NPCs, Mortals (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Simple Template Description Book
Cocky Mob Hitman Shoots first, not really here for anything else CofD 119
Excitable Munitions Expert May be either anti- or pro-terrorism. CofD 119
Fanatical Cult Leader Or anyone with dangerously loyal followers. CofD 119
Hard-Nosed Beat Cop Long experienced and long past caring. CofD 120
Obsessed Demon Cultist Someone who knows too much and trusts little. CofD 120
Slick Professional Grifter Fast talker, fast thinker, knows the right people. CofD 121
World-Weary Private Eye Should know better than to pry, but doesn't. CofD 121
Character Description Book
Benjamin Wayne Masters Troubled missionary turned fervid cult leader preaching of a clockwork god. CofD 240
Dr. Henri Girard Occult mechanist reaching across time to prevent his own mistakes from dooming the world. CofD 241
Joseph Moore Theoretical physicist hollowed out and filled with the knowledge of a distant God. CofD 243
Margret Avery Corporate administrator in charge of sacrificial human resources. CofD 245
Mark Wilson, "Truth" Hacktivist pawn manipulated by an inhuman conspiracy. CofD 246
Melissa Charles Witness to the God-Machine who keeps her head low and collects anomalous artifacts. CofD 247
Samuel Hackett Military test subject programmed as a conspiratorial sleeper agent. CofD 248
Sarah Andrews Gifted child endangered by her ability to perceive the workings of the God-Machine. CofD 249
Wesley Cote Man folded across nonlinear time by inhuman forces to be molded as a killer. CofD 250