Legacies (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Ac Ma Mo Ob Th AA FC GV MY SL ST Description Primary Arcanum Conjunctional Arcanum Ref
Chronologue Rejectors of Free Will Time, Fate NH-NA p39
Eleventh Question Investigators Time Matter MtA 2e p200
House of Ariadne Urban destiny weavers Time, Fate Space NH-NA p23
Illumined Path Guides to enlightenment Prime Forces NH-NA p116
Keepers of the Covenant Intermediaries between the material and the Shadow Fate Spirit MTA 2e p203
DE2 p299
Kitchen Alchemists Alchemists of cooking Fate Matter DE2 p372
Logophages Consumers of secrets Prime, Mind NH-NA p61
Nagaraja (*or Mantra Sahaki) Transcendent revelers Death Mind DE p99
Nighthawks Thieves of magical treasures and items Prime, Matter Death NH-NA p29
Perfected Adepts Ascetics focused on unification of mind, body and soul Life, Prime NH-NA p26
Reality Stalkers Seekers of secret places Space Death, Spirit NH-NA p77
Shapers of the Invisible Seekers of perfection of Awakening Spirit Forces NH-NA p47
Stone Scribes Recorders and psychopomps Time, Death NH-NA p81
Tyrian Archons Rulers by Divine Mandate Prime NH-NA p35
Tremere Houses Description Primary Arcanum Conjunctional Arcanum Ref
House Nagaraja Aescetic destroyers of attachment Mind, Death NH-NA p138
House Seo Hel Norse bringers of rot Matter Death NH-NA p140
House Thrax Militaristic conquerors Life Death NH-NA p142
House Vedmak Ghost and spirit hunters Space Death/Spirit NH-NA p144
Abyssal Legacies Description Primary Arcanum Conjunctional Arcanum Ref
Hand of Destiny Life coaches Mind, Fate NH-NA p119
Keepers of the Chrysalis Bringer of the Exile Space Matter NH-NA p112
Mentioned, not detailed Ac Ma Mo Ob Th AA FC GV MY SL ST Description Primary Arcanum Conjunctional Arcanum Ref
Archimandrite SoS p117
Aurora Auricalcinae Hermetic diviners SoS p81
Awakening Gambit Encouragers of Awakenings Mind SoS p134
Bearers of the Eternal Voice Persuasive wordsmiths Mind MTA 2e p202
Bene Ashmedai Embracers of their vices Spirit MTA 2e p202
Blank Badge Masters of occlusion Mind MTA 2e p202
Bokor Reanimators of corpses Death MTA 2e p203
Brotherhood of the Demon Wind Master swordsmen Time Space MTA 2e p202
Bull's Children Rulers of Sleepers DE p55
Carnival Melancholy Harvesters of souls for luck Death MTA 2e p202
Chrysalides Embracers of the ideal self Life MTA 2e p203
Clavicularius Masters of their vices Spirit MTA 2e p202
Cryptologos Researchers of language and High Speech Prime MTA 2e p202
Daksha Seekers of evolutionary perfection Life MTA 2e p203
Dreamspeakers Explorers of Anima Mundi Mind MTA 2e p203
Echo Walkers Soul damaging seekers of perfection Life MTA 2e p203
Emergent Masters of magical technologies SoS p111
Filiae Philosopharum Refiners of Awakened souls through strange experiments NH-NA p111
Forge Masters Crafters of magical items Prime MTA 2e p203
Hollow Keepers Intermediaries of the dead and spirits DE p55
Lords of Mars Heirs to a Mars that might have been SoS p111
Orphans of Proteus Shapeshifters Life MTA 2e p203
Pygmalion Society Artists and sponsors of art Mind MTA 2e p202
Secret Order of the Gate Followers of the Exarch of Paradox SoS p111
Sisterhood of the Blessed Subtle political manipulators Fate MTA 2e p202
Tamers of Blood Masters of sympathy and blood Space MTA 2e p203
Tamers of Fire Masters and embodiments of fire Mind MTA 2e p203
Thrice-Great Hermetic binders of planetary spirits Spirit MTA 2e p203
Torches of Artemis Destroyers of the unrighteous NH-NA p107
Transhuman Engineers Seekers of technological singularity Matter Forces MTA 2e p203
Uncrowned Kings Alchemists of the self Mind MTA 2e p202
Votaries of the Ordained Guardians of artifacts and people of interest Fate MTA 2e p203
Walkers in Mists Travelers and seers Space MTA 2e p202
SoS p111
Wind-Singers Warders of malign forces DE p55
(Legion) Souls stealing identity thiefs Death MTA 2e p202