Merits, Mage (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Cost Ref Description
Additional Familiars (••) TotW p154 have multiple spirit companions
Ancient Lands Awakening (••••) *pre: Virtue of Charity or Hope (CO) GoG p23 gain Rotes, mana from Virtue
Artifact (•••+) (mult) M:tA p80 treasure, imbued, refills own Mana
Atlantean Hesychia (•) *pre: High Speech SotRT p111 reach Astral Planes easier
Cartomancer (• to •••) *pre: Occult Specialty of Tarot, Wits ••• KST p13, Tarot gain benefits to magical tasks from Tarot draw
Daimon (•••) TotW p66 specialized Dream
Destiny (• to •••••) M:tA p81 bonus die pool, associated Bane penalty
Dream (• to •••••) M:tA p82 gain clues to questions
Enhanced Item (• to •••••) (mult) M:tA p82 super-effective tool
Enhanced Item: Armor AA p201
Enhanced Item: Bulletproof AA p202
Enhanced Item: Decreased Size GotV p204
Extemporaneous Affinity (•, ••• or •••••) Ban p41 +1/2/3 to casting Improvised Spells, represents extensive time with no formal training
Familiar (••• or ••••) M:tA p82 Fetch/Animal spirit
Feral Mien (•••) TotW p154 +3 on Intimidation/Seduction rolls
Friend of Beasts (• or ••) TotW p154 +3 on Animal Ken, -2/0 on Socialize
Geomancer (•) *pre: Occult Specialty of Geomancy S&S 99, SotRT 51, LoP understand and alter Ley Line with construction
Gesture Lore (• to •••••) *pre: Dexterity •••, Occult ••• TotM p94 modify Rote mundras between forms
Ghost Familiar (•••) Summ p39 Ghost bound as Familiar
Glyph Lore (• to ••••) *pre: High Speech, Intelligence •••, Occult ••• TotM p97 modify Rune aspects between forms
Goetic Familiar (•••• or •••••) *pre: have cast "Goetic Manifestation" GoG p96 attach an embodiment of your Vice to yourself as a familiar
Guise of Death (•••••) *pre: Gnosis •••••, Stamina •••• Summ p184 Coat a Soul Stone in blood to substitute for human sacrafice
High Speech (•) M:tA p84 allows use of Words of Power
Identity Anchor (••) TotW p153 never risk sentience when shapechanged
Imbued Item (••+) (mult) M:tA p84 item with magical ability
Law of Embodiment (•••••) *pre: Gnosis •••, at least 5 Rotes TotM p77 cast Rote while attacking
Long Shifting (•••) TotW p154 cast Shapechange as if +2 Life
Manifestation Machine (• to •••) *pre: Familiar ••• FC p131 +1/dot to Fetch's Manifest rolls
Master Exorcist (••) *pre: Spirit ••• TotW p153 gain +3 to end possessions
Myrmidon Oath Tongue (••) SoT p218 language that commands the Proximi family known as Myrmidons
Occultation (• to •••) M:tA p86 become lost to mortal society
Otherworldly Eyes (••) *pre: Spirit • TotW p154 +2 to see Shadow, -2 to see Fallen
Otherworldly Lore (••••) *pre: Gnosis ••• Summ p184 gain 9-Again when dealing with a particular breed of other-world creature
Potent Familiar (••) (CO) TotW p154 gain bonus points to create Familiar
Predator’s Innocence (•••) TotW p154 be less bothered by natural cycle
Rote Specialty (• to •••) *pre: not a full member of any Order Ban p42 gain one Skill-based Rote Specialty / dot
Ritual Synergy (••• or •••••) *pre: Gnosis ••• or Gnosis •••••, Storyteller Option TotM 74 cooperate on a spell even if not all participants can cast it
Slayer (•••) *pre: Occult 4, Brawl 4 or Weaponry 4 Summ p185 May make Int+Occult check to reduce summoned creature's Defense against attacks
Sleepwalker Retainer (• to •••••) (mult) M:tA p88 faithful Sleepwalker assistant
Spirit Status (••, •••• or •••••) TotW p154 remove -1/dot penalty for Spirit negotiations
Status (Consilium) (• to •••••) M:tA p88 Awakened society standing
Status (Order) (• to •••••) M:tA p88 Order standing, 1 dot is full member
Status (Seers of the Throne) (• to •••••) SoT p43 Standing within the Seers, also allows increasing of Dream Merit. Having Dream and at least Status (•) requires taking of Flaw: Mystery Commands
Summoner's Soul (•••) (CO) Summ p186 gain bonuses when dealing with creatures of favored Realm
Supernal Anchor (•••••) *pre: Gnosis ••••• Summ p186 defeat Supernal creature in combat to create artificial Soul Stone
Supernal Companion (•••••) Summ p186 Familiar from Supernal Realm
Thrall (•••) (mult) M:tA p89 owned Soulstone, 3 tasks provided
Void Scourged (•• (at character creation) or ••••) Summ p187 gain bonuses when interacting with Acamoth and Gulmoth
Order Merits
Ancient Signs (•••) *pre: Occult •••, Status (Guardians of the Veil) • GotV p58 influence secret societies
Athenaeum (• to •••••) *pre: Status (Mysterium) •, Sanctum • Myst p66 gain two dots in Laboratory, Library or Scriptorium per dot
Graduate of Otranto (•••) *pre: Acanthus, Status (Mysterium) •, graduate of Scuola di Otranto Myst p72 gain bonus to cast curses
Masque (•) *pre: Manipulation •••, Status (Guardians of the Veil) • (mult) GotV p69 alternate identities, various bonuses (see below)
Mystery Initiation (• to •••••) *pre: Status (Mysterium) >= dots Myst p102 gain bonuses related to Order
Oathbound (• to •••••) *pre: Adamantine Arrow AA p63 bind Allegiance, Principle or Questing Oaths to your soul to gain benefits
Legacy Merits
Celestial Name (• to •••••••) *pre: Thrice Great L:tA p114 aid in dealing with planetary spirits
Dreamland (• to •••••) *pre: Dreamspeaker L:tA p21 visit Dreamtime Libraries
Image of Perfection (••) *pre: Echo Walker, Death •• L:tA p108 resist insanity with driving goal
Skald Cant (•) *pre: Skald, Composure ••, Expression •• L:tA p86 aid in memory and spirit dealing
Tradition Merits
Astral Adept (•••) *pre: Magical Tradition (Taoism) MT p57 travel to Astral Planes anywhere
Magical Tradition (••) *pre: Occult ••, Academics or Occult Specialty in Tradition MT p23 gain bonus to Tradition Rotes
Lu (• to •••••) *pre: Magical Tradition (Taoism) MT p54 call on spirit court for service
Pawns (• to •••••) IM p14 lesser mages as allies

Guardians of the Veil Masques

Greater Lesser Description Token Benefit Penalty Page
The Beloved (Charity) Avenging Son (Wrath) Strong and Energetic, wearing Symbols of Loyalty Keepsake from his 'Family' +1 Stamina-based Rolls -2 Subterfuge Rolls GotV p69
Holy Concubine (Lust) A Sensual Style; adopting a confident, suggestive mannerism Token of Affection from a Lover +1 Persuasion-based Rolls -2 Empathy Rolls GotV p69-70
Lancet Master (Greed) A spotless, meticulous and stylish appearance Expensive tool used by her healing professions +1 Intelligence-Based rolls, relating to her healing profession -2 Socialize Rolls GotV p70
? (Pride) Haggard and unkempt Worn or battered symbol of Office +1 Persuasion-based Rolls -2 Socialize Rolls GotV p70
Prince of Feasts (Gluttony) Crumpled expensive clothes. May be rotund or unhealthy. Item that acquires expensive pleasures for all in his company. +2 Socialize Rolls -2 Intimidation Rolls GotV p70
Silver Cestus (Envy) A bit past his prime. A memento of a student's victory +2 Expression Rolls -2 Socialize Rolls GotV p70
Weaver of Whispers (Sloth) A bland, unobtrusive style. Anything that contains associates' contact information. +2 to dice rolls relating to Allies or Contacts merits. -2 Intimidation Rolls GotV p70-71
The Devout (Faith) Brother Smoke (Gluttony) Groomed, but with a Mystic's appearance Paraphernalia that allows indulgence in his habits. +2 Occult Rolls -2 Empathy Rolls GotV p71
Cave Shadow (Sloth) Filthy and/or Eccentric A small retreat +1 Intelligence Based Rolls -2 Socialize Rolls GotV p71-72
Flame Tender (Envy) Meticulously groomed according to belief system. Reminder of specific ideology. +2 Intimidation based rolls -2 Empathy Rolls GotV p72
Heretic (Pride) Dressed according to beliefs; rejection of normality. Visible Symbol of beliefs; can never be concealed. +2 Intimidation based rolls -2 Socialize Rolls GotV p72
Skull Priest (Wrath) Small but fearsome in appearance. A demagogue A representation of death and violence +2 Expression Rolls -2 Empathy Rolls GotV p72
Vermillion Stole (Greed) Juxtaposition between luxury and folksy pretense. Ideological symbol, mixed with their own image. +1 Persuasion-based rolls -2 Socialize Rolls GotV p72
Wounded Monk (Lust) Appears as his beliefs compel him to; though too constructed. Hidden item from a lover or a similar sign of his own passions. +2 Subterfuge-based rolls -2 Expression rolls GotV p72-73
The Exactors (Prudence) Binder of Night (Gluttony) An unsettling gaze. Book, Files, or mobile computer about the occult; dark side of Human Nature +2 Occult Rolls -2 Empathy Rolls GotV p73
Eye of Mars (Wrath) Practically dressed Well-maintained weapon ready. +2 to One of the following: Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry -1 Manipulation-based Rolls GotV p73
Golden Hand (Greed) Modern, meek and unassuming May not cast vulgar spells Spend willpower to gain 9 again to mundane, nonviolent task along with normal willpower benefits. -2 dice penalty on the first roll, exposed to supernatural or violence GotV p73
Good Death (Envy) However needed to accomplish a mission An item carried by last victim +2 Stealth Roll -1 Wisdom Roll GotV p74
Lord Chain (Lust) Cold expression, expensive wardrobes, trinkets stolen from 'slaves.' A mark of proof of Lord Chain's hold over others. +2 Streetwise Rolls -2 Empathy Rolls GotV p74
Scepter (Pride) Confident Gaze, dressed as a leader Item or dressed speaking to his leadership in an organization +1 Manipulation-based rolls -1 Composure-based rolls. GotV p74
Shieldbearer (Sloth) According to the rules Gift from their masters +2 to a Mental, Physical or Social Skill -1 Resolve-based Rolls GotV p74
The Fools (Hope) Bright Mantle (Pride) Trendy or cutting-edge styles Memento of last party or invitation to a party +2 Socialize roll -2 Subterfuge roll GotV p75
Crooked Staff (Envy) Out of date Personal memento at least 10 years old +2 to specified Mental skill -2 Expression roll GotV p75
Innocent (Greed) As children or the style of their guardian Toy or game +2 Investigation rolls -1 Composure rolls GotV p75
Lord Talon (Wrath) Rough, practical, confident Knife +2 Survival rolls -2 Empathy rolls GotV p75
Master of Dust (Gluttony) Formerly expensive, but now threadbare and dated Object of old prestige +2 Expression rolls -2 Streetwise rolls GotV p75
Hearthkeeper (Lust) None in particular, tends to be older Token from lover +2 Empathy rolls -2 Intimidation rolls GotV p75
Untended Forge (Sloth) Slovenly, but also to provoke sympathy or respect Money equal to Resources 1 for the day that wasn't earned or stolen +1 Persuasion rolls -1 Resolve rolls GotV p76
The Magistrates (Justice) Adamant Judge (Envy) Obeys all rules and customs of station Symbol of authority in judging others +2 Politics rolls -2 Socialize GotV p76
Diamond Triangle (Pride) According to professional responsibilities Profession's signature tools +2 to specified Mental skill -2 Empathy GotV p76
Factor (Sloth) Whatever the supervisor demands Sign of allegiance +2 Politics -1 Resolve GotV p76
Lord Asp (Wrath) Conservative Armed +2 to One of the following: Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry -1 Composure GotV p76
Sighing Tower (Lust) Bussinesslike, but somewhat idiosyncratic Status 3 +1 Persuasion -1 Resolve GotV p77
Silver Key (Greed) Ostentatious PDA, ledger or something to record recent business activity +1 Manipulation -2 Empathy GotV p77
Whip (Gluttony) Confident with style fitting doctrine Carries order from superior +2 Intimidation -2 Socialize GotV p78
The Unbowed (Fortitude) Apprentice Forge-Coal (Envy) Fashion of field Relevant study materials +2 to specified Mental skill -2 Expression GotV p78
Gray Cloud (Sloth) Shabby, emotionless, monotonous tone Every scene, self-depreciating digression or hopeless talk +1 Persuasion -2 Socialize GotV p78
Hound of Flowers (Lust) Either careless or obsessively tailored for love's preference Memento of love +2 Investigation -2 Subterfuge GotV p78
Jade Seeker (Gluttony) Worn A running debt. (Optionally -1 Resources) +2 Socialize Debt GotV p78
Master Tarnish (Greed) Poor, but fiery-eyed Hidden stash of Resources 3 or more +2 Survival -2 Socialize GotV p79
Prince Ragged (Pride) Poor but clean and upright Symbol of aspirations +2 Survival -2 Subterfuge GotV p79
Stone Sentinel (Wrath) Uniform or uniform-like Style of dress in conformity to role +2 Intimidation -2 Socialize GotV p79
The Viziers (Temperance) Crown of Eyes (Wrath) Casual Camera or notebook +2 Streetwise -2 Expression GotV p79
Lord Scar (Lust) No mark on appearance Must act on plans on a weekly basis +2 Subterfuge -2 Intimidation GotV p80
Opener of Ways (Greed) Polite, humble Memento of last professional relationship +1 Wits -2 Subterfuge GotV p80
Regent (Envy) Air of muted power Objects that represent their charge +2 Politics -1 Persuasion GotV p81
Runehold (Sloth) Messy and out of style Corroded tool or dog-eared book related to field +2 to two specified Mental skills -2 Empathy and Socialize GotV p81
Twins of the Ring (Gluttony) Combination of cheap and expensive clothing Symbol that allows him to go wherever patron goes +2 Socialize +2 Intimidation GotV p81
Untwisted Branch (Pride) Neat, functional Object representing whatever they're devoted to +1 Resolve -2 Politics GotV p81

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L