Host Aspects

From Codex of Darkness


First Edition


Name Cost Preq Desc Book
Common Aspects
Breech the Barrier None Can Step Sideways Predators pg 128
Cowards Edge ••• None Detect Werewolves within 100 yards Predators pg 129
Gauntlet Webs Innate None One hour, one essence increase penalty to cross over the Gauntlet by 1 die. Can increase range or penalty Predators pg 129
Hunters Leap None Spend an Essence +8 to jumping rolls. Predators pg 129
Preserve the Hollow Shell None Doubles the time their host bodies will take to decay Predators pg 129
Preternatural Awareness None Danger Sense Predators pg 129
Spirit-Sight None Wits+Occult Successes allow one sense per to strectch across the gauntlet Predators pg 129
Toxic Bite •• None Bite attack causes loss of 1 dot of stamina per success, Reflexive Stamina+Primal Urge to reduce success Predators pg 129
Unearthy Horror ••• None 1 Essence and rolls Presence+Intimidation vs Resolve+Composure. Flee area and will not return at least one day Predators pg 129
Predator's Shriek •••• None Presence+Intimidation vs Resolve+Composure, instill one command. Predators pg 130
Wall Climb Innate None Can climb walls Predators pg 130
Crawler Aspects
Cosmetic Alteration None None Extra eyes or scorpion tale or other cosmetic changes. Predators pg 130
Hollow Rider Innate None Hollows out a human and lives inside. Predators pg 130
Hive Mother Hollow rider Fills the host body with spiders that eat away at the body, one physical lost a day Predators pg 131
Strong memory None +2 on rolls to 'act normal' Predators pg 131
Unearthy Alure Hollow rider, Composure •• An Aura that draws people sensually to the Azlu, and +2 to social rolls Predators pg 131
Additional Arms •• None Gain 2 more arms. Gives Brawling Dodge and +1 to all rolls involving strength. Can be taken multiple times up to a total of 12 limbs (stacks with Additional Legs) Predators pg 132
Additional Eyes None Gain 2 more eyes. Gives a +1 to perception rolls. Can be taken multiple times, up to 3. Predators pg 132
Additional Legs •• Swollen Abdomen Gains 2 more legs. Gives a +1 to all balance and running rolls. May be taken multiple times up to a total of 12 Limbs (stacks with Additional Arms) Predators pg 132
Azarath Joining •, Mandatory At least •••• in Evolution points. Represents the actual creation of the Azarath Predators pg 132
Boiling Spit •• None When spit hits the target, does 3L. Can be used to bind and blind Predators pg 132
Chelicerae None Bite attacks do 2L. Impossible to talk except in First Tongue, still requires a Composure roll. Predators pg 133
Chitin-Skin •• None Gains +2/+1 Armor with no defense penalty. Predators pg 133
Demonic Size ••• None Gains +1 Size (and hence +1 Health) can be taken up to 3 times. Predators pg 133
Egg Sac ••••• Swollen Abdomen and at least 30 evolution points. Allows the Azlu to lay eggs for 1 essence point per. Negates Protected Abdomen evolution Predators pg 133
Eviscerating Bone-Scythes ••• Additional Legs • and Additional Arms • A pair of the Azlu's arms become jagged chitin, doing +2L damage. May spend a point of Essence to make it Aggravated for a turn. May be taken a maximum of 3 times for 3 sets of arms. Predators pg 134
Horned Abdomen •• Protected Abdomen Anyone who gets a successful Grapple from behind or the side takes 2L a turn. Predators pg 134
Hydraulic Muscles None Increases Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina by one. Can be taken multiple times to a max of 8 in each trait Predators pg 134
Malicious Blood •• None Whenever Azlu is damaged, blood squirts out doing 2L to all in reach. Reflexive Dex+Athletics to avoid it. Predators pg 134
Mutated Spider •••• Additional Legs •••, Chelicerae, Swollen Abdomen, Hydraulic Muscles ••• Body is that of a Giant Spider, the size of a small car. Predators pg 134
Pedipalps •• Chelicerae +1 bonus to Bite and Grapple, successful bite can inject a Toxicity 7 poison 3 times a day Predators pg 134
Protected Abdomen Swollen Abdomen Gains +3/+3 armor with a -1 Defense Predators pg 134
Scorpions Tail ••• Additional Legs ••, Protected Abdomen Develops a 6-10foot long Scorpion Tail. can do 2B Brawl attacks, or 2L attack from the Barb with 1 essence can inject a Toxicity 7 poison. Predators pg 134
Stolen Skin •• None Can fit inside the hollowed husk of a human, and tear out at any time (destroying the husk) Predators pg 135
Spinneretes •• None Can weave webs as with the Swollen Abdomen Aspect Predators pg 135
Swarm Discorporation Innate None Wits+Survival Roll when killed, to break into spiders and escape. Predators pg 135
Swollen Abdomen ••• None +1 Size (and hence +1 Health). Can weave webs with Size 3, Durability 3, and Structure 6. Predators pg 135


General Aspects
Beastmaster •• None 1 Essence and Int+Animal Ken to telepathically command one animal within line of sight Predators pg 152
Breach the Barrier Innate None Can Step Sideways Predators pg 152
Gnaw Gauntlet Innate None 1 Essence to reduce the penalty to Peek by 1 die. Predators pg 152
Hive Call •• None 1 Essence and Wits+Empathy to talk to all Rat Hosts within perm essence in miles Predators pg 152
Inflict Dread •• None 1 Essence and Presence+Intimidation vs Resolve as reflexive. Only humans. Suffer fear until next sunrise Predators pg 152
Pied Piper ••• None 1 Essence and Manipulation+Subterfuge vs Resolve+Primal Urge. -2 to all rolls as they believe they are covered in rats Predators pg 152
Preserve the Hollow Shell None Doubles the length the time a body takes to decay when used as a host Predators pg 152
Scentless None -2 to efforts to track by scent Predators pg 152
Spirit Sight None Ability to put all 5 senses across the gauntlet Predators pg 152
Nihiluth Aspect
Cosmetic Alteration None None May make strange changes to the rat form. Flavor Predators pg 153
Broodfather None Rats fill the body, -2 to social rolls but flee in all directions when the body is killed Predators pg 153
Feral Focus Wits •• +1 to all Physical based dice pools Predators pg 153
Heart Eater Mandatory Allows the takeover of a human host. Predators pg 154
Rokhan Aspects
Additional Tail •• Lashing Tail +1 to Balance rolls and +1 Brawl and Melee with a 2nd individually acting tail. Predators pg 154
Advanced Cancers •• Poison tumors +2 to Stamina dice pools from the cancers that cover their body deadening the pain Predators pg 154
Broken Claws •• Burrowing Claws Everyturn after being hit, takes 1L Predators pg 154
Burrowing Claws •• None +2 to rolls involving climbing or digging Predators pg 154
Demonic Strength None +1 to any physical attribute, to a max of 6 in each attribute Predators pg 155
Flea-Ridden Fur •• Rodent Fur -1 to all brawl and melee attacks made to Rohan. Predators pg 155
Glowing Eyes •• None Can blind opponents. -2 to enemy in melee combat Predators pg 155
Infected Claws •• Burrowing Claws If hit suffers a Toxicity 8 Poison. Uruatha suffer -1 Stamina rolls for 10-Stamina days Predators pg 155
Lashing Tail •• None +2 to balance rolls and +1 to Brawl and Melee. Predators pg 156
Mutated Rokhan ••• Burrowing Claws, Demonic Strength •••, Rodent Fur, Lashing tail Rat's the size of small horses Predators pg 156
Poison Tumors ••• None +2 to be tracked by Scent. No wound penalties. Creatures nearby develop fatal diseases Predators pg 156
Prophets Vision •••• Advanced Cancers Can use Insight: Omen's Gaze Gift at No cost Predators pg 156
Rodent Fur None None Rodent Fur Predators pg 156
Rokhan Joining Mandator, 5+ Evolution poitns Creating a Rokhan Predators pg 156
Slashing Claws ••• Burrowing Claws +1L Claw attacks, +1 to Climbing and digging. 1 Essence and can do Agg for 1 turn Predators pg 157
Swarm Discorporation Innate None Wits+Survival to break down into a swarm of rats when 'killed' and escape. Predators pg 157
Toxic Blood •• None 1 in 10 chance with each point of damage that blood will infect something. Toxicity 8 poison, with a -1 Stamina for 10-hishu stamina days for uratha. Guaranteed exposure with a successful bite. Predators pg 157

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L