Grimoires (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Grimoire Description Effects Rotes Page
Ancient Lands Pentalogy A series of five fantasy novels depicting the struggle of Soter(an expy of the Free Council) against the four lords(expies of the other four orders). Grimoire versions are circulated among the Free Council and contain stolen Rotes from all the five orders. 5 books for 55 from all Arcana and orders GoG 16
The Book of Life A book containing spells for life and health including a spell that may allow for indefinite life extension. 5 Life (healing) GoG 31
The Book of Transformation A book containing a story about humans and their interactions with a nocturnal species called the Vord 5 LIfe (Shapechanging) GoG 38
The Codex of Lies A secret tome containing Guardian magic. False codexes exist that are filled with mystical traps. 9 Guardian rotes from varied arcana GoG 45
Dark Revolution A grimoire album 5, one per watchtower GoG 52
The Electronic Grimoire A digital grimoire the first of it's kind. Only one copy can exist at a time. Attempts to copy it just move it to the new storage device 8 Forces, 4 Matter, 1 Mind GoG 59
Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu A martial arts text. Some of it's scrolls are missing, the complete set is 10 scrolls. Those who learn from the scrolls are said to have great destinies but usually come to an unhappy end 17 Rotes GoG 66
The Hildebrand Recording A recording of an otherworldly encounter 2 new spells GoG 74
The Ialdabaoth Codex A book thought to be a bestiary on abyssal creatures 10 GoG 82
The Key of Brass and Flame A book on Goetia that only exists in the Astral 4 rotes GoG 92
Lark Demonde's Travels A collection of maps that details lands that no longer exist 6 Fate, 6 Prime, 6 Space, 4 Time GoG 99
Last Days of Atlantis Three volume set GoG 107
Le Livre Rouge GoG 114
The Loquacious Grimoire Reddish brown leather book GoG 121
Orpheus' Last Riddle GoG 128
The Tablets of U'mat GoG 135
The Tome of Power GoG 143
The True Soul GoG 150