Professions (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Academic Academics, Science HtV p75 Community college adjunct professor, detached researcher, frat boy, Ivy League student, lab technician, lecturer on Forteana, musty old professor, overworked research assistant, teaching assistant
Artist Crafts, Expression HtV p76 artistic savant, blues musician, crime scene photographer, method actor, horror writer, occult-addicted rock star, police sketch artist, tortured painter, web TV director
Athlete Athletics, Medicine HtV p76 fencing student, high-school football star, little league coach, marathon veteran, Olympic sprinter, target marksman
Cop Streetwise, Firearms HtV p78 Crooked arm of the law, deep-cover agent, grizzled beat-cop, K-9 officer, mall rent-a-cop, military policeman, old-guard sergeant, SWAT officer, traffic cop
Criminal Larceny, Streetwise HtV p78 Career low-life, cat burglar, drug dealer, forger, gun runner, high-rolling con artist, hired gun, hustler, reluctant leg-breaker, safecracker, worn-out fence
Detective Empathy, Investigation HtV p79 corporate dirt-digger, CSI, forensic accountant, gentleman detective, hard-drinking PI, Internet investigator, NDA code cracker, old-fashioned police detective
Doctor Empathy, Medicine HtV p80 Abortion clinic worker, city coroner, diagnostician, EMT, forensic pathologist, herbal therapist, overworked resident, psychotherapist, triage nurse, veterinary surgeon
Engineer Crafts, Science HtV p81 Aerospace jock, chemical engineer, demo man, driven architect, designer drug baron, government contractor, military consultant, old-fashioned civil engineer, prosthetic designer, radical biotechnologist
Executive Politics, Subterfuge C&C p64 Ashwood Abbey benefactor, Cheiron handler or headhunter, executive for Big Tobacco (or Big Pharma, or Big Ag, or Big Anything), hardened layoff consultant, retiree in the lap of luxury (and mouth of madness), sexual conqueror of the secretarial pool
Hacker Computers, Science HtV p82 Anarchist code-breaker, back-room techie, frontline support operative, NSA cryptographer, old-school phreaker, puzzle expert, shut-in cracker, system administrator, web programmer, wireless war-driver
Hitman Firearms, Stealth HtV p83 CIA assassin, corporate killer, duelist, infiltration expert, mafia hit man, marine sniper, stone-cold psychopath, unarmed combat expert
Journalist Expression, Investigation HtV p84 Columnist, conspiratorial blogger, corporate shill, freelance correspondent, lifestyle writer, local editor, muckraking journo, new media critic, political firebrand, sports anchor, TV news anchor
Laborer Athletics, Crafts HtV p85 Builder, building superintendent, carnival ride mechanic, demolition man, electrician, factory worker, joiner, old-school blacksmith, plumber, unlicensed contractor, wrench-swinging plumber
Occultist Investigation, Occult HtV p86 Cult leader, crystal gazer, deprogrammer, mystical pyramid-scheme seller, New Age author, occult investigator, professional conspiracy theorist, professional skeptic, psychopharmacologist, tarot card reader, UFO theorist
Outdoorsman Survival, Animal Ken SpSl p144 Eco-terrorist, eager big game hunter, earnest environmentalist, grizzled mountain man, manic biologist, mountain climber, park ranger, search and rescue, shifty poacher, Sherpa, survivalist nut, wildlife photographer
Professional Academics, Persuasion HtV p87 Analyst, banker, embattled defense attorney, forensic accountant, hot-shot lawyer, manager, numbers-obsessed stockbroker, secretary who hears all, unsung mailroom hero
Religious Leader Academics, Occult HtV p88 Blood-and-thunder Baptist, conflicted rabbi, callous confessor, jihadist imam, popular televangelist, traveling Catholic exorcist, Vodou houngan, Wiccan high priest
Salesman Persuasion, Subterfuge BD p7 Department store counter monkey, door-to-door salesman, gun store manager, guy who could sell ice to an Eskimo, head of some pyramid scheme, VP of sales for Big Pharma
Scientist Investigation, Science HtV p89 Atheist author, deranged chemist, disgraced parapsychologist, evolutionary biologist, forensic scientist, geologist, high-school science teacher, paleontologist, polymath, psychologist, religious physicist
Socialite Politics, Socialize HtV p90 abused heiress, business empire owner, charity queen, devout fashionista, Hollywood mogul, infamous cad, media darling, shadowy CEO, soccer star, tech billionaire
Soldier Firearms, Survival HtV p90 AWOL pilot, drill sergeant, grizzled veteran, ground-pounder, icy marksman, PTSD-rattled Soldier, persuasive recruiter, private mercenary contractor, Special Forces psychopath
Technician Crafts, Investigation HtV p92 chop shop auto mechanic, computer repairman, garage inventor, gunsmith, jack-of-all-trades, “Mister Fix-It,” special effects wizard, unconventional weapons designer, video engineer
Vagrant Survival, Streetwise HtV p93 Dot-com burnout, homeless ghost-talker, illegal immigrant, junkie with visions, schizophrenic, shaman of the rust, subsistence thief