Endowments (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

Advanced Armory

Equipment Loadout Description Book
Equalizer Grenade 2 Sessions Flashing grenades that provoke a Clash of Wills against an affected monster's attempt to shapechange, rolling highest Resistance Attribute + Advanced Armory. HTV 2e 104
Etheric Goggles 3 Sessions Night-vision goggles that can reveal entities in Twilight, granting a +3 bonus to investigating their Anchors. HTV 2e 105
Etheric Capsule Rounds 1 Session Soft bullets that deal Lethal damage to Manifest ephemeral entities, but Bashing damage to everything else, including un-Manifest entities in Twilight. HTV 2e 105
Huginn Visor 1 Session Sunglasses that inflict -3 to a monster's mind-altering powers. HTV 2e 105
Mjolnir Cannon 1 Session Battery-powered lightning gun, with two settings for different levels of damage. HTV 2e 105
Muninn Serum 1 Session A syringe filled with a memory-altering substance, wiping a drugged person's memories of certain events. HTV 2e 106
Odin Reticle 3 Sessions Small display attached to other goggles or visors that provokes a Clash of Wills against supernaturally hidden creatures, rolling highest Resistance Attribute + Advanced Armory. HTV 2e 106
V.D.S.B. 1 Session Phosphorescent flash bomb that stuns surprised targets and blinds all unprotected targets. HTV 2e 106

Animal Control Kit

Equipment Cost Loadout Dice Pool Action Duration Description Book
Basic Field Kit - 1 Session - Instant 1 Scene Kit containing a signal jammer, a stun gun, and military-grade Kevlar armor. TF 44
Mobile Transport Unit - 1 Session Dexterity + Drive or Intelligence + Science Instant 1 Scene Van with reinforced cages/chassis, anesthetic gas vents, and a soundproof barrier between the back and driver's seat. TF 44
Pheromone Blocker/Emitter 3 Sessions - Instant, Contested 1 Scene Emits pheromones/inhibitors; provokes Clash of Wills against emotion powers or grants a +3 bonus to Social actions. TF 44
Envenomed Weapons - 3 Sessions Dexterity + Firearms or Weaponry Instant 1 Scene Weapons coated with venom that inflict the Drugged and Poisoned Tilts on a successful attack. TF 44
Temporary Symbiont 2L, ○ 1 Chapter Varies Instant 1 Chapter Grants +2 to an Attribute and a Dread Power. Causes the Shaken/Spooked Conditions and a breaking point roll when detached. TF 45


Ritual Target Successes Description Book
Armor of St. Martin 7 The ritualist gains (Benediction/Benediction) Armor. HTV 2e 107
The Boon of Lazarus 8 For one Willpower dot, return a corpse to life with full health and no Willpower. Revived characters are Soulless if the ritual began more than 5 minutes after death. HTV 2e 107
Epipodian Safeguard 7 Gain Benediction as a bonus against mental domination and similar powers. HTV 2e 107
Fortitude of St. George 6 The Hunter gains an extra dot of Stamina, and may roll Stamina + Benediction to resist Conditions or Tilts from deprivation and exertion. HTV 2e 108
Hands of St. Luke 8 Restore up to Benediction in Lethal or Bashing damage on a target, or reduce Aggravated damage to Lethal by the same amount. Also resolve the target's Crippled Condition. HTV 2e 108
Shepherd's Blessing 6 For one scene, become completely overlooked, gaining Benediction to Clash of Wills against supernatural powers. HTV 2e 108
Vade Retro Satana 7 Acting as either a Warding, Binding, Abjuring or Exorcism, additionally inflict Benediction in Lethal damage to an affected ephemeral entity. HTV 2e 108
Wrathful Sword of St. Michael the Archangel 7 Imbue a melee weapon with Benediction as damage rating against monsters. HTV 2e 108


Rite Prerequisite Cost Pool Action Duration Description Book
Calling Forth the Pit - 1L Manipulation + Occult - "Resistance" Extended (10, 30 minutes per roll) - Banish a demon, or summon an unbound demon to your location. HTV 2e 110
Forged in Fire - - - 1 Scene Become immune to fire, though not its other effects like smoke. After being exposed to fire or extreme heat, take -2 to most Social pools. HTV 2e 110
Gaze of the Penitent - Wits + Empathy "vs. Resolve" Instant - Inflict Guilty, and gain +2 on Social rolls against the target. HTV 2e 110
Hellfire - 1L - Instant - Wield summoned fire as a +2L thrown weapon. The following turn, the surrounding area gains the Inferno Tilt. HTV 2e 111
Mandate of Hell Calling Forth the Pit (○) Presence + Intimidation "vs. Resistance" Instant - Issue a command of only a few words, or a complex command of up to 2 steps with Willpower. Gain +2 to this Rite's pool if you know the demon's name. HTV 2e 111
Sense Weakness - Wits + Empathy "vs. Finesse" Instant - Learn a Bane, the name of a demon, or another weakness of a target. HTV 2e 111
Tongue of Babel - - - Instant 1 Scene Understand all spoken human languages, and be understood by anyone when speaking. Move up one impression level in Social Maneuvering. HTV 2e 111


Elixir Cost Duration Description Book
Amun's Water 1 Scene Suffer -2 to all actions for the duration, but become invisible until you take a hostile action. Provokes a Clash of Wills against powers that can view the invisible. HTV 2e 113
Breath of Ma'at - 1 Scene Ignore all breaking point rolls, only rolling for a single breaking point at the end of the scene. If breaking the Code, gain Demoralized even when succeeding this roll. HTV 2e 113
Breath of the Dragon - Roll Stamina + Medicine "vs. Stamina" to inflict the Sick Tilt, and gain +2B on the next attack against the target. HTV 2e 113
Bennu Feather - Heal 2B or 1L for each activation success, starting with the rightmost damage. HTV 2e 114
Eye of Ra 1 Scene When rolling to investigate or notice details, exceptionally succeed on 3 successes. HTV 2e 114
Incense of the Next World ○○ 1 Scene Become invisible and ephemeral, able to see ghosts and spirits and using Willpower as Corpus. Upon death, return to your body with the Soulless Condition. HTV 2e 114
Mesmeric Vapors 1 Scene Roll Stamina + Presence "vs. Resolve" as an extended action to make a target answer any questions, and gain 8-again to command them. HTV 2e 114


Techniques Cost Action Dice Pool Duration Description Book
Allergy Diagnosis Instant - - Identifies allergies in subjects, including the monsters' banes. TF 45
Calming Touch Instant - 1 Scene Eases fear and rage, grants 8-again quality on Animal Ken/Empathy rolls to calm targets, may end monster fury with Clash of Wills. TF 45
Healing Hands Instant Stamina + Medicine 1 Scene Heals Enkoimesis dots in bashing/lethal damage to the living or inflicts aggravated damage on undead. Affected once per scene. TF 46
Plague Doctor Instant Resolve + Medicine vs. Stamina 1 Scene Imposes/moderates Poisoned or Sick Tilts, with graver effects on exceptional success. TF 46
Shared Life ○, ※ Instant - - Transfers damage to heal others or resurrect the recently dead, with additional risks. TF 46

The Horror Within

Endowment Cost Action Dice Pool Duration Description Book
Slasher's Shadow Instant - 1 Scene Choose an Attribute fitting a slasher’s themes when gaining this Endowment. Increase that Attribute by two dots for the scene. TF 46
Inexorable Reflexive - 3 Turns Delay marking damage from a single source for three turns, ignoring wound penalties. Lethal damage will not roll over into aggravated afterwards. TF 47
Ground-Eating Stride ○, 1L Reflexive - 1 Scene Double Speed, always have Edge in chases, and ignore Speed penalties from Environmental Tilts. TF 47
Harry Instant, Resisted Manipulation + Intimidation + Size 1 Scene Chase a target, imposing a -2 penalty to their Wits rolls; declare a pre-set trap at chase start. TF 47
The Fiend Unleashed ○○ Instant - 1 Scene Choose an Undertaking when gaining this endowment. Gain access to the Talent of a chosen Undertaking and suffer its Frailties. Gain Guilty, Shaken, or Spooked Condition afterward. TF 47


Infusion Cost Duration Description Book
Inferno Flask 1L 1 Scene Become the center of an Inferno Tilt and gain immunity to the extremes of heat and cold. TF 48
Lesser Infusion (1L) 1 Week Adapt body to otherworld conditions, gaining 8-again on Survival rolls. White Hare Society members enjoy an extended duration and don't take damage. TF 48
Liquid Courage - 1 Scene Regain a point of Willpower, receive the Steadfast Condition, become immune to fear, and Stun monsters in response to Dread Powers. TF 48
Primal Heart Elixir 1L 1 Day Warp the body, gain natural weaponry, and become immune to Environmental Tilts; 8-again on Social rolls with otherworld denizens. TF 48
Wandering Scarecrow 1L 1 Week Animate a doll to serve as a 3-dot Retainer with one Dread Power, use Eye Spy to see through its eyes. TF 48


Masterwork Target Successes Cost Action Duration Description Book
Depths of Depravity 8 (○) - 1 Week Disturb minds with intrusive thoughts from viewing the painting, granting Willpower but inflicting the Addicted Condition. Monsters suffer the Obsessive condition instead. Spend willpower to cause the Insensate Tilt to viewers, which turns into the Traumatized Tilt after resolving. TF 49
Hunger of the Wolf 8 Contested 1 Scene Make monsters' Dread Powers more taxing and incite humans to crave flesh, letting them regain willpower by doing so. TF 49
The Lonely Ones 7 Instant 1 Day Become so uninteresting as to be effectively invisible, attracting attention only from observers the Masterwork finds attractive. Both they and the wearer gain the Swooned Condition for one another. TF 50
Pallid Bust of Pallas 8 Instant 1 Week Grant the Informed Condition with a subject of your choice, but lose memories based on roll result, gaining the Amnesia condition. TF 50
The Red Wax Mask 12 1L Instant 1 Night Animate nearby statues as 3-dot Retainers specialized in physical actions. However, they seek blood sacrifices in the last hour before dawn. TF 50

Lives Remembered

Endowment Cost Action Duration Description Book
Old Enemies Instant 1 Scene Ask up to three questions about a target monster, gain a +2 bonus on Intelligence + Occult rolls for similar monsters. TF 51
Remembered Skill Instant 1 Scene Treat yourself as having three dots in a chosen Skill for a single Specialty. TF 51
Time Capsule Instant - Receive needed equipment with Availability up to the hunter's Lives Remembered dots. TF 51
Visions Out of Time Instant - See past/future moments like the Psychometry Merit, but imposing no additional Condition. However, these events must come from before or after the hunter's lifetime. TF 51
Whispers from Babel Instant 1 Scene Choose a Mental Merit up to Lives Remembered dots to gain its benefits for the scene. TF 51


Technique Cost Pool Action Duration Description Book
Auric Shield - Instant 1 Scene Provides 2 Armor against Manifest ghosts' attacks and provokes a Clash of Wills against numina and dread powers, but take a two-die penalty to all actions in the next scene. HTV 2e 115
Borrowed Power ○○ Stamina + Occult Instant - Draw power from a nearby ghost to gain access to a numen. HTV 2e 116
Command Ghost Presence + Intimidation "vs. Resistance" Instant - Must have Ghost Speech. Give a ghost a simple command that it will follow as best it can. HTV 2e 117
Dark Reflection - Instant 1 Scene Use a reflective surface to project your visions for others to see and interpret. HTV 2e 117
Ephemeral Weapon - Instant 1 Scene Roll Resolve + Occult to resist Shaken, And create a 1L weapon, or 3L against ephemeral entities. HTV 2e 117
Expulsion Presence + Occult Instant 1 day Reduce the Open Condition to Anchor, and mark an area as a Bane for al ghosts. HTV 2e 117
Ghost Speech - Instant 1 Scene See into ghostly Twilight and focus on a ghost to communicate with it. HTV 2e 118
Know Death Wits + Investigation "vs. Composure" Instant - Provoke a Clash of Wills to reveal a dead creature or ghost's true form. HTV 2e 118
Third Eye - Instant 1 Scene Gain additional Clue Elements when Investigating, and avoid Incomplete Clues. Roll Composure + Occult afterwards to avoid Shaken. HTV 2e 119


Relic Cost Action Dice Pool Duration Description Book
Aegis Talisman ○(○) Instant Presence + Occult vs. Resolve 1 Scene Provide 3/3 armor and bonuses to contend or resist supernatural effects. Spend additional willpower to paralyze a target. HtV 2e 276
Doru Talisman ○○ Instant, Resisted Dexterity + Weaponry – Defense 1 Scene Launch a 3A ranged attack with a range of 10/20/40 yards/meters. TF 52
Eye of Hubris Instant - 1 Scene Cause Dread Power failures to become dramatic failures, or impose Tilts on targets using dread powers that don't require rolls. TF 52
One-Eyed Kings Instant - 1 Scene Spy through one coin with the other's eye, provoking a Clash of Wills in warded locations. TF 53

Skeleton Key - Instant - - Unlock any door and prompt a Clash of Wills with 8-again against monster-sealed doors. HtV 2e 276
Zenobia's Golden Chain Instant, Contested Presence + Intimidation vs. Composure + Subterfuge 1 Scene Interrogate monsters, revealing their most guarded secret and inflicting the Leveraged condition if they do not answer three questions honestly. TF 53


Power Cost Pool Action Duration Description Book
Codex 1L, ○ - Instant - For one investigation or research, halve the time and exceptionally succeed on 3 successes. HTV 2e 119
Hall of Mirrors 1L Wits + Occult Extended (5, 5 minutes per roll) - Ask a question of a subject's future, becoming Informed. HTV 2e 120
Polygraph 1L - Instant 1 Scene Exceptionally succeed on 3 successes against a target. HTV 2e 120
Postcognition 1L(○) Wits + Investigation - "Time modifier" Instant - Gain Clues about a crime, and become Informed with Willpower spent. HTV 2e 120
Speed of Thought 1L - Reflexive 1 Scene Use the greater of Wits or Dexterity for Defense, and move to the top of Initiative. HTV 2e 121
Talon 1B Resolve + Intimidation "vs. Composure" Instant - Attack as a +2B mental weapon and inflict Traumatized. HTV 2e 121
Tag - Instant 1 Scene Spy on a target through cameras and small animals, gaining +2 to track the target and becoming Informed. HTV 2e 121


Installment Cost Pool Action Duration Description Book
Devil's Eyes - Instant 1 Scene See into Twilight, and Clash of Wills against any invisible characters. HTV 2e 122
Hand of Glory Presence + Occult "vs. Resolve + Tolerance" Instant 1 Scene Suffer -2 to manual dexterity and inflict Immobilized, and prevent a target from remembering while under the effects. HTV 2e 123
Personal Defense Swarm - Instant 1 Scene Summon a swarm around you that attacks with +1L, but suffer 1l whenever using or recalling the swarm. HTV 2e 123
Regenerative Nodule - - Instant - Once per story, increase healing rate dramatically and ignore wound penalties, but increase food needs. HTV 2e 123
Sonic Resonance Attenuator Wits + Empathy Instant 1 Scene Suffer a two-die penalty to notice your immediate vicinity, but reveal a nearby auditory phenomenon in full clarity. HTV 2e 124
Time Attenuator Intelligence + Medicine Instant 1 Scene Halt anything that would affect your body over time, including diseases, new Conditions, and healing from any source. HTV 2e 125
The Twitcher (○) - Reflexive Indefinite Gain +3 to Initiative, and spend Willpower to use the higher of Dexterity or Wits for Defense, including during surprise. HTV 2e 125
Tools of the Trade (○) - - Permanent Wield unarmed attacks as +1L weapons, and spend Willpower to inflict the Immobilized Tilt when biting. HTV 2e 125


Gizmo Target Successes Cost Action Duration Description Book
Cloaking Device 8 - Instant 1 Scene Switch between Stealth and Infiltration modes, granting invisibility or 8-again on disguises. TF 53
Cyberglass 5 - Instant 1 Scene Perceive the reality frequency of alien facilities or their servants. TF 53
Psi-Crown 6 - Instant 1 Scene Tinfoil hat circlet of unearthly materials which protects against mind probes/control, provoking a Clash of Wills with 8-again on the roll. TF 54
Ray Gun 10 - Instant 1 Scene Range 30/60/120, Clip 3, Initiative –3 ranged weapon with damage equal to Xenotechnology rating that ignores material armor. TF 54
Scramblers 5 - Instant 1 Scene Long-ranged communications equipment which can also disrupt communications and surveillance within one mile, affecting supernatural equipment with a Clash of Wills. TF 54
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L