Ghoul Families (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Nickname Description Strength Weakness Source
Alley Men Alley Men, Christians, Wild Angels "Wild" ghouls with ancient ties to the Lancea Sanctum, who have no masters and typically get their Vitae from hunting and consuming Kindred. Gain a bonus to avoid notice in urban environments; starting members may take two discipline dots from any discipline. Not allowed access to many merits; start with lower Morality, but may raise it with merit dots. Ghouls 92
Angustri Gypsies Ghouls of Roma descent. May take one of their starting two discipline dots in a Mehket discipline, regardless of their master's clan; never fail to conceive. More susceptible to the Viniculum Ghouls 95
Asmundarson Kin Impoverished Nordic family that is closely associated with the Norvegi bloodline, their masters Vitae is one of their few comforts in life. +1 Stamina Suffer a penalty to physical checks in broad daylight. Mehket 86
Children of Nirriti Sin-Eaters, Cultists Cultists who worship the Kindred May purchase the first dot of Status in the Circle of the Crone, allowing them to learn Cruac. Whenever Morality is lost, a derangement is gained automatically Ghouls 104
Crassus Caesers Amoral and accomplished family that eagerly offers its services to Kindred in exchange for power. Half XP cost on many merits; may gain two free dots in skills or four dots in discounted merits. Subject to either the Daeva or Ventrue clan weakness. Ghouls 98
Doulosi None . May purchase up to one dot of status in Belial’s Brood and learn Investments discipline. Doulosi almost never survives the transformation into undeath. BB 121
Gravenor Throwbacks Barbaric and reclusive family living in a remote area, the pet project of a single Kindred. May sense all supernatural phenoma Choice of taking bashing damage from sunlight as a vampire would aggravated, severe social penalties, or a severe derangement. Ghouls 101
Bellsmeade Piglets, Pigs Free dot in Animalism Has either Fixation, Inferiority Complex, or Irrationality. If already possesses this derangement, upgrade to the severe version. Crone 162
Hostewicks Valets 9-again on perception. Begins with two dots in composure. Dots in composure are new dots x 4. Begins with zero dots in presence. Dots in presence are new dots x 6. Cannot speak without spending a willpower. Invictus 154
Bulls Working Dogs, Heavyweights, Strongbacks Giant Merit Free. If 2+ strength, Strong Back free. Called shots to heart, neck, ears, eyes or mouth suffer -2 penalty. Free specialty in brawl. Can choose resilience or vigor as first discipline. Lame Flaw. Cannot gain a dot in celerity unless a dot in vigor and resilience are possessed. Dexterity cannot exceed strength or stamina Invictus 156