Orders (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness


Order Nickname Creed Symbolism Rote Skills Book
Adamantine Arrow Arrows Challenge is magical Attack and Defense Athletics, Intimidation, Medicine MTA 2e 36
Guardians of the Veil Guardians Magic is fragile Concealing Identity Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge MTA 2e 39
Mysterium Mystagogues Magic is alive Knowledge Investigation, Occult, Survival MTA 2e 43
Silver Ladder Théarchs Magic is humanity's birthright Authority Expression, Persuasion, Subterfuge MTA 2e 46
Council of Free Assemblies Libertines Humanity is magical Culture Crafts, Persuasion, Science MTA 2e 49
Seers of the Throne Seers Magic is payment Words of the Tyrants Investigation, Occult, Persuasion MTA 2e 52
Tremere Hollowed Magic hungers Ephemeral and Physical Unity Empathy, Occult, Subterfuge NH-NA 126
Ministry Crown Creed Iron Seal Rote Skills Book
Hegemony Obligation The State is the soul The Unity Empathy, Persuasion, Politics MTA 2e 72, 82
Horologian Agency Routine is the opiate of the masses The Prophet Intimidation, Politics, Socialize NH-NA 38
Panopticon Vision Vision is power The Eye Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge MTA 2e 72, 82
Paternoster Doctrine Faith is an unbreakable chain The Father Academics, Expression, Occult MTA 2e 72, 82
Praetorian Fury The weak fear the strong The General Athletics, Intimidation, Larceny MTA 2e 72, 82


Darshana Greek Ethos Symbolism Rote Skills Book
Jnanashakti Gnostikon The Wise study and preserve eternal truth Writing Crafts, Occult, Science DE 86
Mahanizrayani Omphalos The Wise shepherd souls spiritually Ceremony Academics, Expression, Persuasion DE 87
Samashti Phulakeion The Wise protect a fallen world Secrecy Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge DE 88
Vajrastra Adamantine Arrow The Wise pursue heroic achievements Weaponry Athletics, Weaponry, Intimidation DE 88
Ajivaki Living Sects The Wise are not separate from the people Belief Expression + two others DE 89
Cult Epithet Mythos Oblations Book
Arcadian Mysteries Pelasgians Magic invites in greater gods Titanic supplication, visiting shrines DE 90
Karpani Magi Magic is a battle between good and evil Prayers of purification, religious recitations DE 92
Mantra Sadhaki Mantrikis Magic proceeds from enlightened consciousness Fasting, chanting, drawing mandalas DE 93
Weret-Hekau Hemka Magic supplicates divine intervention Praying before divine images, sacred writing DE 94
Order Nickname Creed Symbolism Rote Skills Book
Bay City Marshals Marshals Justice is magical Retaliation Empathy, Firearms, Investigation DE2 384
Company of the Codex Picaroons Freedom is magical Discipline Firearms, Intimidation, Survival DE2 311
Ministry Crown Creed Iron Seal Rote Skills Book
Geryon Secrecy Faceless powers rule unopposed The Nemesis Larceny, Socialize, Subterfuge DE2 301