Merits, Lost Boys (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
The Protocol Mk 1 Unlocks the below augmentation Merits. Receive monthly Serum. Withdrawal advances after a month without Serum until weekly lethal damage sets in. HL 96
•• Mk 2 Withdrawal advances after a week until daily damage.
••• Mk 3 Withdrawal advances daily until half-daily damage.
•••• Mk 4 Withdrawal advances half-daily until quarter-daily damage.
••••• Mk 5 Withdrawal advances quarter-daily until quarter-daily damage.
Jumper ≤ Protocol Improved Jump with effective (Strength × 2), and half falling damage. While Deprived, suffer lethal damage to make a jump with an additional (Strength × 2). HL 99
•• Enhanced Jump with effective (Strength × 4), and take half falling damage as bashing damage.
••• Superior Jump with effective (Strength × 6), and ignore falling damage.
Protocol Fixer Protocol 1 A Delta Protocol handler provides your Serum weekly, or with Status (Lost Boys Network), a Lost Boy contact provides weekly counterfeit Serum. Your fixer is willing to sell additional Serum. HL 97
•• 3 Your fixer provides three doses each week.
••• 6 Your fixer provides six doses each week.
•••• 10 Your fixer provides ten doses each week.
••••• 14 Your fixer provides fourteen doses each week.
Merit Prerequisites Rating Description Book
Archangel System Protocol ••••• ••••• Spend Willpower to activate a faintly luminous neuromuscular lattice for a scene. At the end of the scene, advance towards withdrawal and convert lethal damage to aggravated. While active:
  • Ignore physical Tilts, wound penalties, and penalties from multiple assailants.
  • Stack +1/+1 Armor, +1 Defense, +2 Initiative, and +5 Speed.
  • Each turn, you heal one bashing damage and may keep your Defense while performing one action which would normally forfeit Defense.
  • Your attacks inflict either +1 damage or Knocked Down, and deal lethal damage unarmed.
  • While Deprived, you instead stack +2/+2 Armor, heal two bashing damage each turn, and your attacks inflict both +1 damage and Knocked Down.
HL 97
Augmented Resilience ≤ Protocol • to ••• Increase your effective Stamina by dots in this Merit. While Deprived, gain 2/1 Armor. HL 98
Augmented Speed ≤ Protocol • to ••••• Apply this Merit as a bonus to Initiative and Speed. While Deprived, double the Speed bonus. HL 98
Cloaking Device Protocol ••• ••• While holding your breath, your body refracts light, hiding you from cameras, motion sensors, and thermal detectors. Penalize attempts to spot you by -5. While Deprived, you also may suffer lethal damage to activate the Cloaking Device for three turns once per scene. HL 99
Holdout Storage ≤ Protocol • to ••• A cavity in your body can store items up to your Merit rating in Size, which you may withdraw as an instant action. While Deprived, suffer lethal damage to withdraw reflexively. HL 99
Implanted Interface Protocol •• •• Your nervous system has an integrated computer with wireless access, providing a +3 equipment bonus. Suffer lethal damage to overclock to a +5 bonus for the scene. HL 99
Last-Chance Protocol ••••• ••••• Roll Resolve + Composure as an instant action to deploy a traumatic internal weapon, which in turn rolls Stamina + Firearms + 5 as a 3L firearms attack against everyone for 10 meters. Suffer five aggravated damage and roll five dice for additional lethal damage. While Deprived, the attack has a 4L rating and 3 Armor Piercing. HL 99
Pulse Generator ≤ Protocol • to ••••• Once per scene, your touch can reflexively inflict Stunned and your Merit rating in bashing damage, or against electronics, twice your Merit rating in Structure damage, ignoring Durability. While Deprived, suffer lethal damage to recharge the Generator. HL 99
Strength Augmentation ≤ Protocol • to ••• Increase your effective Strength by dots in this Merit. While Deprived, suffer lethal damage to also gain +1 Strength for the scene. HL 100
Sub-Dermal Armor ≤ Protocol •• or •••• Stack +1/+1 Armor, or with ••••, +2/+2 Armor. While Deprived, stack an additional +1/+1 Armor. HL 100
Uncanny Perception ≤ Protocol • to ••• Apply this Merit as a bonus to Perception and aimed attacks. While Deprived, double the bonus, but suffer lethal damage and sensory blowout from extreme stimuli. HL 100
Voice Box Protocol Perfectly mimic voices you've studied in person. While Deprived, mimic voices you've heard recorded or in passing. HL 100
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L