From Codex of Darkness
Path Name Nickname Ruling Arcana Inferior Arcanum Source
Acanthus Enchanters/Witches Time/Fate Forces MtAw2 p20
Mastigos Warlocks/Psychonaut Space/Mind Matter MtAw2 p23
Moros Alchemist/Necromancers Matter/Death Spirit MtAw2 p26
Obrimos Thaumaturges/Theurgists Forces/Prime Death MtAw2 p29
Thyrsus Shamans/Ecstatic Life/Spirit Mind MtAw2 p32

Path Name Materials Path tools* Source
Acanthus Glass, crystal, silver, reflective materials Rapier, bow, precision weapons MtAw2 p121
Mastigos Iron, brass, leather, worked materials Curved sword, whip, cruel weapons MtAw2 p121
Moros Lead, bone, gems, buried materials Hammer, mace, crushing weapons MtAw2 p121
Obrimos Steel, petrified wood, gold, perfected materials Double-edged sword, spear, noble weapons MtAw2 p121
Thyrsus Wood, copper, stone, natural materials Axe, sling, hunting weapons MtAw2 p121

*Five tools (Coins, Cups, Mirrors, Rods and Knives) are universal to all paths