Merits, Psychic

From Codex of Darkness


First Edition
Name Cost Ref Description
Other New Merits
Anti-Psi (•••••) *pre: no other Psychic powers SS p64 Nulifies Psychic powers in area
Believers (• to •••••) *pre: any Psychic power SS p64 Group that aides in power use
Doubting Tomas (•) *pre: no other Psychic powers SS p65 Limites Psychic powers
Ghost Ally (••• to •••••) SS p65 Ghost that follows pc around an helps out
Hypnotic Voice (••••) *pre: Persuasion ••• or Science ••• (With speciality on hypnotherapy or related) SS p66 Can hypnotize sending targe onto trance, and find represed memories.
Lucid Dreamer (•) SS p67 Able to attack invading psychics with Dream Travel merit
Psychich Resistance (•) SS p67 Extra protection agaisnt mind altering psychich powers
Extrasensory Perception
Astral Projection (•••) *pre: Clairvoyance SS p36 Soul travel by leaving body
Clairvoyance (•••) SS p37 Remote viewing
Dowsing (•) *pre: Clairvoyance, Cayce Channeling or Spirit Channeling SS p38 Ability to find hidden things
Dream Travel (• to •••••) *pre: Astral Projection, Mind Reading, Thought Projection SS p38 Visit other's dreams
Postcognition (• or •••) *pre: Precognition/none SS p40 View the past events of a location
Precognition (••••) SS p41 View/Predict the future
Psychometry (••• or ••••) SS p42 Sense the history of objects
Automatic Writing (••) SS p43 Trance state confers symbolic answers
Channeling (•••) *pre: Ghost Calling (for Spirit Channeling) SS p44 Gain skills from unconscious, past lives, or ghosts
Death Sight (••••) SS p45 See and interact with ghosts
Gateseeker (•••) *pre: Death Sight Ebon Gate p5 Dowsing for Avernian Gates
Ghost Calling (•••) SS p46 Summon ghosts to materialize
Biokinesis (• to •••••) SS p46 Acquire temporary merits with short durations
Cryokinesis (• to •••••) *pre: Resolve & Stamina >= Cryokenesis SS p47 Allows PC's to make areas colder
Plant Empathy (•) *pre: Biokenesis SS p49 Lets PC's speed the growth of plants
Psychic Healing (••• or •••••) *pre: Biokenesis ••• or ••••• SS p49 Ability to heal self or others
Psychic Vampirism (•••• or •••••) *pre: Biokenesis •••• or ••••• SS p49 Ability to drain others of their willpower
Pyrokinesis (•••••) SS p50 Ability to make things spontaneously combust
Pyrokinetic Immunity (•• or ••••) *pre: Pyrokenesis SS p52 Makes PC highly resistant or immune to fire damage
Pyrokinetic Shaping (•••••) *pre: Pyrokenetic Immunity •••• SS p52 Can manipulate the growth and direction of existing fires
Telekinesis (• to •••••) *pre: Resolve >= Telekinesis SS p52 Ability to move bjects by the power of the mind alone
Thermokinesis (• to •••••) *pre: Resolve & Stamina >= Thermokinesis SS p54 Ability to raise ambient temperature in an area
Animal Empathy (•• or ••••) SS p55 Intuit animal thoughts and moods
Animal Possession (••••) *pre: Animal Empathy SS p56 Control animal's body
Animal Rapport (••• to •••••) *pre: Animal Ken •• SS p57 Mental bond with single animal
Aura Reading (•• or •••••) SS p57 See auras
Mental Blast (•••••) *pre: Thought Projection •••• SS p58 Telepathic mental attack
Mind Breaker (•••••) *pre: Thought Projection •••• SS p58 Inflict derangements
Mind Control (•••••) SS p59 Issue commands
Mind Reading (••• to •••••) SS p60 Hear and understand other's thoughts
Psychic Empathy (•••• or •••••) *pre: Aura Reading, Thought Projection SS p60 Adjust other's moods and auras
Psychic Illusions (•••••) *pre: Mind Control, Thought Projection SS p61 Create illusions for others
Psychic Invisibility (•••••) *pre: Mind Control, Thought Projection SS p62 Mask yourself from sight, not electronics
Telepathic Communication (••••) *pre: Thought Projection •••• SS p63 Initiate two-way telepathic conversation
Telepathic Rapport (•••) *pre: Telepathic Communication SS p63 Permanent telepathic communication link
Thought Projection (••• or ••••) *pre: Mind Reading ••••• SS p64 Send one-way thoughts to another
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L