Merits, Infected (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Merit Prerequisites Rating Description Book
Carrier • to ••••• Effectively gain Unseen Sense (Suitable Breeding Grounds); Pass on the Infection with a Stamina + Carrier + Infection Condition roll. HL 88
Bloodkin Carrier • Reduce a target's Doors in a social maneuver if they share the same lineage of the Infection. HL 90
Bulletman Syndrome Carrier ••••• ••••• Gain 1/1 armor per dot of Stamina. If symptoms are acute or greater, unarmed attacks deal lethal damage at increasing modifiers. Double healing times for lethal and aggravated damage. HL 88-89
The New Flesh ≤ Carrier •, ••• or ••••• At one dot, halve all healing times. At three, heal one lethal per scene, (Stamina) times a day. At five, aggravated damage heals at the same rate as lethal. Penalise social rolls. HL 89-90
Patient Zero Carrier •• •• Force the Infection into a short dormancy, effectively becoming a normal human person for a time. HL 90
Proud Parent Carrier • Treat spreading the Infection as fulfilling a Virtue, at the cost of a breaking point if something befalls the new Infected. HL 90
Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
Virulent ≤ Carrier •• The Bug Attempt to inflict a target with the moderate Sick Tilt for a scene. HL 90
••• The Virus Inflict a target with the grave Sick Tilt for a scene.
•••• The Pestilence Inflict a target with the Poison Tilt for a scene.
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L