Lineages and Refinements (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness


Name Nickname Description Book
Frankenstein Wretched Patchwork people built by ambition, choleric and driven. PTC 2e 20
Galatea Muses Born of beauty, sanguine and personable. PTC 2e 23
Osiris Nepri Products of secret knowledge, phlegmatic and ponderous. PTC 2e 26
Tammuz Named Resurrections marred by imperfect understanding, melancholic and stubborn. PTC 2e 29
Ulgan Riven Bodies torn and reglued by spirit-stuff, plasmic and self-aware. PTC 2e 32
Unfleshed Manufactured Representational effigies and androids made real, unctuous and overzealous. PTC 2e 35
Extempore Matchless Spontaneous lives conjured from unique and formative events. PTC 2e 38
Zeka Nuclear Contaminated lives animated by the catastrophic potential of nuclear fire. NH-TT 136
Lost Lineages
Amirani Prophets Broken by agony and rebuilt by metal, choleric visionaries easily frustrated. DEC 98
Faceless Tortured Pain-wracked bodies animated by a cocktail of slaughter and poisons, gruff chlorinated soldiers. DE2 422
Hollow Beggars Withered husks born into hunger and desperation, sanguine and melancholic in equal measure. NH-TT 41
Xibalbans Denied Blood sacrifices rejected by the Underworld, passionate sanguine fighters. DE2 36


Refinement Nickname Roles Transmutations Book
Aurum Mortality Mimics Companion, Follower, Leader Deception and Mesmerism PTC 2e 42
Cuprum Self Pariahs Hermit, Sage, Watcher Metamorphosis and Sensorium PTC 2e 45
Ferrum Corpus Titans Exemplar, Martyr, Soldier Corporeum and Vitality PTC 2e 48
Plumbum Source Originists Chronicler, Ascetic, Pilgrim Disquietism and Saturninus PTC 2e 51
Stannum Torment Furies Outcast, Savage, Vigilante Electrification and Disquietism PTC 2e 54
Complex Refinements
Aes Aid Sentries Bodyguard, Servant, Seeker Benefice and Corporeum PTC 2e 57
Argentum Mystery Mystics Envoy, Observer, Warden Sensorium and Spiritus PTC 2e 60
Cobalus Impurity Cathars Confessor, Deviant, Provocateur Contamination and Mesmerism PTC 2e 63
Mercurius Pyros Savants Craftsman, Explorer, Scientist Alchemicus and Vulcanus PTC 2e 66
Phosphorum Ephemerality Light-Bringers Daredevil, Psychopomp, Whip Luciferus and Vulcanus PTC 2e 69