Dread Powers

From Codex of Darkness

Costs listed are paid with whatever energy the being uses to fuel Dread Powers. This means that the Claimed would treat ● as an Essence cost, a Pandoran would pay it in Pyros, and a rulebook Horror would pay it in Willpower. ○ costs are always paid in Willpower.

Chronicles of Darkness

General Dread Powers
Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Agonize Roll vs Resolve. Causes Immobilized Tilt but must concentrate to keep active. HTV 2e 170
Air Elemental Assume a gaseous form for a scene. WTF 2e 210
Animal Shift • to ••• ○○ Turn into one animal per dot. HTV 2e 170
Armored Hide • to ••• Gain armor equal to number of dots. WTF 2e 210
Beastmaster Summon a swarm of small animals or one large one to do the creature's bidding. CofD 145
Black Gate ○○○ Spend 3 Willpower and succeed on an extended action to open a gate between two physical locations. Duration is based on Potency, and greater distance can be achieved by purchasing more dots. HTV 2e 170
Blackout ○○ Successful roll causes Blinded Tilt. Gain +2 on further rolls to hunt or hide. HTV 2e 170
Blinding Spray • to ••• Roll Dexterity + Athletics + Blinding Spray - (Defense + 3) to blind with a sprayed discharge. WTF 2e 210
Breath Attack • to ••••• Roll Strength + Athletics - Defense to attack with an elemental discharge. Distribute dots among weapon rating, lingering damage, and ignoring Defense or Armor. PTC 2e 244
Burrow Burrow through solid earth at a Speed equal to Strength. WTF 2e 210
Camouflage • to ••••• Apply dots as a Perception penalty to be noticed when moving up to half Speed. MTC 2e 227
Catlike Reflexes +2 Defense. Ignore penalties for multiple attackers. MTC 2e 227
Chameleon Horror Blend into surroundings to inflict -3 penalty to detection while moving and -6 while stationary. CofD 145
Corrosive Heart ●/●●●●● Communicate a grave poison through bites, or poison a structure's stability or a locus's Essence. NH-SM 162
Corruption Contest Power + Finesse vs Composure + Tolerance to tempt a victim to an action that would feed their Vice or cause a breaking point. NH-SM 162
Damnation ○○○ Roll vs Resolve. Target cannot regain Willpower by fulfilling their Vice and receives -2 to any action not involving their Vice. HTV 2e 171
Destructive Aura • to ••••• When attacking, deal rating as bashing damage to everything within three meters. MTC 2e 227
Discorporate Dissolve into a swarm of vermin to escape death. CofD 145
Dread Attack • or •• Can be bought again for different natural weapons. For one dot, it either does a damage rating of 2L, or causes a Tilt/Condition. For two dots it does both. HTV 2e 171
Earth Elemental Harden flesh to reduce up to Stamina in lethal damage to bashing. WTF 2e 210
Entrancing Song Roll Presence + Expression vs Composure + Tolerance to inflict Awestruck on listeners. NH-SM 103
Eye Spy Observe a remote location for one hour. CofD 145
Fire Elemental Deal 3 lethal damage to anyone within range and gain immunity to damage from heat and fire. CofD 145
Flight Fly through the air at full Speed. NH-SM 103
Gauntlet Cloak ●● Become invisible as an instant action, until you act next. Grants +3 to make a surprise attack. WTF 2e 210
Ghost Touch Interact with ghostly beings in Twilight. MTC 2e 228
Ghostwrench ●●●●● ●●●●● Disgorge past ghostly victims up to Rank 2 into an Anchor of your choice. For a year and a day, the ghost must spend Willpower and suffer aggravated damage to act against you. NH-SM 163
Glitch • to ••••• Allows for re-roll of failed dice, or forces opponent to re-roll their successful dice for resistance rolls up to monster's dots in Glitch. Once per scene. HTV 2e 171
Gremlin Disable electronic device or seize control of it, turning an equipment bonus into a penalty or making an attack with the equipment bonus as a weapon modifier. CofD 145
Hex Roll vs Stamina. If successful, target receives one of the following: Arm/Leg Wrack, Blinded, Deafened, or Drugged Tilt. HTV 2e 171
Home Ground Gain +3 bonus to physical dice pools and Influence rolls, reduce damage suffered by 3, and gain +3 to supernatural resistance while in specific environment. CofD 145
Home Turf • to ••••• Have a lair and add dots in Home Turf to contested rolls that target its location and also add to its Defense. HTV 2e 172
Hunter's Senses +4 bonus and 9-again to perception rolls to locate preferred prey. CofD 145
Hypnotic Gaze Make eye contact and contest Presence + Persuasion vs Composure + Tolerance. Gain perfect impression on Social maneuvers against target until the end of the scene. CofD 145
Immortal If the creature is killed by anything other than its bane, it returns to life in a future scene. CofD 145
Infernal With a successful roll, inflicts the Inferno Environmental Tilt on area. Must be taken by infernal demons. HTV 2e 172
Influence • to ••••• Influence over a certain phenomenon. CofD 145
Interface Access a technological system at a distance. WTF 2e 211
Juggernaut Add Strength as a weapon rating to strike inanimate objects. WTF 2e 211
Jump Scare Resolve another character's Shaken Condition by choosing which action fails, or by turning an automatic failure into a dramatic failure. CofD 146
Know Soul ●+ Learn the victim's Virtue, Vice, Aspirations, and current Integrity. Spend additional points to reveal past breaking points, starting with the most recent. CofD 146
Lashing Tendrils Initiate a grapple from up to (Size x 4) yards away. NH-SM 111
Last Gasp Upon demise, explode. Attack can cause damage, or can cause an Environmental Tilt instead. One use only. HTV 2e
Leap Triple jumping distance and height for a scene. WTF 2e 211
Legion Your body is not contiguous. You can move body parts even completely separated from the rest of the body. MTC 2e 229
Lockdown ●●● Penalize an action to traverse or relocate supernaturally by your Rank or Resolve. NH-SM 167
Madness and Terror ●/●●● Contest the victim's Composure to inflict a breaking point Condition. CofD 146
Mangle Once per turn, inflict Arm or Leg Wrack with an attack. MTC 2e 229
Maze ●●● Turn the interior of a building into a labyrinth for one hour. Victims must roll Wits + Composure - Resolve to move through the maze. CofD 146
Miracle Grant the victim a wish. The wish may remove or apply any Condition or Tilt, grant any Merit, Skill, or Attribute at 5 dots, cause someone to die, or fulfill an Aspiration of the victim. One of the victim's aspirations is then made impossible to fulfill or replace. CofD 147
Mist Form Become mist or similar cloud. Creature may fly at base speed and flow past obstacles. CofD 147
Monstrous Resilience Reflexively shrug off a physical Tilt. WTF 2e 211
Multiply ○ or ○○○ Replicate or reproduce. If laying eggs, it costs 1 Willpower. If a victim is involved, spend 3 Willpower and succeed on an extended action vs Stamina. Whoever reaches target successes first wins. HTV 2e 173
Numen ●+ Select a Numen as a Dread Power. CofD 147
Natural Weapons • to ••• Gain a weapon modifier and armor piercing quality equal to dots. If natural weapon is teeth, a grapple is not necessary to use them as a weapon. CofD 147
Occult Avarice Roll Manipulation + Subterfuge - Rating to activate a supernatural item, such as a fetish or relic. NH-SM 111
Pierce Mind Contest Presence + Resolve vs Resolve + Tolerance to read a subject's thoughts or memories, or to inflict psychic bashing damage. WTF 2e 211
Poison Mist By spending Willpower, turn into a toxic mist. On successful attack roll, may also cause the Poisoned Tilt. Lasts one scene. HTV 2e 173
Predator's Sense Against hunting a specific type of prey, gain +3 and 8-again on related rolls. HTV 2e 173
Prodigious Leap Jump four stories straight up, across a six lane highway horizontally, or any equivalent distance. CofD 147
Raise Dead ○○○ Spend 3 Willpower and succeed on a roll to raise one mindless servant. Rolls are penalized by how long the subject has been dead. HTV 2e 173
Reality Stutter Reflexively teleport to any location in line of site and within a distance equal to creature's Speed in meters. Gain +2 Defense for the turn. CofD 147
Reborn Upon death, spend all remaining Willpower to continue on as Rank 1 Ephemeral entity with only Drain Numen. There is no time frame for returning, but must refill all Willpower first. HTV 2e 174
Regenerate • to ••••• ●+ Reflexively heal one lethal damage or two bashing damage per point spent, up to your Regenerate dots per turn. CofD 147
Shadow Attraction Become invisible. You cannot attack or use other Dread Powers, but can manipulate small parts of the environment and whisper in this state. HTV 2e 174
Sigh ○○○ Succeed on a roll and spend 3 Willpower to become an Ephemeral entity as long as there are health boxes without agg or lethal remaining. Cannot be taken with Reborn. HTV 2e 174
Siren Roll Manipulation + Expression - Composure to charm and awe a human listener. NH-SM 114
Skin-Taker ●● Steal the skin and face of a victim killed by the creature's hand. CofD 147
Skin Thief • or •• ○○ Can only be used to steal the skin of the dead. At one dot, target must be killed, and at second level the target can already be dead. HTV 2e 174
Snare Make a grapple roll at +3 to ensnare victims in an area of up to ten square yards. CofD 147
Soul Thief ●●● Steal the soul of a victim by meeting a specific requirement and contesting vs Resolve. CofD 147
Storm Caller ●●●● Beckon a raging storm, arriving in an hour or five turns with an appropriate focus, which can cause a supernatural Environmental Tilt. NH-SM 98
Storm Elemental Reduce electricity damage by Stamina + Resolve, and conduct bashing damage on contact through electric charge. NH-SM 127
Surprise Entrance Appear on the scene reflexively, or after a turn to overcome preventative measures. Witnesses must roll Resolve + Composure to avoid being Shaken. CofD 148
Swift (●) Apply Defense against ranged attacks, and with expenditure, double Speed for a turn. WTF 2e 211
Taint Without knowing, effect living things and structures nearby by rusting metal or destroying flesh. Area gains one Environmental Tilt: Filth, Unstable Terrain, or Viscous Terrain. HTV 2e 175
Thresher All-out attacks only half your Defense. NH-SM 167
Thunderbolt ●/●●● Hurl a bolt of lightning as a 3L ranged weapon, charging for autofire bursts. NH-SM 98
Toxic • to •• (●) Apply Poisoned or Sick Tilt on successful attack, or with expenditure, make a special poison attack against the victim's Stamina. With two dots, inflict a grave poison. CofD 148
Unbreakable Take only a single point of bashing damage from most attacks. Exceptional successes and attacks involving the creature's bane do damage as normal. CofD 148
Unnatural Step (○) Appear to hover, walk on water, or other strange movement. Can be selected multiple times. By spending a Willpower, leave no tracks behind. HTV 2e 176
Venomous Ichor Your flesh inflicts the Poisoned Tilt when consumed. WTF 2e 211
Wall Climb Walk on walls or ceiling at full Speed. CofD 148
Water Elemental Assume a fluid form for a scene, swimming through other fluids at double Speed. WTF 2e 212
Weathervane Affect one element. Causes a related Environmental Tilt and range can be altered by spending up to five Willpower. Each further dot bought represents another element. HTV 2e 176

Vampire: the Requiem

Strix Dread Powers
Doom Powers
Dread Power Rank Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Ambition’s Source Finesse + Resistance - Composure Read Aspirations. VTR 2e 208
See the Cracks Finesse + Resistance – Composure Read a character's Integrity or Humanity, associated Conditions, and Vice or Kindred banes. VTR 2e 208
Tip of the Tongue •• Finesse + Resistance - Composure Apply Shadow Potency as a Manipulation bonus against the target. VTR 2e 208
Web of Destiny ••• Power + Finesse - Resolve For each success, gain 8-Again on a future roll of your own, or penalize a victim's future roll by your Shadow Potency. VTR 2e 209
The Beast’s Rebuke •••• ●● Power + Finesse + Shadow Potency
vs Resolve + Composure + Blood Potency
Inflict hallucinatory temptations on a vampire and suppress the benefits of their Touchstones. VTR 2e 209
False Fiend •••• ●● Power + Finesse
vs Stamina
Cast an illusory appearance of strix possession over a victim. VTR 2e 209
Vice Manipulation ••••• ●●● Power + Finesse - Resolve Alter a victim's Vice or other Anchor for a month. VTR 2e 209
Host Powers
Breath Eater •• Steal breath while inside a host. VTR 2e 210
Hollow Bones ••• (●) Triple jumping distance of host and limit falling damage. Spend Vitae to land on fours from any fall. VTR 2e 210
Sheep’s Clothing ••• With enough Vitae stored, project an illusion of life over your host. VTR 2e 210
Preservation ••••• Preserve dead hosts from decay and living hosts from death by age. VTR 2e 210
Contagious Genesis ••••• • ●●● Consume a dot of a vampiric host's Blood Potency to birth a new strix. VTR 2e 210
Talons of Fury ••••• •• Deal aggravated damage when Materialized. VTR 2e 210
Shadow Powers
Sudden Surprise Add Shadow Potency to ambush rolls. VTR 2e 210
Screech •• Power + Finesse
vs Stamina + Composure
Stun a victim with a horrid screech. VTR 2e 211
Smoke and Mirrors ••• ●● Power + Finesse Craft illusions from smoke and shadow. Repurchase at Shadow Potency ••••• •• to craft tangible shadows. VTR 2e 211
Labyrinth ••••• ●●●● Power + Finesse - Safe Place Seal all exits from a building save one for several nights. VTR 2e 211
Vitae Powers
Indomitable Ignore Disciplines which affect the mind, and when targeted, contest Shadow Potency vs Blood Potency to harrow the user with penalties. VTR 2e 211
Kindred Disciplines For each dot of Shadow Potency, permanently retain one Discipline dot, two dots of Crúac rites, or three experiences' worth of Devotions. VTR 2e 211
Command the Lost •••• Power + Resistance – Resolve Enthrall a victim with a depleted or broken will to obey all instruction. VTR 2e 212
Shadow Infection ••••• ●●● Finesse + Resistance Sap the life from the living within an area, feeding from them and inflicting penalties. Kindred and ghouls lose the ability to spend Vitae. VTR 2e 212
Soul Bite ••••• •• ●●●●● Power + Finesse
vs Composure + Resolve
Strip the soul from a conscious mortal, which can then be stored in a vessel to farm living Vitae. VTR 2e 212

Werewolf: the Forsaken

Host Dread Powers
Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Gauntlet Webs Azlu Strengthen the Gauntlet in an area with an hour's weaving. WTF 2e 210
Gnaw Gauntlet Beshilu Weaken the Gauntlet in an area with an hour's gnawing. WTF 2e 210
Warp Shard Beshilu ●●● Consume a fellow shard and regurgitate it with a given Dread Power. WTF 2e 211
Dreaming Gauntlet Hidaglu Resonate with the local Gauntlet, inflicting harrowing nightmares on local sleepers. Contest Manipulation + Empathy vs Composure + Tolerance to traumatically breach a sleeper's dreams. NH-SM 126
Gauntlet Schism Hidaglu ● to ●●●● Briefly shear the local Gauntlet enough to pull everyone present across. NH-SM 127
The King's Nectar Srizaku Regurgitate an addictive nectar. Those who consume it are pliable to the will of the srizaku. NH-SM 120
Gauntleglob Thihoshlu Taint the local Gauntlet with an hour's work to sap Essence from those who pass through it. NH-SM 111
Slothful Aura Thihoshlu ●● Suppress supernatural rages by contesting Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Resolve + Tolerance. NH-SM 111
Crimson Gauntlet Ukusgualu (●●) Regurgitate human blood to clot the local Gauntlet. Seeing or passing through a clotted Gauntlet bloodies and inflicts a breaking point. Spend Essence to burrow inside the clotted Gauntlet. NH-SM 114
Shard Infection Ukusgualu (●●●●) Infect humanoid victims with your young for days by striking them. When destroyed bodily, spend Essence to be reborn from within an infected victim. NH-SM 114
Gauntlet Retch Zurdilu ●●●●● Tunnel a "retch" through rotten flesh, linking an underground place to the Gauntlet-spanning zurdilu hive. NH-SM 123
Structurivore Zurdilu Hollow out the Durability and Structure of a building, rendering it spiritually rotten. Roll Wits + Crafts - Durability to feed on lesser objects. NH-SM 123
Geryo and Distorted Dread Powers
Death's Secrets (●●●●●/hour) Lie with slain prey to harvest all their secrets, spending Essence to make up for time if disturbed. NH-SM 170
Eight-Headed Orocheiros (●) Each head tracks its own traits separate to each other and its body, can extend through apertures up to a hundred miles away, and casts an illusion to appear as a separate human being. NH-SM 162
Flesh Suit Contest Power + Finesse vs Manipulation + Resolve + Tolerance to disappear bodily, instead puppeting up to (Power) victims' bodies. NH-SM 173
Mind Thief Roll Power + Finesse - Resistance to access a Flesh Suit's memories and knowledge for a scene. NH-SM 173
Perspective Zahakeryon Change Size to any value between 5 or 15, always remaining at least 1 greater than all characters in a scene. NH-SM 167
Swift Skinner Skin Thief Reflexively activate Skin Thief whenever you deal lethal damage unarmed, even to steal the Hishu form of a werewolf. NH-SM 185
You Are Bound Zahakeryon Roll Power + Finesse to prevent prey from crossing any type of boundary for a week without spending Willpower, or contest vs Composure + Tolerance to psychically immobilize one victim. NH-SM 167
Idigam Dread Powers
Bane-Salve Transfer tainted Essence to a werewolf or spirit, bolstering resistance against their Bane. WTF 2e 220
Call Void Spirit ●●●●● Call to the void for allies, arriving within a week. WTF 2e 220
Colossus Add Size to Corpus and Resistance as general Armor bypassed by your bane. Take 8-Again to attack smaller opponents. WTF 2e 220
Crazed Evolution Warp your Rank in local creatures each week, bestowing Dread Powers and unnatural mutations. WTF 2e 221
Devourer Consume materials without harm, and recover Essence and Corpus from grappling bites. WTF 2e 220
Divine Clay Sculpt flesh, mutating the living and bestowing Dread Powers. WTF 2e 221
Elemental Fury Wield Influence ••••• at wide range over a chosen element of natural disasters. WTF 2e 221
Furious Madness Prolong Death Rage in your presence. WTF 2e 221
Gauntlet Grab ●/Gauntlet Initiate a grapple from across the Gauntlet, bringing the opponent across. NH-SM 142
Gauntlet Stasis ●●●●● Contest Power + Finesse vs Resolve + Tolerance to trap a victim within the Gauntlet for your Rank in days. NH-SM 142
Mad Fecundity Nature runs wild in your presence, driving animals mad and inflicting hourly damage to structures from plant overgrowth. WTF 2e 222
Mass Manipulation ●●● Roll Power + Finesse to ease social maneuvers which serve your purposes against victims. NH-SM 142
Nightmare Plague Those who sleep within your Rank in miles must roll Resolve + Composure or suffer traumatic nightmares. WTF 2e 222
Purification ●●●●● Roll Power + Finesse to completely heal and mend a subject, but weaken its resistance to your Dread Powers for a month. WTF 2e 222
Soul Furnace Consume a captured soul to add Rank as a bonus to a Dread Power or Numen. WTF 2e 222
Soul Slave Disgorge a captured soul as a Rank 2 ephemeral servant tangible to both ghosts and spirits. WTF 2e 222
Shifting Change form or traits each turn reflexively, allowing almost limitless adaptation. WTF 2e 222
Spirit Dominion (●) Sense spirits within (Rank × 100) yards, and spend Essence to borrow one's senses. WTF 2e 222
Spirit Interrogation Contest Power + Finesse vs Resistance to cow a spirit, forcing it to answer questions truthfully. WTF 2e 222
Essence Shaping
Division ●/Rank Split yourself or spirits apart, or merge them back together. NH-SM 141
Essence Attack Tear Essence from an opponent as a grappling maneuver, inflicting aggravated damage. WTF 2e 217
Essence Trap Contest Power + Finesse vs Resolve + Tolerance to pollute a victim's Essence pool, inflicting lethal damage when they spend Essence. WTF 2e 217
Essence Venom ●+ Inject up to your Rank in poisoned Essence into a victim. WTF 2e 218
Essence Void Transform a space up to twice your Rank in Size into a vacuum which saps untainted Essence. WTF 2e 218
Forge Claimed Contest Power + Finesse vs Resolve + Composure to tear the soul from a human. Implant a different soul to drive her mad, implant a spirit to Claim her, or implant multiple spirits to create a unique Hive-Claimed servant. WTF 2e 219
Forge Empty Wolf Contest Power + Finesse vs Resolve + Composure + Primal Urge to tear the soul from a werewolf. Implant a different soul to drive him mad, or implant a spirit to create a unique Claimed Uratha servant. WTF 2e 219
Forge Flesh-Bound Spirit Contest Power + Finesse vs Resistance to recraft a spirit's ephemera, rendering it hungry for flesh and permanently Materialized. WTF 2e 219
Forge Herald Empower a willing human or werewolf as an inhabitable servant, in whom you may invest a Dread Power or Numen. WTF 2e 220
Forge Spawn ●●●●●/Rank Birth lesser clones of your Essence as servant spirits. WTF 2e 220
Forge Undead ●●/Health Raise corpses as undead slaves who retain their personality and memories. NH-SM 142
Gauntlet Manipulation (●/turn) Roll Power + Finesse - Gauntlet to tear a hole between spirit and flesh, or roll unresisted to alter the local Gauntlet. WTF 2e 218
Ghost Manipulation (●/Rank) Perceive and touch ghostly Twilight. Contest Power + Finesse vs Finesse + Resistance to transform and mutate a ghostly victim. WTF 2e 218
Locus Manipulation (●●●/dot) Taint a locus. Drink from or see through a tainted locus at any distance, and network tainted loci to travel between them. Gain bonuses to track and use powers against others who drink from the locus. WTF 2e 218
One Million Eyes Borrow the senses of forged servants and tainted beings, and intuit when servants are in danger. WTF 2e 218
Reliquary Corpus • Invest a Numen or Dread Power into an object, which can be used by others. Spend ten Essence to instantly travel to the reliquary. NH-SM 142
Render Spirit Dissolve an incapacitated spirit into its constituent Essence. NH-SM 142
Shadow Warp ●●●●● Warp spacetime and the flow of Essence within the Shadow in various ways. WTF 2e 218
Spirit Manipulation (●/Rank) Contest Power + Finesse vs Finesse + Resistance to transform and mutate a spiritual victim. WTF 2e 218
Thief of Gifts When you strike a werewolf in close combat, you may steal the next use of one of her Facets. WTF 2e 219

Mage: the Awakening

Preta Dread Powers
Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Preta's Maw Preta Bite gains +3 weapon rating and Armor-Piercing 3. NH-NA 136
Preta's Snare Preta Spend 1 Willpower to place a snare in a chosen area, gaining a +3 bonus to grapple anyone who enters. NH-NA 136
Preta's Soul Theft Preta Steal the soul from a victim by devouring their flesh. NH-NA 136

Promethean: the Created

Pandoran Dread Powers
Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Armor • to ••••• Apply these dots as Armor. PTC 2e 244
Beastly Mutation • to ••••• You have a deadly animal-like feature. Apply dots as a bonus to attack with it, and possibly additional benefits. PTC 2e 244
Bizarre Weaponry • to ••••• A mutated form of natural weapon applies dots as a weapon rating and upgrades damage type. PTC 2e 244
Briareus' Prowess • to ••••• ≤ Attribute Apply dots as a bonus to a Physical Attribute. PTC 2e 245
Consume Vitriol Contest Strength + Brawl vs Stamina + Resolve to steal unspent Vitriol Beats from a restrained victim. PTC 2e 188, 240
Divide 1L/spawn Roll (Rank × 2) + Azoth in the presence of a powerful Azothic radiance to split off newborn Pandorans. PTC 2e 241
Flux Distillation Sublimatus ● to ●●● Select a Distillation from the Transmutation of Flux as a Dread Power. PTC 2e 244
Implant • to ••••• Sublimatus
Size ≤ 3
Roll Intelligence + Medicine + Implant as an extended action to install yourself and take over a living nervous system, though the host dies after a matter of weeks. NH-TT 75
Malleable Form • to ••••• Roll Dexterity + Athletics to fit through any space the size of your head, at a Speed proportional to Malleable Form dots. PTC 2e 245
Paralyze • to ••••• Contest Stamina + Brawl + Paralyze vs Stamina + Tolerance to inflict the Poisoned Tilt. PTC 2e 245
Scurry • to ••••• Roll Dexterity + Athletics + Scurry to apply a bonus to Defense and Speed. PTC 2e 245
Sense Vitriol Perceive sources of unspent Vitriol. PTC 2e 240
Swarm Form • to ••••• Split into a Swarm Tilt with a radius of twice Swarm Form in yards. NH-TT 68
Track Pyros Perceive and track sources of Pyros. PTC 2e 240
Unholy Repast ••••• Sublimatus or Promethean Eat a slain Promethean's heart and roll Strength + Resolve + Azoth - (Stamina + Azoth) to digest Pyros and Vitriol. PTC 2e 255
Wall Walking • to ••••• Traverse surfaces at any angle, applying dots as a climbing bonus. PTC 2e 245

Changeling: the Lost

Hobgoblin Dread Powers
Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Bottle Glamour ●/●+ Store Glamour in something, either your own or stolen from a victim. CTL 2e 254
Conjure Dreams ●● Craft the Hedge into the recurring dream of a subject. Contest Resolve + Wyrd vs Wits + Composure + Tolerance hourly to maintain the illusion. CTL 2e 254
Fairy Swarm Summon the rest of a swarm to harry or distract a victim. CTL 2e 254
Lethe's Embrace ●● Contest vs Wits + Resolve to steal away memories into a container. CTL 2e 255
Much Depends on Dinner Create the illusion of a sumptuous banquet, contesting Presence + Wyrd vs Wits + Composure + Tolerance to compel witnesses to stay and eat. CTL 2e 255
The Path Not Taken Create a false path through the Thorns leading somewhere you control. CTL 2e 256
Pied Piper Contest vs Resolve to compel listeners of a performance to follow. CTL 2e 256
Huntsman Dread Powers
Among the Sheep ●● Assume a humanoid form of any plausible shape. CTL 2e 265
Apex Predator Conjure a swarm of small animals, or one large animal, capable of communicating and obeying commands. CTL 2e 265
Command the Herald ●/hour Watch and track through the body of a chosen predatory animal. CTL 2e 265
Heart of Iron Take no special harm from cold iron. CTL 2e 265
Hungry Heart Strike with your panoply to steal Glamour from changelings or True Fae. CTL 2e 266
Hunter's Panoply (●) Take 8-Again to make use of your panoply tools, but lose 10-Again to act without them. Spend Glamour to recall a tool. CTL 2e 266
Inescapable Snare Prepare a snare with which you can grapple at +3, or +5 with a panoply snare. Fae treat the snare as iron. CTL 2e 266
Kindred Spirits ●+ Read a changeling's Needle and Thread, Aspirations, and Clarity. Spend additional Glamour to read Touchstones or recent Clarity wounds. CTL 2e 266
Watchful Gaze Contest Presence + Resolve vs Composure to inflict Paranoid through eye contact. CTL 2e 266

Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Eaters of the Dead Dread Powers
Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Abmortality Rapacity •••••
Death Inurement
Return from any death not employing your new Bane. GTS 2e 224
Anchor Eater Recognize ghostly Anchors, and digest the Plasm within. GTS 2e 223
The Dead Identity Learn Memories Along with Memories, consume a perfect impression of an eaten ghost's mannerisms. GTS 2e 224
Death Inurement Rapacity ••• (●×Rapacity)/week Immunize yourself to an eaten ghost's cause of death. GTS 2e 223
Know Vice Read a victim's Vice or an equivalent Anchor. GTS 2e 224
Learn Memories Consume the Memories of an eaten ghost. GTS 2e 224
Supernatural Merit • to ••••• Select a Supernatural Merit as a Dread Power, paying Plasm instead of Willpower. GTS 2e 224

Mummy: the Curse

Dread Power Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Constrict • to ••••• Gain the Constrict maneuver in a grapple: contest Power + Finesse vs Dexterity + Resolve to deal Constrict rating as lethal damage. MTC 2e 227
Cosmic Detonation Amkhat On Corpus depletion, self-destruct, dealing three aggravated damage to the vicinity. MTC 2e 227
Drag Under Amkhat ●● Contest Power + Finesse vs Dexterity + Composure to abduct a human from the material realm into Twilight. MTC 2e 227
Enrapture ●●●● Contest Power + Rank vs Resolve to command the will of a mortal for days, who gains the understanding of Iremite. MTC 2e 228
Expression Surge • to ••••• ●/dot Raise an Attribute by your dots in Expression Surge for the scene. MTC 2e 228
False Ka Amkhat ●●● Unfold into a Swarm Tilt with a factor for each dot of Rank. At half Corpus damage, unfold for free. MTC 2e 228
Fiendish Resilience Attacks that are not purely supernatural deal only a single bashing wound to you, unless made by a being infused with Sekhem. MTC 2e 228
Flaying Word Inflict a painless lethal wound with a social attack. MTC 2e 228
Godly Vision • to ••••• Amkhat See the Sekhem within material beings for a mile per dot, even from Twilight. MTC 2e 229
Husk Puppet Judge Avatar Contest Power + Finesse vs Resolve + Stamina to instantly slay a mortal at a touch and raise his body as a thrall. MTC 2e 229
Hydra • to ••••• Amkhat Add another head, granting panoramic vision. Roll Power + Finesse to ambush with a feint or use a head's Dread Power without Essence. MTC 2e 229
Impossible Proportions Judge Avatar Move through and manipulate space as if you were any Size. MTC 2e 229
Maze of Lost Souls Sphinx Amkhata ●●● Twist reality into a labyrinth, anyone attempting to move through must succeed at a Wits + Composure roll vs. the creature's resistance. Ghosts automatically fail. MTC 2e 229
Mirage Judge Avatar Cast an illusory self within line of sight, through which Utterances can be cast. MTC 2e 229
Ravenous Feasting • to ••• Immediately follow a successful bite attack with an extra bite for each dot. MTC 2e 230
Unbelievable Visage Mortal witnesses lose Willpower and roll Resolve + Composure to avoid Madness. Supernatural witnesses roll Resolve + Composure to avoid losing Willpower. MTC 2e 230
Venom • to ••••• Contest Power + Rank vs Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance to inflict a moderate Tilt on supernatural victims, or a grave Tilt on mortal victims, for (Venom) turns. MTC 2e 230

Demon: the Descent

Cryptid Adaptations
Adaptation Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Acumen This abnormal cryptid has somehow cultivated a faculty with Embeds and Exploits. NH-EA 123
Adaptive Mutation Develop new Adaptations when exposed to certain stimuli. NE-EA 132
Aether Eater Consume and digest Aether, including when biting those who possess it. DTD 230
Aether Hive Aether Eater Store a pool of up to (Rank × 5) Aether. Merits and Adaptations may substitute Aether for Willpower costs. DTD 230
Aetheric Tracking Sense Aether twice as far, and track its lingering residue. NH-EA 123
Alternate Composition Unnatural bodily composition grants a variable amount of Armor based on material. DTD 230
Environmental Adaptation The cryptid is safe from harm in an otherwise dangerous type of environment, which grants a +3 Stealth and Survival bonus. DTD 230
Essence Eater Consume and digest Essence, including when biting those who possess it. DTD 230
Essence Hive Essence Eater Store a pool of up to (Rank × 5) Essence. Merits and Adaptations may substitute Essence for Willpower costs. Seat 59
Dead Zone Extend supernatural interference for (Size × 3) yards around, penalizing abilities by Rank and sapping supernatural fuel. NH-EA 132
Filter Contest Strength + Rank vs Resolve + Primum to neutralize a victim's stored Aether. NH-EA 121
Fire Breath Roll Stamina + Athletics to attack with fire breath, dealing 2L damage and igniting combustibles. DTD 365
Hallowed Mortal humans become obsessed with worshipping the cryptid. NH-EA 118
Imprint Mark a friend to intuit when the friend wanders away. NH-EA 125
Insect Swarm Manifest as a deadly harrowing swarm. NH-EA 123
Longevity Immunity to aging and death by natural causes. DTD 365
Moldable Skin Flatten out and change color, becoming difficult to spot. NH-EA 121
Occluded (○) Penalize Wits + Composure rolls to notice the cryptid due to natural forms of camouflage or invisibility. DTD 231
Paralyzing Venom Inject a fast-numbing venom with a grappling maneuver, inflicting Insensate for a scene. DSG 118
Piecemeal Anatomy Redundant organs or bodily systems grant +1 bonuses to derived traits such as Health or Speed. DTD 231
Relentless Pursuer When tracking, the cryptid can keep a trail going impossibly long and far. NH-EA 125
Savage Bite The cryptid's bite inflicts 3A damage. DTD 365
Splinter Continuity Escape danger to an alternate possible timeline, leaving a substitute to suffer the escaped fate. NH-EA 118
Tail Strike The cryptid can attack with a 2L poisoned tail. DTD 365
Twilight Entity (○) Either the cryptid is naturally tangible to both material and ephemera, or it has learned to transition between the two states. DTD 231
Variable Form (○) The cryptid either manifests alternate forms, or can change shape to mimic stimuli. DTD 231
Cannibalize Beelzebub (●/Primum) This cryptid swarm can sacrifice a point of Size to stave off Aether starvation, or consume a demonic host to restore its swarm. NH-EA 123
Infest Beelzebub Contest Resolve + Rank as an extended action to invade, nest within, and take over a demon or angel's body. NH-EA 123
Jailbreak Beelzebub ○/Rank Sever an angelic host from the God-Machine. NH-EA 123
Myiasis Beelzebub Deposit young within a human body, to take control of it as a sleeper agent until it dies days after. NH-EA 123
Injected Power Brambles These experimental brambles inject a venom which gifts victims with use of a Numen or Supernatural Merit, whose use gradually conditions them to feed themselves to the plant. Seat 60
Regenerate Clockwork Man This mechanism repairs a point of non-aggravated damage every twelve hours, as long as its constituent parts are not locked up and sealed. Iface 108
Unmemorable Clockwork Man Ordinary humans recognize the Clockwork Man's presence only on a basic level, unless they spend Willpower to focus upon and cement the memory. Iface 108
Eldritch Flames Oxblood mold Oxblood spores ignite on exposure to sufficient supernatural energies, causing explosive hazards associated with the catalytic energy. NH-EA 132
Indiscriminate Hunger Oxblood mold Feed off exposure to supernatural energies. NH-EA 132
Angelic Awe Stray In the presence of angels, this cryptid temporarily loses its sapience, though it remembers the experience afterward. Seat 61
Augment Whispering Oak This cryptid tree's acorns contain an addictive agent which causes stigmata and temporarily confers Skills or Specialties. NH-EA 134
Communion Whispering Oak The cryptid can communicate through psychic motions, and can use its hollows to directly interface with minds. NH-EA 134
Fabrication Whispering Oak The cryptid can recycle organic matter to produce short-lived artificial humans with installed psyches. NH-EA 134
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L