Gutter Magic (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Cost Action Duration Range Pool Description / Page (from Witchfinders)
Disease Tier 1 p145
-/○ Blight Instant Lasting Sensory Stamina+Survival+Gnosis Creatures and objects in 30'x30' area take 2B/day, or 1B/day if 1WP spent, and can gain Source from area
•• -/○ Fever Instant, Resisted Scene / Day Touch Stamina+Medicine+Gnosis-Stamina Inflict -2 to all actions of target for the Duration, or -1 for a day and gain Source
••• Corruption Instant, Resisted Lasting Touch Stamina+Medicine+Gnosis-Stamina Inflict disease that deals damage to target, Stages = Suxx
•••• Plague Rat Instant Lasting Touch Stamina+Animal Ken+Gnosis Embed contagious "Corruption" in an animal
••••• Ravage Instant, Contested Lasting Touch Stamina+Occult+Gnosis vs Stamina+Resolve Force the target to make their rolls against "Corruption" once per turn
Elements Tier 3 (choose Fire, Earth, Water or Air) p160
- Apotheosis Instant Lasting Touch Dexterity+Crafts+Gnosis Create 1 cubic ft of element / Suxx, if scarce in area gain Source
•• -/○ Elemental Harmony Instant Scene Self / Sensory Dexterity+Expression+Gnosis Become immune to element, or make another immune and if they are protected from damage by the element gain Source
••• Immersion Instant, Resisted Turn Sensory Dexterity+Science+Gnosis -Stamina Do 1B / Suxx to target with summoned element
•••• Casting the Towers Instant Lasting Touch Dexterity+Occult+Gnosis Throw (Dexterity+Athletics) some of the element at target. Fire: do 1A / Suxx on throw. Water: reduce Speed by 1/2 and roll Dexterity+Resolve or drop anything held. Earth: do 1B / Suxx on throw, if Suxx > Stamina target rolls Stamina, if success they are dazed, if failed they are knocked out. Air: target is knocked down and has -3 on next turn
••••• ●/●+○ Guardian's Wrath Instant Turn / Scene Sensory Dexterity+Occult+Gnosis Do 1L / Gnosis to anyone within 50y, those that haven't acted yet can roll Dexterity+Athletics to dodge 1L/Suxx. If 1WP spent, effect continues (costing Source each turn)
Foretelling Tier 1 p146
-/○ Glimpse Instant Turn Self / Sensory Composure+Occult+Gnosis +5 to Initiative for a combat or +2 on a Wits+Composure roll, or give +3/+1 to a target and gain Source
•• -/○ In The Cards Instant Lasting Self Composure+Occult+Gnosis Ask three yes/no questions about your future, or do so for another and if paid gain Source
••• Crystal Ball Extended Scene Sympathetic Composure+Occult+Gnosis Need 5 Suxx, 1 Roll / 5 Minutes, spy on target through magical window
•••• Prophecy Extended Scene Self Composure+Occult+Gnosis Need 10 Suxx, 1 Roll / 15 Minutes, describe vision
••••• Omen Instant Scene Self Composure+Occult+Gnosis Gain 8-Again on any Investigation or Wits+Composure roll and Unseen Sense and Danger Sense Merits
Fortune Tier 1 p147
- Destiny Instant Lasting Self Wits+Occult+Gnosis Gain Destiny pool = Suxx, can use points as bonus dice (but any failed roll that uses them is a Dramatic Failure) or Source
•• -/○ Hand of Fate Instant, Resisted Turn / Scene Sensory Wits+Occult+Gnosis-Resolve (if unwilling) Give target either +3 or -3 to next roll, or +1/-1 for a Scene and gain Source
••• Fickle Instant, Resisted Scene Sensory Wits+Occult+Gnosis-Resolve Subject's target number is 9 (instead of 8) and gains 9-Again
•••• Oath Crafting Instant Lasting Touch Wits+Empathy+Gnosis Gain +2 to rolls directly impacting Oath, if broken, -2 to all rolls for months = Gnosis
••••• ●/●○ Karma Instant, Contested Scene Sensory Wits+Larceny+Gnosis vs Resolve+Composure Give target (or targets = Gnosis if 1 WP spent) -3 to all rolls, each time a roll is failed all your allies gain +3 on their next roll, each time a roll succeeds target gains 1 WP
Health Tier 2
-/○ Dull the Pain Instant Lasting Self / Touch Resolve+Medicine+Gnosis Heal self / target for 1B / Suxx, if you receive payment gain Source
•• - Remedy Instant Lasting Touch Resolve+Medicine+Gnosis Transfer non-fatal disease or Toxicity <=4 poison from self to another living creature or from another to self (if 1WP spent, and gain Source)
••• Mend Instant Lasting Touch Resolve+Medicine+Gnosis Heal self or others for 1L
•••• Purge Instant Lasting Touch Resolve+Medicine+Gnosis Transfer disease or poison from self to another living creature or from another to self (if 1WP spent)
••••• Miracle Extended Lasting Touch Resolve+Medicine+Gnosis Either heal subject of Agg damage (Need 3xDamage Suxx, 1 Roll / 10 Minutes) or regenerate target's organs (Need 1-25 Suxx, 1 Roll / 10 Minutes) or raise the dead (Need 30 Suxx, 1 Roll / 10 Minutes, subject loses a Dot from each Attribute)
Hearth Tier 1 p148
- Innocuous Extended Lasting Sensory Resolve+Stealth+Gnosis Need 10 Suxx, 1 Roll / 15 Minutes, attempts to locate you while inside your home take penalty = Gnosis
•• - Dreamcatcher Instant Lasting Touch Resolve+Crafts+Gnosis Sleeping under the Dreamcatcher causes you to regain 2 WP instead of 1 WP after sleep
••• Clean Sweep Extended Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis Need Suxx = total dot rating of spells or Numia of Ghosts, 1 Roll / 10 Minutes, remove unwanted magic or ghostly presences from home
•••• House Rules Extended Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis Need 10 Suxx, 1 Roll / 15 Minutes, those attempting to harm a home or those inside take -5 penalty to rolls
••••• Hallowed Extended Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis Need 10 Suxx, 1 Roll / 15 Minutes, uninvited supernaturals take 1B / Turn inside home and normal humans take -5 penalty to Initiative, caster is alerted when uninvited guests enter home
Lore - p142
-/○ Gaze of the Wise Instant, Resisted Scene Self / Sensory Wits+Occult+Gnosis -Resolve (if unwilling) Gain +2 to pierce illusion or notice obvious attempts at subterfuge
•• ●/●○ Mystic Shield Instant Scene / Day Self Stamina+Occult+Gnosis Gain Armor equal to Gnosis
••• Evil Eye Instant, Resisted Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis -Stamina Do 1B / Suxx to target
•••• Resolute Spirit Instant Lasting Self Stamina+Occult+Gnosis Gain 1 WP / 2 Suxx
•••• Evil Eye Instant, Resisted Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis -Stamina Do 1L / Suxx to target
••••• Unravel Extended Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis Can destroy a spell with Suxx = 10 + Gnosis of caster, 1 roll / 15 minutes
••••• ●○ Evil Eye Instant, Resisted Lasting Sensory Resolve+Occult+Gnosis -Stamina Do 1A / Suxx to target
Mind Tier 2 p154
-/○ Static Instant Scene Self / Sensory Intelligence+Subterfuge+Gnosis (-Resolve if cast on target) Attempts to influence your thoughts and emotions take -3 penalty, or penalize subject's Mental Skill and Intelligence rolls by -2 and gain Source
•• -/○ Psychosis Instant, Resisted Scene Touch Intelligence+Empathy+Gnosis -Composure Inflict mild Derangement on subject as if they failed their resistance check, or cause subject to ignore a single Derangement for a scene and gain Source
••• Telepathy Instant, Resisted Scene Sensory Intelligence+Empathy+Gnosis (-Resolve if unwilling) Read surface thoughts or initiate two-way conversation with subject
•••• ●/●/●○ Telekinesis Instant Turn Sensory Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Attack target for 1B / Suxx, or lift an inanimate object with Size <= Gnosis + Suxx, or spend 1WP to lift and control an object of Size <= Gnosis/2 (round up) for a scene
••••• Erase Extended, Contested Lasting Touch Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis vs Resolve+Composure Need 20 Suxx, 1 Roll / 5 Minutes, remove a number of memories = Gnosis from subject
Nature Tier 2 p156
- Gaia's Breath Instant Lasting Sensory Presence+Expression+Gnosis Cause plants within a 10'x10' x Gnosis area to progress 1 season / Suxx. If a person takes Lethal damage in the area, gain Source
•• - Whisper of the Wind Instant Scene Sensory Presence+Animal Ken+Gnosis Summon and command 2 yards / Suxx of a swarm, or 1 Size / Suxx of existing swarm and game Source
••• Primal Tongue Instant Scene Sensory Presence+Animal Ken+Gnosis Communicate with and command an animal
•••• Biological Imperative Instant, Contested Scene Touch Presence+Empathy+Gnosis vs Resolve+Composure Need Suxx >= Composure of target, command subject on an instinctual level, subject may spend 1 WP to do nothing for a turn
••••• Shapeshifter Instant Scene Self Presence+Occult+Gnosis Shapeshift into animal form a number of times = Suxx
Passion Tier 1 p151
- Lust Instant Scene Touch Manipulation+Persuasion+Gnosis Gain 8-Again on seduction rolls, gain Source if successful
•• -/○ Temptation Instant, Resisted Scene Touch Manipulation+Persuasion+Gnosis -Resolve Subject gains 2WP from indulging Vice, if WP spent during casting, subject loses 1 WP if Vice is not indulged
••• Aphrodisiac Instant, Resisted Scene Touch Manipulation+Expression+Gnosis -Composure Subject takes -2 penalty on all rolls not directed at getting laid and can not indulge his Virtue
•••• Compulsion Instant, Contested Scene Sensory Manipulation+Empathy+Gnosis vs Resolve+Composure Target must have indulged Vice during Scene, target is forced to continuously enact their Vice, may attempt to break free with Resolve+Composure-Gnosis
••••• ●/●○+ Obsession Extended, Contested Lasting Touch Manipulation+Empathy+Gnosis vs Wits+Composure Need 20 Suxx, 1 Roll / Turn, make target into your love slave for 1 Week / Gnosis (+1 Week / WP up to double), subject may spend a WP Dot to end effect. Each subject may only be affected once.
Shadow Tier 2 p157
- Commune Instant Scene Sensory Composure+Expression+Gnosis Ask three questions about someone you know by name, gain Source once each chapter
•• Darkling Grasp Instant Scene Touch Composure+Occult+Gnosis Create shadow object of Size <= Gnosis, Durability and Structure of 1 that is destroyed by sunlight. If destroyed intentionally, gain Source
••• Darkened Countenance Instant Scene Sensory Composure+Stealth+Gnosis Become invisible to recording devices, gain +3 to Stealth rolls and impose penalty equal to Gnosis on people trying to spot you
•••• ●/●○/●(○) Banish/Summon Demon Extended Lasting Lasting Composure+Occult+Gnosis Need 5-20 Suxx, summon, banish or bind a demon
••••• ●/●○ Unseen Stride Instant Scene Sensory Composure+Occult+Gnosis Travel between shadows within line of sight, if 1 WP spent you can take a passenger as well
Space Tier 3 p162
- Hermes Stride Instant Turn Self Wits+Science+Gnosis Triple your Speed for a turn and move reflexively, or quintuple Speed for a turn and take no action on the following turn and gain Source
•• - Dimensional Push Instant, Resisted Lasting Touch Wits+Athletics+Gnosis -Resolve Move subject 5y / Suxx, and if a dangerous target is moved to safe distance gain Source
••• Omniscience Instant Lasting Sympathetic Wits+Investigation+Gnosis Determine the direction and distance to the subject
•••• Spatial Window Instant Scene Sympathetic Wits+Occult+Gnosis Open a 3'x3' window that you can pull objects through
••••• Translocation Extended Scene Sympathetic Wits+Occult+Gnosis Need 5-25 Suxx, 5 Minutes / Roll, open a portal
Supernal Tier 3 p162
-/○ Awaken the Power Within Instant Lasting Touch Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Understand the function of a magic item, if 1 WP spent it activates. Can drain an item of power for 1 week and gain Source, or spend 1 WP Dot to permanently denature it
•• Nix Instant Lasting Sensory Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Counter a spell or supernatural ability (not Endowments) if Suxx > subject's Suxx, can be cast at any Initiative
••• - Siphon Instant Lasting Sensory Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Take xL, gain 1 Source or 2 WP per point of damage
•••• Superiority Instant Lasting Sensory Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Can roll Intelligence+Occult to identify magic reflexively, can also attempt to dispel it once identified automatically if Gnosis > (Gnosis of caster + level of spell) or by rolling if (Suxx on Intelligence+Resolve)+Gnosis > (Gnosis of caster + level of spell). Alternately, use as "Unravel"
••••• Blood Potency Instant, Resisted Lasting Sensory Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis -Stamina Do 1L / Suxx to subject and gain 1WP / Suxx, so long as target can bleed and feels pain
Time Tier 3 p164
-/○ Opportunity Instant Scene Self / Sensory Intelligence+Athletics+Gnosis (-Resolve if cast on opponent) If cast on self, reflexively change your place in the Initiative order once, if cast on an opponent, force them to the bottom of the Initiative order and gain Source
•• -/○ Backflow Insant Scene Self Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis (-Resolve if cast on opponent) Gain +2 bonus on any Physical skill roll and +1 to Defense, or may inflict -1 penalty to target's attack rolls and Defense and gain Source
••• Postcognition Instant Scene Touch Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Determine target's past history
•••• Temporal Reprieve Instant Lasting Sensory Intelligence+Subterfuge+Gnosis Once per scene, rewind the last turn
••••• Stasis Field Instant Special Self Intelligence+Occult+Gnosis Once each Scene, freeze time for 1 Turn / Suxx, during which you can move your Speed and cast spells but can not manipulate objects or people
Transmutation Tier 3 p165
-/○ Lead Instant Lasting Touch Resolve+Science+Gnosis Determine the composition of a touched object, or gain a +3 bonus to break it and gain Source when broken
•• - Copper Instant Scene Sensory Resolve+Science+Gnosis Solidify 5'x5' area of vapor or gas into solid with Durability = Suxx, and clever use of the shaped object gains Source
••• Iron Extended Lasting Touch Resolve+Occult+Gnosis Fuse two objects together (need Suxx = combined Size, 1 Minute / Roll), or mix two objects with properties of both (need Suxx = combined Structure, 10 Minutes / Roll)
•••• Silver Instant Lasting Touch Resolve+Science+Gnosis Alter Size or Durability of object by 1 / Suxx, each change in Durability = 10% weight
••••• Gold Extended Lasting Touch Resolve+Occult+Gnosis Need Suxx = Structure, 1 Minute / Roll, alter an object's composition (not Size or Durability) so long as the new form does not have complex parts
Twilight Tier 2 p159
- Ouija Instant Scene Sensory Composure+Occult+Gnosis See and communicate with ghosts in Twilight, if paid to perform for others gain Source
•• Ephemeral Chain Instant Scene Sensory Composure+Occult+Gnosis Recognize Anchors on sight, can search with extended Intelligence+Investigation (need 10 Suxx, 5 Minutes / roll), if an Anchor is destroyed gain Source
••• Necromantic Slave Instant, Resisted Lasting Touch Composure+Intimidation+Gnosis Force a ghost into a corpse to create a zombie, up to a number = Gnosis at once
•••• Command Appearance Instant Scene Touch Composure+Occult+Gnosis Command a ghost who's Anchor you hold and force to appear
••••• Aspect of the Banshee Instant Scene Self Composure+Occult+Gnosis Travel out-of-body up to 50 yards / Gnosis as if a ghost

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L