Endowments (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

Advanced Armory

Task Force: VALKYRIE

Endowment Rating Description Book
The Bleeder •• +3 ranged weapon induces the hemorrhage of supernaturally charged blood instead of damage, or with modifications, other forms of supernatural energies. HTV 152
Compound Rounds • to ••••• Renewable. Shots take 9-Again and inflict lethal damage against monsters who normally resist firearms. HMR 56
Equalizer Grenade ••• Renewable. Flash grenade strobes light to neurally inhibit creatures' ability to shapeshift. HTV 153
Etheric Goggles •• or •••• Specially treated night-vision goggles can perceive Twilight phenomena, and with four dots, trails left in their wake. HTV 151
Etheric Rounds • to ••••• Renewable. Shots strike ghosts, spirits and other incorporeal beings, but suffer -1 to strike the corporeal. HTV 150
Etheric Tracker •••• Fires a semitangible tracking pellet which embeds in a corporeal or noncorporeal target. Tracks pellets within half a mile for up to 24 hours. HTV 155
Frequency Pulse Emitter •• Renewable. High-frequency sonic grenade provokes a Stamina + Composure -3 roll for beings with heightened animal senses, or -5 for beings in full animal form, to resist being stunned. SpSl 145
Gatekeeper Device ••• Full bodysuit can be activated with Willpower to transition between the material realm and the Shadow or Underworld, with a twelve-hour cooldown. C&C 82
Gleipnir Restraints •• A strip of kinetic-feedback plastic which may be used to Restrain in a grapple. A captive must contest Strength + Athletics against twice their own Strength in successes to break free. HMR 32
Gungnir System ••• to ••••• The Gungnir Multi-Function Targeting System, integrated into a submachine gun (•••) or assault rifle (••••), provides thermal and night vision, mitigates range penalties, and highlights extranormal entities (which for an extra dot includes Twilight beings). HTV 154
Hod Rounds Renewable. Splintering mistletoe bullets impose a -2 penalty to fire, but deal half their damage to vampires as lethal and suffer no additional penalty to aim a staking shot. NS 135
Huginn Visor •• or ••• Treated sunglasses (••) or contacts (•••) which impair sighted perception by -2, but impose a similar penalty to mind-altering powers that require eye contact. NS 136
ICE The Interstices Calculation Expedient detects traces of dimensional interstices open in the last 24 hours, for half a mile. C&C 82
Logehamarr Personal Flamethrower ••••• A ranged heavy weapon anti-personnel flamethrower, resolved as a +0L long burst which inflicts a 4L gasoline burn on organic material. The Logehamarr's green flame immediately provokes vampires to flee. NS 136
Mjolnir Cannon •••• or ••••• +0 heavy rifle electrocutes on a successful attack for 6B, 8B, or 4L damage at Range 100. With five dots, a vehicle-mounted cannon can also be set to deal 10B or 5L damage, at Range 300 and with a longer-lasting battery. HTV 156
Munin Serum •••• Renewable. Six hours' worth of an injectible amnestic that suppresses stretches of recent memory, contesting 7 dice against the subject's Stamina + Composure. HTV 155
Odin Reticle ••• Requires Huginn Visor ••. LCD overlay affixed to the Huginn Visor grants +3 to perceive monsters through stealth and evasive powers. NS 136
Screamer Pistol ••• Low-frequency +3 sonic pistol disorients instead of dealing damage, preventing the target from focusing supernatural power for (target's Composure - successes + 1) turns. WF 125
Tranq Rounds • to ••••• Renewable. Shots deal one point of lethal damage and a stacking -1 penalty. A target at a high penalty must spend Willpower to remain conscious. Slash 160
Urban Response Vehicle ••••• Armored vehicle disguised as a van, armed with a mounted +5L heavy machinegun, and powered by an electric generator. Cell members may pool Merit dots for the URV and enhance it by purchasing integrated Etheric Rounds, Etheric Goggle windows, a mounted Bleeder, an Equalizer Grenade Launcher, the Gungnir System, or a mounted Mjolnir Cannon. SpSl 145
VDSB ••• The Victim-Detonated Sun Bomb can be armed and concealed with Wits + Crafts. When triggered, it discharges a stunning flash which scatters monsters who flee sunlight. HTV 154
Witch Buster Device uses a lithium battery to radiate energies that register to paranormal senses. HTV 151


Malleus Maleficarum

Rite Cost Dice Pool Description Book
The Apostles' Teachings Composure + Benediction Instead of recovering Willpower from your Virtue, distribute your Resolve + Composure in Willpower among mortal allies. HTV 157
Armor of St. Martin Stamina + Benediction Apply Benediction as Armor for a scene. HTV 158
The Binding of St. Amabilis Presence + Benediction While you sing praises, werewolves who listen cannot benefit from supernatural healing. SpSl 147
Blessed Protection of St. Agrippina Resolve + Benediction Bless a physically demarcated area as an extended action to ward against supernatural beings. Such beings within the area subtract your Benediction from their effective Power Attributes, and without Presence cannot enter. HTV 159
The Boon of Lazarus None Lose a dot of Willpower to resurrect a recently dead mortal, who suffers a major derangement. HTV 160
The Casting Out of Witches Presence + Benediction Pray as an extended action to compel monsters to suffer mounting penalties or flee the vicinity for an hour. C&C 76
Epipodian Safeguard None Add Benediction as a bonus to resist mind control for a scene. HTV 159
Fiacre's Staff Stamina + Benediction Bless an improvised weapon as a vampiric stake, removing its penalty and applying successes as a weapon bonus against the undead. Women perform a variant rite called the Benediction of the Rose. NS 138
Fortitude of St. George Composure + Benediction Gain bonus Stamina for a scene and go safely without food or sleep for (Benediction) days, after which you must sleep for 12 hours. HTV 160
The Hands of St. Luke Intelligence + Benediction Lay hands upon the injured as an extended action, healing a point of bashing damage with one success or lethal damage with two. HTV 160
La Langue des Saints Composure + Benediction
vs Resolve + Subterfuge
Force a monster to honestly answer one question per threshold success. NS 138
Loyola's Fire Resolve + Benediction Cast a holy light which compels the undead to panic and flee, losing Willpower while illuminated. NS 140
Mantle of Orleans ○○ Manipulation + Benediction While you continue to pray this scene, cellmates gain a +1 bonus to combat rolls and Defense, and a +3 bonus to Initiative and Speed. NS 141
The Miracle of Gadarene None Cast an exorcised spirit into an animal as a symbolic rebuke, bound helpless while the animal lives. SpSl 147
Peace of St. Joseph Presence + Benediction
vs Stamina + Potency
Apply Benediction as a penalty to an undead being's Initiative, Speed, and Physical actions for a scene. HMR 31
The Preservation of the Chastity of St. Agnes of Rome ○(2A) Resolve + Benediction While you possess only one undamaged Health point, manifest Benediction as Armor for the scene. Suffer aggravated damage to expel the armor, dealing it as aggravated damage all around you. C&C 75
Revelationes Coelestes Resolve + Benediction Witches spontaneously bleed, suffering a -2 penalty for the scene. WF 125
Sanctification of the Blessed Virgin ○(※) Morality + Benediction Pray as an extended action to render something a blessed item for a scene, or lose a Willpower dot to bless it permanently. HTV 161
Scutum Sancte Trinitatis ○○○ Resolve + Benediction Take no non-aggravated damage for a turn per success, except from fire, disease, drugs, or poison. BD 7
The Shepherd's Blessing ○(○) Wits + Benediction Murmur prayers to avoid mortal notice yourself, or for two Willpower, your Benediction in allies. Supernatural beings and hostiles may contest Wits + Composure vs Wits + Stealth + Benediction to break the effect. HTV 161
Song of Daniel ○/○○ Charisma + Benediction - Resolve Calm wildlife, or for two Willpower other creatures, with a hymn, adding successes as a Social bonus and suppressing supernatural frenzies. NS 139
St. Agathius' Call Presence + Benediction Assailants with Morality ≤6 must spend Willpower to strike anyone but you for the scene. Slash 161
St. Collen's Clarity Wits + Benediction See through illusions and other powers over your senses for a scene. HMR 56
True Sight of St. Abel Intelligence + Benediction Recipients of this blessing may roll Resolve with an allocated bonus to perceive Twilight and to see monsters for what they are without Lunacy or Disbelief for a scene. HTV 162
Vade Retro Satana Resolve + Composure + Benediction An enhanced ritual of abjuration and exorcism. HTV 162
Wrathful Sword of St. Michael the Archangel ○○ Strength + Benediction Channel divine light through a weapon, which becomes a blessed item and deals up to the rite's successes in aggravated damage to the supernatural. HTV 163



Rite Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Abaddon’s Call ○, 2B/roll Resolve + Medicine Raise a corpse as an undead servant for (Castigation) hours. Spend a Willpower dot to raise indefinitely. NS 142
Abyssal Bondage ○, 1L/1A Stamina + Resolve Mark a witch with blood from a vein to redirect their next spell, or from an artery to send it completely out of control. WF 126
Calling Forth the Pit 2L Presence + Resolve
vs Resistance
Summon or banish a demon. HTV 164
Coils of Iniquity (10 - Morality) + Empathy Anoint yourself with sinner's blood. Apply successes as a Social bonus with those sharing the sinner's Vice for a day. C&C 69
Familiar None A demonic servant in animal or Twilight form. HTV 165
Familiar Betrayal 2L, ○/day Presence + Resolve
vs Resistance
Summon a werewolf's spirit familiar by name and bind its service for six days. SpSl 148
Family Vestment ○(1L+) Strength + Stamina Physically manifest a chosen demonic trait, such as wings or claws, for a scene or longer. Suffer derangement for a day thereafter. C&C 69
Gaze of the Penitent Wits + Empathy
vs Resolve
Meet a subject's gaze to penalize their actions by (10 - Morality) for a turn per success. HTV 167
Guilt’s Bloody Trail Intelligence + Investigation
vs Wits + Subterfuge
Track a corpse's murderer by occult stigmata for a scene. Slash 161
Gulf of Hades Presence + Occult Call up outer darkness to strip heat and energy. Electricity is rendered inert, the living suffer freezing lethal damage, and the reanimated lose Willpower. HMR 30
Hellfire ○(1A) Dexterity + Intelligence - Defense Hurl a bolt of unnatural fire, causing lethal or aggravated damage. HTV 168
Infernal Visions Wits + Composure Gain harrowing insight into a topic once per session. HTV 168
Mandate of Hell (○) Presence + Composure
vs Resistance
Issue a demon a simple command instantly, or a detailed command as an extended action. HTV 169
Mark of Lucifuge ○/○○, 1L None Transfer a permanent brand onto a vampire or other monster. Lucifuge, Malleus, Cainites, and the inhuman recognize the monster's nature by the brand. NS 143
Mark of the Beast ○○, 1L Resolve + Intimidation Take the shape of a demon temporarily, gaining +1 Size, +2 Armor, and (Castigation) bonus Physical Attribute dots. While in demon form, you may heal by spending Willpower and incapacitate mortals in terror. SpSl 148
Prima Dictum ○○, 2L Resolve + Occult + Castigation
vs Resolve + Potency
Mark a vampire (or learn variants for other monsters) with your blood and curse its Physical actions by your successes for a scene. NS 142
Rebuke Lies (○) Wits + Investigation
vs Presence + Composure or vs Resistance
See through the falsehoods and trappings of a demon's Cover, or strip them away for a scene. HMR 133
Sense of the Unrighteous 10 - Morality Detect sins hanging on people and places, as well as monsters without Morality. HTV 170
Shackles of Pandemonium 1L Presence + Intimidation
vs Resistance
Anoint a ritual circle to bind a demon, naming a means by which it may escape. HTV 170
Tongue of Babel None Understand and be understood by all spoken human language. HTV 171
Unholy Aura Presence + Intimidation
vs Composure
Intimidating aura grants Social rolls for the scene a +3 bonus (doubled against the fae) and 9-Again. HMR 55
Unholy Escapologist Dexterity + Composure Be released from any physical bonds. CoH16 5


Endowment Rating Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Dream Shaping • to ••••• The character can Enhance, Deaden, Reshape, Create or Destroy matter in on the dream world according to the dots she has in this Endowment. T&N 20
Dream Shield • to ••••• - (○) Each dot adds 1/1 armor in the dreamscape. Anytime she spends Willpower to add -2 to a re¬sistance or +3 to a contested dice pool against Dread Powers. T&N 20
Dream Sword • to ••••• The character can create a Size 1-3 physical weapon or can project an attack at anything within eyeshot with a Finesse + Power roll. T&N 20
Absorb and Fortify •• or ••• Dream Shaping ••• Dream Shield •
Dream Sword • for the ••• version
- When using Dream Shaping to remove Durability or Structure from an object, add her successes as temporary Health boxes. At three dots, you may also use Absorb and Fortify when using a Dream Sword attack. T&N 21
Colossus Dream Shaping ••• - The character can create massive structures in seconds. T&N 21
Dreampushing Dream Shaping • - Your character can create an "invincible hand" and enact minor influence on the dream world T&N 21
Regenerative Mind •• Any Dreamscape Merit at • - The character regains one WP every ten minutes or By taking 1B damage reflexively, she can immediately replenish one WP. T&N 21
Shielding Mind Dream Shield •• The character can use Dream Shield on another person. T&N 21
Warp •• Dream Shaping ••• - Dream Shaping effects occur instantly, and may be used reflexively when used against inanimate objects. T&N 21
Wrack •• Dream Sword ••• - By choosing to remove damage from the weapon of a the Dream Sword, could drain an Attribute from the victim a scene. T&N 21


Ascending Ones

Endowment Rating Description Dice Pool = Stamina + Elixir Book
A Glimpse of After ••• Ignores wound penalties and only needs to roll for consciousness when rightmost Health is Lethal HTV p174
Agora Salve ••• Add Elixir to Social rolls C&C p55
Amun's Water •••• Become invisible HTV p176
Balm of Chronos •••• Doubles Initiative modifier and Defense score. If used in a non-combat situation, gains a +3 to extended rolls. SpSl p149
Bennu-Bird Feather ••• Heal 2B or 1L per success with most severe healed first HTV p174
Blood of the Cobra ••••• +1 Strength and Dexterity per success rolled and blood becomes poisonous. HTV p178
Breath of the Dragon •••• Hunter breathes out a Toxicity 4 poison at close combat range HTV p175
Breath of Ma'at •• Reroll a Morality check HTV p173
Crocodile Tears Appear nearly dead HTV p172
Drop of Dreams •• Falls unconscious and enter in the primordial dream for one hour T&N 21
Elixir of the Fiery Heart •• Resist fear effects equal to Elixir HTV p174
Eye of Ra Gain a bonus to Perception equal to Elixir HTV p173
Gentle Mind •• Do not increase Disquet from Prometheans on ties, and can spend Willpower to reduce Stage 4 to Stage 3 in others. HMR p29
Hound Mark • or ••• Perceive monsters within 5' (fae only with •, all monsters with •••) HMR p53
Hunting Sight of the Asp See things in the thermal spectrum NS p144
Incense of the Next World •••• Astral project into Twilight HTV p176
Justice of Ma'at •• Bonus to Investigation equal to Elixir and +1 to Degeneration rolls Slash p163
Liar Pills Betray no emotion (and lie convincingly) for a scene HMR p130
Mesmeric Vapors ••••• Breathe out a mind controlling smoke HTV p178
Mind-Talking Drug ••• Mentally converse or scan the surface thoughts of another HTV p175
Nehebkau Tears ••••• Temporarily become a Vampire NS p145
Red Resin See monsters with morality 7 or lower C&C p55
The Tallyman's Eyes ••• Identify any magic user in sight WF p127
Thoth’s Whisper ••••• Inhale a ghost for a verity of bonuses, including entering the Underworld C&C p55
Vapors of Mercury •• The blood of the hunter transmutes into a silver substance that burns like acid if touched by a werewolf. SpSl p149


Knights of Saint Adrian

Endowment Roll Description Book
Bear Mace (as part of a Brawl attack) Unarmed damage, plus inflicts Stunned Tilt on supernatural creatures. Can only be used (Ink) times per scene. HMR 139
Brother Road Wits + Investigation Ask specific questions about recent history in the area. Can only be used (Ink) times per scene HMR 140
Fist of Revelation (as part of a Brawl attack) Unarmed damage, plus inflicts Knocked Down Tilt on demons, removes their Cover for a scene and reveals their Apocalyptic Form. Once/Demon/Scene, can't be used at same time as Bear Mace HMR 140
King of the Road Bond a particular motor vehicle so that it will always reappear within a day if destroyed or lost HMR 140
The Lord Provides When using a firearm of a particular bonded model, have infinite ammunition HMR 140
LOVE/HATE Right (LOVE): Wits + Composure Right (LOVE): Gain Informed Condition regarding a person while shaking their hand and general feeling if they are trustworthy. Left (HATE): Brawl attacks are Lethal rather than Bashing HMR 140
Pain Magnet Suffer damage for others nearby (but not if your last health box is filled) HMR 141
Tough as the Last Guy Store a supernatural opponent's rating in Strength, Dexterity, Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry to use in a future scene. HMR 141


Aegis Kai Doru

Endowment Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Aegis Talisman ••••• (○) 3 Armor against physical and magical attack and for 1 Willpower, strike fear into an opponent HTV 183
Barnabas-in-Amber ••• A severed head relic that detects other Relics. C&C 50
The Beauty Jar ••••• ○○ The hunter gains the following benefits: Fame Merit at three dots, Striking Looks Merit at four dots and removal of the Unskilled penalty when it comes to Social rolls. The hunter can end the benefits by kissing someone. C&C 50
Blood of Pope Joan •• Level 1 Blessed item and gives Werewolves -2 against anyone carrying the Relic HTV 180
Box of the Treaty Elm •••• ○ ○, ※ Resolve + Empathy Any oath spoken over the box is completely binding,if a group betrays the oath everyone immediately lose all Willpower and suffer a -2 penalty to all dice rolls against the opposing group SpSl 210
Centurion's Gladdius •••• ○ or 1L Normally a 1B melee weapon. If Willpower is spent, the weapon removes any magical properties of a struck object. Alternatively, if 1L is spent, the weapon becomes a 2L weapon. WF 127
Dead Man's Face ••••• Reanimate the head of a dead person HTV 184
Doru Talisman ••••• Acts as a 3L Melee weapon against opponents in a 10 yard radius HTV 184
Dream Relic •• ○ or 1L Modification to an existing Relic that now it only exists within the scope of dreams T&N 21
Eye of Hubris •• Activation on obvious magical power get -2 HTV 180
Heart of Stone •••• When hooked up to an electrical charge, it becomes an object of obsession HTV 181
Heart of the Succubus •• Wits + Academics Determine the direction of the nearest Demon HMR 129
Hex Sign • to ••••• Resolve + Occult Affix symbols to a location that provide a variety of effects WF 191
Icarine Servitor ••• Living wax servant HTV 180
Idol of Gevandan •••• When active, it makes all werewolves be determined to take possession of the idol, even from each other SpSl 150
Kirkestede’s Lenses Gain bonuses to research. HTV 307
The Oath Stone ••• 1L Swear upon the stone in order to gain benefits to hunting Relics and combatting both werewolves and mages C&C 51
Ohtas ••• Resolve + Occult Any Vigil related action is at +1 If benefiting Lenape tribe, then add additional +2. WF 187
One-Eyed Kings Paired coins that allow one to see what is in the vicinity of the other. HTV 179
Orpheus’ Eye •• User can see into Twilight HMR 28
Phylactery of Commius ••••• Bind a spirit to the Phylactery in order to gain a number of benefits SpSl 150
Prometheus’ Blood ••••• When placed in the abdomen of a living person making the person it's placed inside immune to disease, poison, and infection. Once per turn, user can spend 1 Willpower to downgrade all lethal damage to bashing damage CoH15 1
Ringsel ••• ○ + Heal at a rate of 1 Willpower for 1 Bashing and 2 Willpower for 1 Lethal or negate a degeneration for 1 Willpower instead. HTV 181
Saint George’s Sword ••••• Resolve + Composure A 1L sword. When a target is struck with it, he bleeds and causes 1L per turn. This bleeding can only be stopped by killing the sword user. T&N 22
Scale of Scylla •• ○, 1L Become invisible to Vampires NS 146
The Silver Key •• Open a gate into the Hedge, but only once per location HMR 52
Skeleton Key Unlock a lock that requires a key HTV 180
Stone Man's Staff ••• +2 bonus to attack. Travel to any visible point. Spearfinger 7
Mask of Terror ••• 1L Inspire supernatural fear in one person Slash 163
Perseus’ Mirrored Shield ••• Wits + Composure The hunter becomes immune to Dread Powers that use a Resisted or Contested roll against the her but all relevant actions suffer a -2 penalty. T&N 22
Ulun'suti the Blazing Diamond •••• Dexterity + Occult Once per story, reroll one task. Three times per story, add +1 to any task. Conjure flame. Spearfinger 7
Watchful Keris ••• 2L knife with +1 Initiative and can make a reflexive roll to avoid being surprised in combat HTV 181
Witch-Candle •••• 1L Summon gargoyles HTV 183
Worm Pipe ••••• 1L, ※ Resurrect a corpse NS 146

Rites du Cheval

Les Mystères

Endowment Rating Cost Description Book
Clinging Leech •••• Sap health from a target for oneself. Grapple and Wits + Larceny Vs Resolve + Stamina, 1(L) for every success SpSl 157
Deny the Moon ••••• Negate the use of Dominions by werewolves. SpSl 159
Elemental Rebuke •• Attack target with an elemental (fire, water, etc) effect. Resolve + Occult + Les Mystères Status Vs Resolve + Stamina 1L for every success SpSl 155
Ephemeral Disguise Spirit hides the caster with an unremarkable visage. (Mod. to Stealth rolls) Dramatic Failure:Glow in red -5, Succes: +3, Exceptional Success: +3 no evidence in security systems or video. SpSl 155
The Hands of Raphael ••• ○ + Damage Heal sickness, and mend wounds in others. SpSl 156
Light as a Feather •• Increase jumping ability, and protection from falling damage. +5 for Jumping rolls, Only 1(B) for falling. SpSl 156
Skin of the Loa Spirit grants temporary Armor. Dramatic Failure: Def. -2, Succes: Melee armor +2, Exceptional Success: Armor +2.. SpSl 155
Spiritual Guidance ••• Gain expertise in a field and Rote Action. SpSl 157
Voodo Doll •••• Use a small doll to affect a target in positive or negative ways. SpSl 158
Wearing the Baron's Hat ••••• Gain amazing combat abilities and temporary health. +3 to Defense, +5 To Initiative and +5 health. SpSl 160



Endowment Cost Dice Pool Description Source
Hannya The hunter can intuits immaterial spirits and demons as if they were materialized. Whenever a character she can perceive suffers a breaking point she sees a flash across his aura. DE 319
Jabaku Resolve+ Composure Control demons or spirits the hunter can see or knows by name, it Also works on human characters suffering the Thrall Condition DE 319
Kaibutsu The hunter grows in to an monstrosity with. 2/1 armor, +2 Size and you may spend Willpower to heal 1L or 2B of damage, Also cause fear in humans. DE 319
Kenshi - Resolve + Composure This gift allows the hunter to craft a ban for a demon, spirit or human characters with the Soulless or Thrall Conditions. DE 320
Kigo Resolve + Composure The hunter marks a victim with a burning emblem. Even once the damage is healed, any Otodo or character able to see auras will see the mark. DE 321
Shinigami Buki The hunter can devour souls, to exorcise possessing spirits, or to destroy demons. It can be used against human causing the Soulless Cor the Thrall Conditions. DE 321
Shonetsu Jigoku Resolve + Composure This gift allows the hunter to safely let her body burn with flames, coat a weapon with her fiery blood, or splash the flames across her enemies. DE 321


Cheiron Group

Endowment Rating Description Book
Agonizer •••• Parasitic bug that feeds off of magic WF 128
Anger Patch Detect vampires at a cost of -1 to Social rolls against them HTV 185
Banality Worm ••••• Add Resolve to resist supernatural effects. -1 on Degeneration rolls HTV 189
Berserker Splice ••• Under stress, gain 2 points to Strength, plus 1 point per every point of Lethal damage taken, and gains Iron Stamina temporarily. SpSl 152
Biliary Tree of the Cynocephali ••• Any Toxin entering body starts out at -5 Toxicity. +2 to Resist Disease. BbBB 25
Cortical Adaptation ••• After spending a point of Willpower, the Hunter gets +3 to Investigation and Empathy in regards to Slasher murders and purchase Slasher merits Slash 164
Cranial Cortex Augmentation •••• Gain Dream Powers: Dream Seeing (•••), Dream Shaping (•••) and Dream Walking (•••) for 8-Stamina weeks; each re-application of this power has 10% greater chance of failing. HMR 54
Devil's Eye •• See emotional auras of individuals HTV 186
Ectocrine Gland •• See and communicate with non-manifested Twilight entities (ghosts and spirits). While active, -2 to "real-world" Perception tests, and hunter is easier to possess by entities. SpSl 151
Evil Eye ••• Replace an eye and suffer the One Eye flaw. Additionally receive -2 to all Social rolls when the eye is exposed. Gain any one of these Dread Powers: Confuse, Fury, Sleep, Hypnotize or Terrify NS 148
Hand of Glory ••••• Mesmerize and immobilize anyone in line of sight. HTV 190
Lover's Lips •• Receive 9-Again on Social rolls against characters who ingest the liquid from the implant HTV 187
Optic Thorn ••• allows user to see "supernaturally augmented" hunters C&C 62
Personal Defense Swarm ••• Charge the body with a swarm of tiny creatures that attack based on the Hunter's emotions HTV 187
Plasmic Caul •••• see ghosts in Twilight, gain +1 to any roll involved with them, and spend one Willpower for a "secondary" effect. C&C 64
Quick-Step ••• +3 Speed, 9-Again on Athletic checks involving running or moving quickly, and retains Defense against Firearms while running HTV 188
Twitcher •••• Use higher of Wits or Dexterity for Defense and lower of Wits or Dexterity for surprise attacks HTV 189
Regenerative Nodule •••• Must also spend a Willpower to activate. Heal Lethal and Bashing damage at the speed of a Werewolf. HTV 189
Vitriol Pump •••• Add three successes to a roll, up to three times before requiring a week's recharge. HMR 29
Voice of the Banshee • or ••• At the cost of 1WP, make a bashing attack with Stamina+Expression against all creatures with enhanced hearing that also disrupts their concentration. The upgraded version also afflicts those affected with the Depression or Melancholia derangement NS 148
Weapon of Last Resort • or ••• Gain either Lethal Brawl attacks or a 1L bite attack. Upgraded version receives both HTV 186


Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit

Interview Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Just One More Thing 1B Teleinformatics+Subterfuge Discover just the right question to ask the suspect Slash 166
Polygraph •• ○, 1B Teleinformatics+Persuasion vs. Stamina+Resolve Gain a bonus to all interrogation rolls equal to successes and double the bonus on Empathy and Subterfuge rolls meant to sniff out a lie Slash 167
Synchronization ••• ○, 1L Teleinformatics+Empathy-subject’s Resolve Copy the subject's mind Slash 167
The Talon •••• 1L Teleinformatics+Intimidation-Composure Each success gives the target a -1 on all Mental and Social rolls Slash 167
Tactical Co-Ordination ••••• ○, 1L Teleinformatics+Brawl- # of other agents Link minds with others and all members get bonuses on Skills for each member with a higher rating Slash 168
Investigation Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Psychometry 1B Teleinformatics+Crafts Understand an object Slash 169
Scene Read •• 1B Teleinformatics+Investigation Normal investigation of a scene at instant speed Slash 169
Speed Of Thought ••• 2L Teleinformatics+Athletics Add Teleinformatics to Initiative, use higher of Wits or Dexterity for Defense and apply Defense to Firearms for turns equal to successes to a maximum of 5 Slash 170
Postcognition •••• ○, 1L Teleinformatics+Science Mentally reconstruct the scene of the crime Slash 171
Hall Of Mirrors ••••• 1A Teleinformatics+Occult See all possible futures and gain insight on the best course of action. Slash 172
Research Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Network 1B Teleinformatics+Academics Know the right place to look Slash 173
Deep Background •• 1B per roll Teleinformatics+Computer Find documents relating to a suspect at 3 successes per document Slash 173
Bookworm ••• ○, 1L Automatically succeed at any Academics or Occult based research action Slash 174
Tag •••• 1L (○) Teleinformatics+Streetwise Follow a target through cameras. For an additional Willpower, the Hunter can use this ability through animals Slash 174
Omnicompetence ••••• 1L or 1A Teleinformatics+Larceny Temporarily increase one skill to 5 dots or all skills in a category to 3 dots Slash 175

Goetic Gospel

The Knights of Saint George

The Gospel of Agares Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Lie of the Heart Wits + Goetic Gospels Ignore spells that affect anyone in a give area WF 130
Crocodile Armor •• Stamina + Goetic Gospels Gain armor against spells or enchanted weapons equal to Goetic Gospels rating WF 130
Agares' Goshawk ••• Manipulation + Goetic Gospels vs. spell die pool Dispell a spell WF 130
Envy's Barb •••• ○(1L) Presence + Goetic Gospels Counter a spell. The Hunter can take any amount of Bashing to receive +2 on the roll for each point of Bashing spent. Optionally, the Hunter can spend a Lethal damage and deal Lethal damage to the spell caster equal to additional successes made on the Goetic Gospel roll WF 131
Flagellant's Denial •••• ○ (spent per activation), 1-5L (spent once for a scene) Resolve + Goetic Gospels Negate all spells in a 5 yard radius of the Hunter at a level equal to or lower than the amount of Lethal damage taken WF 131
The Gospel of Amon Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Stolen Vice ○ (2B) Manipulation + Goetic Gospels vs. Resolve+Gnosis Whenever the target would indulge his or her vice, she receives no Willpower. If 2B is spent, the Hunter receives it instead. WF 132
Maddening Whispers •• ○ (1L) Composure + Goetic Gospels Inflict a mild derangement on a target. If 1L is spent, inflict a severe derangement instead. WF 133
Magpie Mysteries ••• ○ (1L) Dexterity + Goetic Gospels vs. Composure+Gnosis Steal the ability to use spells from a given Mystery from the target and deny the target use. If 1L is spent, the target is denied use of two Mysteries WF 133
Viscous Cycle •••• ○ (1L) Presence + Goetic Gospels Make the target make a degeneration roll equal to the most severe sin they have committed. If they fail, the receive -3 on all rolls and cannot regain WP from their Virtue for the rest of the scene. If 1L is spent, the degeneration roll is made as though it were one level worse. WF 133
Demon King of Nothing ••••• ○, 1L (1L) Stamina + Goetic Gospels vs. Resolve +Gnosis All spells the target rolls are Vulgar. If an additional 1L is spent, all spells also receive a -1 Vulgarity modifier WF 134
The Gospel of Beleth Rating Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Glutenous Devourer ○ (1L) Wits + Goetic Gospels - Subject's Resolve Prevent the target from generating or receiving Source. The target also loses Source equal to successes rolled. If 1L is spent, the target loses 1 Willpower each time they try to generate Source WF 134
Servitor of Sloth •• ○ (1L) Intelligence +Goetic Gospels vs. Resolve+ Gnosis Whenever the target would use a point of Source, they must also spend a point of Willpower. If 1L was spent, the target must also succeed on a Resolve+Composure roll to spend Source. WF 134
Poison Baubles ••• ○, 1L Presence + Goetic Gospels vs. Stamina + Gnosis The target receives Lethal damage equal to the amount of Source the target is storing up to the Hunter's Goetic Gospels rating. WF 135

Rites of Denial

Cainite Heresy

Endowment Cost (Xt = X thimbles of blood) Description Book
Aggravate ○, 2t Weapon now deals Lethal damage and gains a bonus equal to dots in Rites of Denial. The bonus only applies to Vampires, minions of Vampires and unliving creatures. NS 151
Befoul ○, 4t If a Vampire sleeps in the targeted location, they receive 1L per hour slept there and cannot spend Blood for any purpose NS 151
Behold ○, 1t All non-hidden Vampires within sight are revealed for what they are NS 152
Deny ○, 2t Create a barrier that blocks the access of Vampires NS 152
Evade ○, 1t Gain Speed bonus equal to Endowment dots. NS 153
Invoke ○, 3t Create an apotrope that repels Vampires and deals 1 Aggravated damage if it touches them. NS 153
Mark ○, 2t Gain bonus die equal to endowment to stake or decapitate a Vampire NS 153
Obligate ○, 2t Fix a Vampire to the ground. NS 154
Pilfer ○ ,3t Know a secret a Vampire doesn't want known NS 154
Prohibit ○, 2t Another person's blood offer no nourishment to Vampires and when drunk, deals damage to the Vampire equal to the caster's Endowment dots NS 154
Question ○, 5t Give a Vampire a Severe Derangement NS 155
Reflect ○, 1t Powers against the Hunter that would require eye contact get a penalty equal to the Hunter's Endowment dots. NS 156
Unmask ○, 1t Make a Vampire illuminate brightly and appear in all media and mirrors NS 156


Endowment Description Compact or Conspiracy Book
The All-Seeing Eye (• to •••••) Gain access to one private information stream per dot in the Endowment Network Zero C&C 32
Anthropophagy (• to •••••) Devour monsters to spend dots in Anthropophagy to gain dots in their Dread Powers (and suffer Integrity breaking points each time) Faithful of Shulpae HMR 112
Bacchanal (• to •••••) Multiplying the points in this endowment times two, the Hunter is allowed to: purchase dots as a Social bonus towards Ashwood Abbey members only (Max +5); Ensure a guest with the Fame Merit can attend the event (Points spend equal points in the Fame Merit); The hunter gains a Social bonus with a specific group until the end of the story (Max +5); A Social bonus with a specific supernatural group until the end of the story (Max +5); Tactics gain a three dice bonus per points spent for secondary actors. Ashwood Abbey C&C 14
I'm Doing Science (• to •••••) At the beginning of a hunt related scene, roll Intelligence + Investigation + I'm Doing Science, successes can be used to gain bonuses to tracking a monster that left behind evidence, learn one critical fact about the monster, or gain a bonus to their next attack against the monster Null Mysteriis C&C 37
Monster Media (• to •••••) Update a number of devices equal to dots in the Endowment to be able to identify monsters in their true, exposed form Network Zero C&C 33
The Prayer (• to •••••) If you prayed before going to sleep you get Prayer Points equal to your dots in the Endowment that can be spent to recover Willpower, transfer willpower points to others, ignore wound penalties for a turn, or resist mental domination for a turn The Long Nights C&C p19
Rite of Hecate (• to •••••) If you successfully fill the rightmost health box of the target with Lethal damage and complete the ritual, gain Gnosis dots equivalent to the target up to a maximum of you Rite of Hecate rating and gain access to half of the Mysteries they have access to. The Promethean Brotherhood WF 97
Setto (• to •••••) Each dot allows “slot” for a stolen Dread Power, every dot rating allows exactly one Dread Power at that level or lower. Stealing an ability requires Social maneuvering actions. Spend a point of Willpower and Roll Intelligence + Larceny, penalized by the dot rating of the Dread Power in question. To activate a Power the hunter must spend the normal Willpower cost for the Dread Power, and make the same roll. Hototogisu DE 319
Unearthed Secrets (• to •••••) At the beginning of each story, gain a number of secrets about the monsters that will be experienced, this Endowment also acts as an occult version of Contacts. The Loyalists of Thule C&C 26
Your Friends and Neighbors (• to •••••) At the start of each game session, the hunter can gain one of the following benefits, a Safehouse with dots equal to dots in the Endowment, gain a social bonus to one local resident, treat the Endowment as the Allies merit, or add dots in the Endowment as a bonus to a drive roll The Union C&C 44
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L