NPCs, Mages (1st Edition)

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Path Order Cabal Name Description Source
Acanthus Free Council Dead Wrens Davy Jones Sailor with long, black dreadlocks MtA 384
Obrimos Mysterium White Putnams Chain Parris Handsome 30 year-old with a wide grin, wears white suits and carries a wood crucifix MtA 381
Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow Ebon Noose Anaconda de Xaragua Primary Sentinel of Boston, Haitian with a Masters of Anthropology, intense gaze, dark-skinned and athletic MtA 382
Thyrsus Silver Ladder Ebon Noose Nemean Hierarch of Boston, leader of the Ebon Noose, ex-hippie that prefers simple, violent solutions to problems MtA 388
Path Ministry Pylon Name Description Source
Mastigos - - Janet Evans A 39 year-old professional woman in marketing, puppets a younger club-goer named Raven MtA 312
Moros Panopticon Psychomimetic Operations Dr Amanda Kether Harvard professor, experienced chemist and alchemist, exceptionally fit 60-year-old MtA 386
Path Faction Name Description Source
Path Order Name Description Source
Path Order Name Description Source
The Mad
Path Order Name Description Source
Moros Apostate William Angle-Grim Reaper Brooding old man, ritual killer that believes he is immortal MtA 315
Path Faction Name Description Source
Obrimos - Hideki Onu Stalker, proficient with knives and firearms, a control freak in excellent physical condition MtA 313


Name Description Source
Name Description Source