Merits, Thaumaturgy (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Prerequisites Description Source
Dream (• to •••••) Gain vague insights from dreams SS p106
Library (• to •••) Possess library of information on obscure occult topics SS p113
Magical Nexus (• or ••) Possess a magical location that facilitates other rituals SS p115
Alchemy (External) (•• or ••••) *pre: Occult •• or Science •• Transmute substances SS p102
Alchemy (Internal) (•• to ••••) *pre: Occult •• or Medicine • Temporarily boost attributes SS p103
Communion (•• or ••••) Divination via consultation with a higher being SS p104
Countermagic (•• or ••••) *pre: Wits •• Detect and counter thaumaturgy. SS p105
Curse of Ill Fortune (•••) *pre: Luck Magic, Persuasion • Penalize a target's actions SS p106
Divination (•••) Perform divination up to 24 hours in the future. SS p106
Dream Travel (•••) *pre: Visionary Trances Enter a subject's dreams. SS p107
Enchantment (•• or ••••) Instill an emotion in a subject SS p107
Evocation (•• or ••••) Summon (and command with ••••) a ghost or spirit SS p108
Familiar (••• or ••••) *pre: Visionary Trances, Communion, or Enchantment •••• Gain a companion spirit or animal companion SS p109
Favorable Fortune (•••) Spontaneously produce small amounts of good fortune SS p110
Geomancy (•••) *pre: Intelligence ••, Crafts • Design an area to grant 9-Again to one attribute or skill SS p111
Healing (••••) *pre: Composure ••, Medicine • Accelerate the healing of mortals. SS p111
Invocation (•• or ••••) Summon a chosen spirit to possess you SS p112
Longevity (•••••) *pre: Medicine ••• Create a potion which can delay aging for a short time. SS p113
Luck Magic (•• or ••••) Gain 9-Again (8-Again with ••••) on a few chosen rolls SS p114
Psychic Projection (••••) Project in to the Twilight. SS p115
Sacrifice (•) Sacrifice to gain a bonus with ghosts or spirits SS p115
Scrying (•••) *pre: Wits ••, Occult • Remotely view an area SS p116
Second Sight (•••) *pre: Wits •• See into the Twilight SS p116
See Auras (••) *pre: Empathy •• See auras, showing the mood and nature of others SS p116
See Spirits (••) *pre: Visionary Trances See spirits in Twilight SS p117
Soul Jar (•• or ••••) *pre: Second Sight Steal a subject's soul, rendering their body catatonic SS p118
Visionary Trances (•• or ••••) *pre: Resolve •• See (or project with ••••) into the Shadow Realm SS p119
Warding (•••) *pre: Resolve ••, Occult • Create a magic barrier to hedge out ghosts and spirits SS p120
Weather Control (••••) Manipulate the weather, potentially dramatically. SS p120
Tradition Strength Weakness Defining Merit Path Merits
Apostle of the Dark One +1 to using magic to fulfill Vice Morality dots cost new dots*4. Communion Curse of Ill-Fortune, Enchantment, Evocation (Spirits), Familiar, Luck Magic, Sacrifice (Spirits), Scrying, Second Sight, Visionary Trances
Ceremonial Magician +1 to research Rituals in a libary The penalty for improvised ritual tools is increased by one Luck Magic Alchemy (External), Alchemy (Internal)*, Communion*, Curse of Ill-Fortune, Enchantment, Evocation (Spirits), Favorable Fortune, Healing, Scrying, See Auras
Hedge Witch Reduce penalties for improvised tools by one -1 to use Rituals in a place inappropriate for the Rituals use Enchantment Curse of Ill-Fortune, Dream-Travel, Familiar (Embodied only), Healing, Invocation (Spirits), Luck Magic*, Scrying, See Auras, See Spirits, Visionary Trances*, Weather Control
Shaman +1 to Social rolls with Spirits Must pay for See Spirits. Visionary Trances Alchemy (Internal)* Familiar (Twilight only), Dream Travel, Evocation (Spirits), Invocation (Spirits)* Healing, Psychic Projection, Sacrifice, See Spirits, Weather Control
Taoist Alchemist +1 die on meditation rolls. Successful meditation grants +1 on the next ritual. Additional -1 on informal rituals. May not benefit from meditation on rituals shorter than half an hour Internal Alchemy or External Alchemy Alchemy (Internal), Alchemy (External), Geomancy, Healing, Longevity, Luck Magic, Second Sight, See Auras.
Vodoun +1 to social rolls with ghost. +1 to know about ghosts, at the Storyteller's discretion -1 to resist a spirit or ghost's mind affecting powers Invocation (Ghosts) Curse of Ill-Fortune, Evocation (Ghosts), Healing, Luck Magic, Sacrifice (Ghosts), Second Sight, Soul Jar, Weather Control
  • Only the two dot version
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L