Merits, Innocents

From Codex of Darkness


First Edition
Mental Merits
Common Sense •••• (Creation Only) The storyteller may provide you with a hint or clue, once per scene Innocents, p100
Danger Sense •• +2 bonus to detect ambushes Innocents, p101
Ego Boost •• Once per scene, when complimented on a successful use of a skill of at least two dots, +1 on next roll. Innocents, p101
Eidetic Memory •• (Creation Only) Photographic memory, +2 to remembering under stress Innocents, p101
Language Knowledge of a foreign language Innocents, p101
Mental Prodigy • (mental attribute at ••••) (Creation Only) Allow the child to buy a single mental skill beyond their third dot Innocents, p101
Multilingual • to ••••• Two languages for every merit dot, speak conversationally. Turn into the Language Merit with 1 XP Innocents, p101
Prized Possession A familiar item with a +2 equipment bonus for intended use, +1 for unintended uses Innocents, p101
Trivia Hound •••• When faced with the unknown, roll Int+Wits for a tidbit of info Innocents, p101
Unseen Sense •• (Wits ••) (Non-supernatural Mortal Only) (Creation Only) Pick a supernatural target. Alerted to the presence of said supernatural beast. Innocents, p102
Physical Merits
Ambidextrous ••• (Creation Only) Do not suffer -2 for using offhand Innocents, p102
Direction Sense Unable to get lost, easily trace your steps, always know which way is north, south, etc Innocents, p102
Fast Reflexes • or •• (Dex or Wits •••) +1 or +2 to initiative Innocents, p102
Fleet of Foot • to ••• (Strength ••) +1 speed per dot Innocents, p104
Fresh Start • or ••• (Fast Reflexes • or ••) (With Fast Reflexes •, Fresh Start •) - Change place in initiative with an action
(With Fast Reflexes •••, Fresh Start ••) - Startles combatants, all combatants must rerolls Initiative
Drawback: Can only run at normal speed when using this merit.
Innocents, p104
Giant ••• Size is 5 (Which adds +1 health), gains benefits of being "bigger", +1 to disguise as an adult. Drawback: Treated like an adult by adults. Doesn't get the bonuses that kids get for dodging. Innocents, p104
Hard Head •• (Stamina or Resolve •••) +2 to avoid being stunned after being struck. Innocents, p104
Iron Stomach • (Stamina ••) +2 to food-related survival rolls, +3 to resist deprivation Innocents, p104
Natural Immunity • (Stamina ••) +2 to avoid getting sick or fighting off diseases Innocents, p104
Physical Prodigy • (A physical attribute at ••••) (Creation Only) Allow the child to buy a single physical skill beyond their third dot Innocents, p104
Quick Draw • or •• (Dexterity •••) Do not lose defense when drawing.
• - Quickdraw tools
•• - Quickdraw melee and guns
Innocents, p105
Quick Healer •••• (Stamina •••) Healing times are halved Innocents, p105
Strong Back • (Strength ••) +1 to actions related to lifting or carrying weight Innocents, p105
Strong Lungs • (Athletics •••) Stamina is considered 2 dots higher for holding breath, +1 to all Stamina + Athletic rolls Innocents, p105
Tiny +1 to hiding and stealth rolls, convincing that you're younger, bonus to dodging. Drawback: Size 3, meaning -1 health. -3 to pass as an adult Innocents, p105
Tough • to •• (Stamina or Resolve •••) -1 or -2 penalty from exhaustion or injury is negated. Drawback: After merit is used, sleep for 12 hours. Almost impossible to wake up. Innocents, p105
Toxin Resistance • (Stamina •••) +2 to resist drugs, toxins and poisons Innocents, p105
Social Merits
Allies • to ••• People and friends that will help your character Innocents, p105
Contacts • to ••• Information dispensing characters Innocents, p107
Deep Pockets •• Rich parents Innocents, p107
Fame • to ••• +1 to social rolls by people impressed by fame. Prone to being stalked Innocents, p107
Guardian • or ••• Character responsible for your safety, comes with you everywhere. Innocents, p107
Guardian Angel •••• Supernatural protector Innocents, p108
Inspiring ••• (Presence •••) Once per chapter, roll presence and socialize, everyone listening regains one Willpower except yourself. Innocents, p109
Mentor • to ••••• Supporter, teacher and friend Innocents, p109
Odd Jobs Odd jobs, always has 10 or 20 bucks on hand. Innocents, p110
Pet • or ••• (•) - Playing with pet for 15 minutes gains +1 on next degeneration roll until you next sleep.
(•••) - Same bonus as • pet, and is loyal, willing to follow you anywhere and die fighting by your side. Start with the "Guard" and "Heel" tricks.
Drawback: When a one dot pet dies, replacement pet takes one month to provide benefits. When three dot pet dies, immediate trigger roll (Innocents equivilant of derangements, p82). May be replaced with a one dot pet that can become a three dot pet.
Innocents, p110
Social Prodigy • (A social attribute at ••••) (Creation Only) Allow the child to buy a single social skill beyond their third dot Innocents, p111
Striking Looks •• +1 to presence or manipulation when looks are involved. Drawback: Face will be remembered. Innocents, p111
Team Player •• Once per chapter, roll presence + empathy. On success, +1 to all teamwork rolls.
Fighting Styles
Karate For Kids
Innocents, P. 103 Pre: Dexterity •••, Stamina ••, Brawl ••
• Evade +2 to defense when using a dodge action
•• Cautious Engagement Use Higher of Dex or Wits to determine def against brawl vs. Single foe
••• Vulnerable Target Strike When targeting a sensitive area, do lethal damage
Playground Dogpile
Innocents, P. 103 Pre: Strength ••, Stamina ••, Brawl ••
• Cheap Shot Damage against immobilized foes get +1
•• Take Down Grapple immediately renders you and target prone
••• Pile On Join in a grapple with Strength + Brawl (don't subtract defense). After first success, deal remaining successes as bashing.

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L