce Durability of a touched object Stamina or Resolve + Intimidate + Death Vulgar
Dislodge the Soul Prime 1 124 (x)● L:tA damage a soul of a sleeper (or mage at Death 4) for opportunity to gain Willpower Resolve + Intimidate + Death vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Ectoplasm 136 (x) M:tA generate ectoplasm from an orifice Stamina + Occult + Death Vulgar
Entropic Guard 136 M:tA Shielding Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Final Sight 186 (x) GotV view the last image a body saw Manipulation + Occult + Death Vulgar
Forensic Invisibility Matter 1 54 Ban destroys fibers, dead skin, saliva, oils and hair Composure + Stealth + Death Covert
Ghost Summons 137 M:tA call to ghosts in the area Presence + Persuasion + Death vs. Resistance Covert
Grant the Grim Sight 137 M:tA grant Mage Sight Manipulation or Presence + Persuasion + Death Covert
Lighten Anchor 60 TotM increase the range a ghost can travel Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Quiet Grave 54 Ban subtract Potency from attempts to animate a corpse Presence + Academics + Death Covert
Soul Jar 137 M:tA prevent a dying soul from departing Presence + Crafts + Death Covert
Suppress Aura 137 M:tA make examination of your soul more difficult Manipulation + Subterfuge + Death Covert
Touch of the Grave 138 (x) M:tA reach into twilight Dexterity + Survival + Death Vulgar
Death 3, Disciple
Arm Ghost 134 TotM allow a ghost to trigger a precast spell Intelligence + Occult + Death Covert
Control Ghost 138 (x) M:tA dominate the will of a ghost Presence or Manipulation + Intimidation + Death vs. Resistance Vulgar
Corpse Flesh Life 3 173 (x) AA become halfway dead to survive damage Resolve + Medicine + Death Vulgar
Curse of Withering 137 ●●●●●(5) TotM item creation, curse Presence + Crafts + Death Covert
Destroy Ephemera 138 (x) M:tA fray objects in twilight Resolve + Occult + Death Vulgar
Destroy Object 139 M:tA reduce structure of a touched object if successes > durability Resolve or Composure + Crafts or Science + Death Covert
Devouring the Slain 139 (x)● M:tA gain willpower from wounded foes Manipulation + Persuasion + Death Vulgar
Dissipate Unreal Construct Prime 3 26 TotM reduce structure of phantasms or ephemera Intelligence + Crafts + Death Covert
Entropic Shroud 139 M:tA grant Shielding Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Ghost Gate 139 (x) M:tA open a passage to Twilight Resolve + Occult + Death Vulgar
Ghostly Object 140 M:tA transition an object to ephemera in Twilight Resolve + Occult or Science + Death Covert
Healing the Dead Mind 192 Myst increase a ghost's Mental Attributes Manipulation + Empathy + Death Covert
Hollow Victory 54 (x)● Ban caster dies Resolve + Medicine + Death Vulgar
Martyr's Bequest Life 3 and/or Mind 3 and/or Prime 3 195 s SL kill self when fatally injured; grant remaining Health/Willpower/Mana to allies Presence + Persuasion + Death Covert
Orpheus' Lament 131 GoG all in earshot suffer penalty to deliberate rolls Manipulation + Expression + Death vs Composure + Gnosis Covert
Quicken Corpse 140 (x) M:tA raise a zombie Presence + Persuasion + Death Vulgar
Restore Corpus 141 (x) M:tA restore a ghost's body Composure or Resolve + Occult + Death Vulgar
Sculpt Ephemera 141 (x) M:tA alter the form of twilight objects Dexterity + Crafts + Death Vulgar
Self Repairing Zombie Matter 3 173 (x)s AA allow zombies eat corpses for health Presence + Occult + Death Vulgar
Sever the Sleeping Soul 141 (x)● M:tA cut a Sleeper's soul free Presence + Intimidation + Death Vulgar
Shadow-Forged Matter 3 174 (x) AA create weapons or tools from shadows Wits + Crafts + Death Vulgar
Summon Shadows 142 (x) M:tA create animate, physical shadows Wits + Occult + Death Vulgar
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Moros only) call a Spectre from Stygia, with difficulty Covert
Suppress Own Life 142 M:tA pretend to be dead Composure + Subterfuge + Death Covert
The Metal Dead Matter 3 56 (x) GoG animate corpse and transform to metal Vulgar
Transfer Anchor 133 TotM alter a ghost's anchor to a different subject Presence + Larceny + Death Covert
Death 4, Adept
Cloak of Decay Fate 2 175 (x)● AA apply Destroy Object against Melee attacks Resolve + Crafts or Science + Death Vulgar
Enervation 143 M:tA reduce a touched foe's physical attributes Presence or Manipulation + Occult + Death Covert
Ghost Familiar Pact 38 Summ bind a Ghost Familiar to self Wits + Occult + Death Covert
Ghostly Archive Spirit 3 110 (x)● GoG invest in Library of bound ghosts Intelligence + Occult + Death Vulgar
Haunted Shell Matter 4 29 (x) GoG bind a ghost into a physical object (n/a) Vulgar
Haunting 143 (x)● M:tA bind a dying soul to become a ghost Presence or Intelligence + Persuasion + Death vs. Resolve (sleeper) or Resistance (ghost) Vulgar
Revenant 143 (x) M:tA raise a revenant Manipulation + Persuasion + Death Vulgar
Rotting Flesh 144 (x)● M:tA do Lethal damage with a touch attack Strength + Intimidation + Death - Stamina Vulgar
Scourge Ghost 134 TotM psychicaly traumatize a ghost Presence + Occult + Death vs Resisence Covert
Shadow Flesh Life 4; opt Matter 4 189 SotT transform self into living shadow Stamina + Occult + Death Vulgar
Slay Own Aura 144 M:tA prevent identification of your aura Intelligence + Subterfuge + Death Covert
Soul Binding 144 (x) M:tA attach a stolen soul Composure + Empathy + Death Vulgar
Suppress Other's Life 144 M:tA falsify another's death Manipulation + Subterfuge + Death vs. Composure + Gnosis Covert
Twilight Shift 145 (x)● M:tA transition to and from Twilight Stamina + Occult + Death Vulgar
Undying Zeal Time 2 55 (x)● Ban come back as revenant after willing death Composure + Medicine + Death Vulgar
Death 5, Master
Atonement Fate 2 35 (x)s L:tA return a dead sleeper to life and to awaken by dying (n/a) Vulgar
Create Ghost Mind 4, Time 2 193 (x)● Myst call a ghost out of the past Presence + Academics + Death Vulgar
Deathlike Journey Life 2 104 (x)● L:tA send soul on journey to the Underworld Resolve + Occult + Death Vulgar
Destroy Mana 145 M:tA unweave Mana that is bound as Tass Strength + Intimidation + Death - Resolve Covert
Devouring the Living 145 (x)● M:tA gain Willpower from healthy foes Manipulation+ Intimidation + Death - Stamina (living) or Resistance (ghost) Vulgar
Grant Ghost Familiar 39 Summ bind a Ghost Familiar to another person Presence + Persuasion + Death Covert
Grant Lifespan 35 (x)● L:tA give others years of your life Intelligence + Medicine + Death Vulgar
Quell the Spark 145 M:tA destroy set magic Resolve or Manipulation + Occult + Death Covert
Quicken Ghost 146 (x) M:tA increase a ghost's traits Manipulation or Resolve + Occult + Death Vulgar
Secret Marriage 152 (x) TotM bind willing Ghost to Homonculus Intelligence + Occult + Death Vulgar
Steal Body Life 3 105 (x)●●(2) FC supplant a target's soul with your own Wits + Science + Death vs. Resolve Vulgar
Steal Lifespan 146 (x)● M:tA steal a year of someone's life Manipulation + Subterfuge + Death Vulgar
Summon Chthonian Prime 3, Spirit 3 46 Summ call a never-born from the Underworld Vulgar
Summon the Dead 146 (x) M:tA call a ghost from the Underworld Presence or Manipulation + Persuasion + Death vs. Resistance Vulgar
Death 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Death spells Not listed
Death 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana Not listed