Imbued Items

From Codex of Darkness


First Edition
Mundane Items
Blood Ring Guardians of the Veil 210
• Items
Acquisitionist’s Torch A flashlight that casts "Find the Hidden Hoard" Mysterium 210
Astrally Stabilized Items Astral Realms 114
Astrally Conjured Items Astral Realms 115
“Toy” Gun Guardians of the Veil 204
•• Items
Cracked Mirror •• To •••••• Guardians of the Veil 205
Invisible Rifle Guardians of the Veil 203
Necradio Free Council 117
Night Eyes Guardians of the Veil 207
Sharpshooter’S Scope •• Or •••• Guardians of the Veil 208
Whispering Glove Guardians of the Veil 210
••• Items
Aether Goggles Retro-styled goggles that grant "Read Matrices" Free Council 116
Band Of Armored Thoughts Adamantine Arrow 200
Camera Non-Obscura Legacies The Sublime 127
Chalice Of Consuming Vigor ••• Or •••• Liquids within eliminate the need for sleep. Mysterium 211
The Chime Of Grief Astral Realms 120
Destiny’S Quill Adamantine Arrow 201
Enigma Sigil A ring that grants the "Supernal Script" spell. Mysterium 211
First Scribe’s Censer All messages written and burned in the censer are sent to the First Scribe. Mysterium 210
Mind Protectors Banishers 70
Mulligan’s Widget Silver Ladder 205
Network Card Free Council 117
Neverender Batteries Free Council 118
Nightmask Adamantine Arrow 203
Oath Writer Guardians of the Veil 207
Omniscope Adamantine Arrow 203
Pirate Map Can be used to find the location of nearby objects of a given type. Mysterium 211
Portable Thermostat Guardians of the Veil 207
Portable Window Adamantine Arrow 204
Private Curtain Guardians of the Veil 207
Scourge Banishers 73
Suppressive Thetan Energy Auditing Device Banishers 73
Talisman Of Timely Research ••• Or ••••• Grants the ability to conduct research in parallel with other activities. Mysterium 211
Thought Worm Guardians of the Veil 210
Universal Keycard Free Council 118
•••• Items
All Access Pass Free Council 116
Atroxi Crystals Secrets of the Ruined Temple 81
Camera Tempora •••• Or •••••• A camera that takes pictures of the past, ala "Postcognition". Mysterium 212
Beast Mantle Adamantine Arrow 200
Bullet-Proof Cotton Guardians of the Veil 204
Canopic Jar Guardians of the Veil 204
Cash Dagger Magical Traditions 63
Cloak Of Isolation Guardians of the Veil 204
Cloak Of Many Colors Adamantine Arrow 201
Daredevil’S Keychain Guardians of the Veil 205
Endless Clip Adamantine Arrow 202
Excavator A small spade that can cast "Alter Integrity" as it digs. Mysterium 212
Flawless Barrel Adamantine Arrow 202
Ghost-Catcher Free Council 117
Implement Of Understanding A variety of tools that can provide translation, ala "Universal Language". Mysterium 212
Improved Grip Adamantine Arrow 202
Interfector’s Mask Guardians of the Veil 206
Kupa's Earring Diamond earring, Counterspell Prime (Prime 2, 5 dice), 11 Mana Unbidden p71
Light Eater Guardians of the Veil 207
Lucky Boots Adamantine Arrow 203
Mask Of Ages, The Astral Realms 124
Phantasmal Prism Guardians of the Veil 207
Plausible Deniability Silver Ladder 205
Sleep/wake Watch Adamantine Arrow 204
Spatial Binoculars Adamantine Arrow 205
Spirit Candles Guardians of the Veil 209
Spirit Whistle Guardians of the Veil 209
Subtle Ring Banishers 73
Supernal Server Functionally an AI installed on a computer, which seeks to protect the information it contains. Mysterium 212
Tin Whistle Adamantine Arrow 205
Token Of The Great Take A piece of Silver Jewelry that can grant two successes worth of "Exceptional Luck" per day. Mysterium 213
Unfriendly Knife Guardians of the Veil 210
Universal Key Can be used to unlock any door; more advanced versions exist with far more dramatic effects. Mysterium 213
Universal Toolkit Adamantine Arrow 205
••••• Items
Abyssal Scope Banishers 69
Adamantine Taser Adamantine Arrow 199
All-Gas Grenade Adamantine Arrow 200
All-Terrain Mobile Energy Source Adamantine Arrow 200
Amulet Of Passage Casts "Reconfigure Object", to create passageways. Mysterium 214
Amulet Of The Enduring Body Grants "Body Mastery", resistance to toxins, and regeneration. Mysterium 214
Archetype Altar Astral Realms 114
Atlantean Fire Crystal Legacies The Sublime 28
Back Box Adamantine Arrow 200
Black Ribbon Adamantine Arrow 201
Bottomless Bag Free Council 116
Clarity Room, The Reign of The Exarchs 61
Clouded Crown Guardians of the Veil 204
Death Pointer Guardians of the Veil 205
Familiar Strangler Guardians of the Veil 205
Freeman’s Collar Adamantine Arrow 202
Ghost Shirt Adamantine Arrow 202
Goetic Mirror Astral Realms 123
Golem, The Magical Traditions 43
Hidden Sword Guardians of the Veil 206
Infinite Flash Drive Free Council 117
Insult To Injury Adamantine Arrow 203
Magical Silencer Guardians of the Veil 207
Mana Bowl Sanctum Sanctum & Sigil Sigil 93
Phantasmic Lantern Adamantine Arrow 203
Portable Armory Adamantine Arrow 204
Restorer’s Brush Grants "Postcognition" and "Repair Object" to restore damaged objects. Mysterium 214
Scriber Of Ownership Casts "Gift of Fortune" on signed objects. Mysterium 215
Sentinel’s Shield Guardians of the Veil 208
Shivering Blade Guardians of the Veil 208
Sigil-Mark ••••• Or •••••• Sanctum & Sigil 37
Soma Magical Traditions 141
Sown Salt Banishers 73
Spectacles Of Discernment Grants a variety of low-level Matter and Prime analysis spells on the wearer. Mysterium 215
Spirit Blade Guardians of the Veil 209
Supernal Wardrobe Silver Ladder 205
Talisman Of Unnoticed Intrusion Grants "Incognito Presence" on the wearer, and can cast "Induce Sleep" on others. Mysterium 215
Universal Outfit •••••, •••••• Or ••••••• Silver Ladder 206
Vault Gauntlets Grants a "Magic Shield", and makes rolls using certain skills rote. Mysterium 213
••••• • Items
Alien Cuffs Banishers 69
Band Of Safety A ring which grants a powerful constant effect version of "Controlled Dispellation" Mysterium 215
Bonebreaker Guardians of the Veil 204
Collector’s Pocket A bag or briefcase that has a persistent "Pocket Dimension" effect. Mysterium 216
Jaw Locker Guardians of the Veil 206
Junk Drawer Pockets Guardians of the Veil 207
Puppet Gum Guardians of the Veil 208
Raiment Of Return Adamantine Arrow 204
Ring Of New Faces Guardians of the Veil 208
Rune Of Witnessing Banishers 73
Talisman Of Universal Safety Silver Ladder 206
Tk Gloves Adamantine Arrow 205
Universal Id Silver Ladder 206
Wand Of Duplication Casts "Duplicate Object" on just about anything. Mysterium 216
••••• •• Items
Band Of Timelessness Small amulets that inflict indefinite Time Stop on their wearer. Mysterium 216
Remote Searcher Allows the creation of phantasms that can then be puppeted. Mysterium 217
Safety Box Special box for the transportation of dangerous magical items. Mysterium 217
Truck, The Banishers 74
••••• ••• Items
Area Wards A set of objects for establishing an area protected with "Containment" and "Magic Wall" Mysterium 217
Crystal Heart Secrets of the Ruined Temple 78
Durandal Banishers 69
Supernal Scourge Banishers 72
••••• •••• Items
Puppet’s Bauble Silver Ladder 205
••••• ••••• ••• Items
Translator Chamber Banishers 74