Siddhi (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Description Pool Action Cost Page
• Influence Spirit Change a spirit's emotions, gain bonus or give penalty to Social roll Manipulation+Empathy+Chi Instant 103
•• Influence Beasts and Mortals Change a being's emotions, or a group's (at penalty) Manipulation+Socialize+Chi Instant 104
••• Command the Rebellious Spirit Force a spirit or ghost to obey one command / suxx for 1 scene Presence+Intimidation+Chi vs Resistance Instant ●● 104
Piercing the Distance
• Distant Vision View the target of a mystical connection Wits+Investigation+Chi Extended (5, 1 min/roll) 104
•• Ethereal Presence Project your image and voice to a distant location Presence+Expression+Chi Extended (10, 10 min/roll) 104
••• Walking the Hidden Shortcut Travel to a distant location by walking (or by vehicle, at additional cost) Manipulation+Athletics+Chi Extended (15, 1 hour/roll) ●●●/ ●●●●●●○' 105
Spirit Projection [Known by all Purified] Send your mind into the Shadow Resolve+Investigation+Chi Instant 106
•• Twilight Projection Send your mind into Twilight Composure+Occult+Chi Instant 106
••• Underworld Projection Send your mind into the Underworld, at great risk Wits+Occult+Chi Extended (5, 10 min/roll) ●●● 106
• Tread Lightly Greatly reduce weight to run on any surface, climb fragile structures Dexterity+Athletics+Chi Instant 107
•• Breaching Barriers Sidestep into Twilight to pass through any wall or door Wits+Larceny+Chi Instant 107
••• Twilight Shift Move entirely into Twilight for a Scene Presence+Athletics+Chi Instant ●● 107
Spiritual Defense
• Exorcism Drive a spirit or ghost out of a host or object Presence+Persuasion+Chi vs Power+Resistance Instant 107
•• Touch of Death or Life Attack or heal spirits or ghosts on touch (can spend a WP to do Aggravated damage) Wits+Medicine+Chi Instant ●() 107
••• Mass Banishing Chant to banish all spirits and ghosts within 20 yard to their native realm Resolve+Intimidation+Chi vs Resistance Instant ●●●○' 108
• Summoning Spirits Call a spirit or force it to appear from either Twilight or the Shadow Presence+Persuasion+Chi (vs Resistance) Instant 108
•• Summon the Wandering Shade Call a ghost or force it to appear from either Twilight or the Underworld Manipulation+Socialize+Chi (vs Resistance) Instant ●● 108
••• Call Spirit Force a spirit that you are familiar with to appear (and materialize) Wits+Intimidation+Chi (vs Power+Resistance) Instant ●●() 108
• Ward Against Supernatural Beings Raise or lower Gauntlet by up to Chi/3 rounded up, or bar spirit and ghosts from the area unless they win Power vs Presence+Academics+Chi Presence+Academics+Chi Extended (5, 1 turn/roll or 10 min/roll) ●●() 109
•• Ward Against Magic You can make a reflexive Wits+Occult+Chi roll to contest any supernatural power used inside (or targeted into) the warded area Wits+Occult+Chi Extended (10, 1 turn/roll or 10 min/roll) ●●() 109
••• Ward Against the Living Any attempts by living or once-living beings to cross the border (in or out) must win Presence+Supernatural Advantage vs Resolve+Intimidation+Chi or fail to cross for a Scene and lose 1 WP Resolve+Intimidation+Chi Extended (15, 1 turn/roll or 10 min/roll) ●●●() 109

Numina Accessible to Purified

Name Description Pool Page
Blast Do one Lethal Corpus or Health damage per success Dexterity+Weaponry+Chi BoS 138
Camouflage Blend in While Remaining Still (imposes Wits as penalty to perception rolls against you) BoS 138
Commune Know general state of/intruders into home spiritscape/surroundings. Presence+Investigation+Chi BoS 139
Concealment Fog and the like obscures your position Wits+Stealth+Chi BoS 139
Ghost Sign Create visual figments and text Intelligence+Expression+Chi WoD 211
Heal Heal one Bashing or Lethal Corpus or Health box per success Wits+Medicine+Chi BoS 142
Left-Handed Spanner Disable a device/machine. Intelligence+Crafts+Chi BoS 142
Omen Trance Gain insight into future danger. Intelligence+Occult+Chi BoS 144
Speed Move quickly through twilight or shadow realm (only in spiritual worlds) BoS 147
Telekinesis Move/Hurtle Objects short distances Dexterity+Athletics+Chi WoD 212
Wilds Sense Discern a path to spirits and Loci Wits+Investigation+Chi BoS 149

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L