From Codex of Darkness
Skill Specialties 1e 2e
Mental Skills
Academics Antropology, Art, English, History, Law, Linguistics, Religion, Research WoD 55 CofD 31
Computer AI, Data Retrieval, Digital Security, Graphics, Hacking, Internet, Programming, UI Design WoD 56 CofD 32
Crafts Automobiles, Aircraft, Carpentry, Jury-Rigging, Painting, Forging, Sculpting, Sewing WoD 57 CofD 32
Investigation Artifacts, Autopsy Diagnoses, Body Language, Crime Scenes, Cryptography, Dreams, Forensic Accounting, Riddles, Puzzles, Scientific Experiments WoD 59 CofD 32
Medicine Cardiology, Emergency Care, First Aid, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, Surgery WoD 60 CofD 33
Occult Cultural Beliefs, Eastern European, Ghosts, Folktales, Magic, Monsters, Mothman Sightings, Psychic Phenomena, Superstitions, Urban Legends, Witchcraft WoD 62 CofD 34
Politics Bribery, Bureaucracy, Elections, Federal, Local Politics, National Politics, State Politics, Scandals, Specific Political Party WoD 62 CofD 34
Science Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Geology, Metallurgy, Optics, Particle Physics WoD 63 CofD 35
Physical Skills
Athletics Acrobatics, Basketball, Climbing, Kayaking, Long Distance Running, Rock Climbing, Sprinting, Swimming, Throwing WoD 64 CofD 36
Brawl Blocking, Boxing, Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Throws WoD 68 CofD 36
Drive Evasion, High-Performance Cars, Motorcycles, Off-Road, Piloting, Pursuit, Racing, Shaking Tails, Stunts WoD 69 CofD 37
Firearms Autofire, Bow, Fast-Draw, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniping, Trick Shot WoD 72 CofD 37
Larceny Alarm Systems, Breaking and Entering, Concealing Stolen Goods, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Security Systems, Safecracking, Sleight of Hand WoD 74 CofD 38
Stealth Camouflage, Crowds, Hiding, Moving in Darkness, Moving Quietly, Moving in Woods, Shadowing, Stakeouts WoD 75 CofD 38
Survival Foraging, Hunting, Navigation, Meteorology, Shelter WoD 76 CofD 38
Weaponry Clubs, Duels, Improvised Weapons, Knives, Swords WoD 77 CofD 39
Social Skills
Animal Ken Animal Needs, Dogs, Exotic Pets, Horses, Training, Imminent Attack, Specific Kind of Animal, Training, Wild Animals WoD 78 CofD 40
Empathy Buried Feelings, Calming, Emotion, Lies, Motives, Personalities WoD 79 CofD 40
Expression Classical Dance, Composition, Drama, Exposés, Journalism, Musical Instrument, Newspaper Articles, Speeches WoD 80 CofD 41
Intimidation Bluster, Direct Threats, Interrogation, Murderous Stare, Physical Threats, Stare-Downs, Torture, Veiled Threats WoD 80 CofD 41
Persuasion Fast Talking, Inspiring, Sales Pitches, Motivational Speeches, Seduction, Sales Pitches, Sermons WoD 82 CofD 41
Socialize Bar hopping, Dress Balls, College parties, Formal events, Frat Parties, Political fundraisers, State Dinners, Private clubs WoD 85 CofD 42
Streetwise Black Market, Gangs, Navigation, Rumors, Undercover Operations WoD 86 CofD 42
Subterfuge Con Jobs, Detecting Lies, Hidden Meanings, Hiding emotions, Long cons, Lying, Misdirection, Spotting Lies WoD 87 CofD 43
Alternate Mental Skills
Enigmas Bureaucracies, Codes, Conspiracies, Research, Social Networks DE 26 DE 26
Religion Omens, Pantheon (Roman, Egyptian, Parthian), Rituals RfR 106
Warfare Ambushes, Fields of Fire, Troop Movements, Supply Lines, Terrain RfR 106
Alternate Physical Skills
Archery European Bow, Japanese Bow, Longbow, Pellet Bow, Poor Visibility, Short Bow, Trick Shot, Wind and Weather RfR 107 DE 24
Ride Jumping, Particular Breeds, Riding in Combat, Tricks, Tailing, Unfamiliar Horses RfR 107 DE 26
Sail Navigation, Ship Identification, Repairs, Oared Vessels Soth 29