Changing Breed Aspects and Favors

From Codex of Darkness


First Edition
Favor Cost effect Page Number
Aquatic •• or ••• the ferals movement trait represents swimming, at 3 dots this applies to human form as well Changing Breeds 74
Bioluminescence When active the feral ignores up to 2 points of dice penalties for darkness, others gain +2 to attack the feral Changing Breeds 74
Darksight Ignore all dice penalties for darkness and halve all other dice penalties to visual actions, +2 to stealth in darkness Changing Breeds 75
Echolocation •• or ••• Ignore all dice penalties to visual actions, at 3 dots the feral cannot be surprised unless sleeping and gains +1 to defence Changing Breeds 75
Extra Limbs •+ +1 action and defence for every 2 limbs after the first extra limb Changing Breeds 75
Fang and Claw • to ••••• brawl attacks do lethal and gain additional dice depending on the nature of the favor Changing Breeds 75
Limbless The feral has no limbs that can be used for anything but movement Changing Breeds 75
ManyLegged •••• +4 to speed and can walk on near vertical surfaces Changing Breeds 75
Musk ••• Spend 1 essence, all characters within 300 feet roll composure to not vomit and takes a -3 to all actions Changing Breeds 76
Natural Armor • to ••••• At 1 dot gain 1/1 armor, at 5 dots gain 4/3 armor Changing Breeds 76
Needleteeth ••• Ignore up to 2 points of durability on an object Changing Breeds 76
Quills •• to ••••• When attacked roll dex+feral heart against the attacker’s stamina, the attacker takes 1 bashing per success and takes lethal when removing the quills Changing Breeds 76
Razorskin ••• or •••• Attackers automatically take 1 lethal on successful brawl attacks Changing Breeds 76
Size •••• +1 to size Changing Breeds 77
Speed N/A The feral is especially fast Changing Breeds 78
Water Breath Spend 1 willpower, can hold breath for 1 hour per dot in feral heart Changing Breeds 78
Webbing •••• Roll dex+crafts+feral heart, the number of successes equals the structure of the web Changing Breeds 78
Wings •••• The feral can fly and can jump twice as far in man-guise Changing Breeds 78
Aspect Cost Description Page Number
Alarming Alacrity • to ••••• Spend 1 willpower to double speed for 1 turn per dot Changing Breeds 79
Animal Speech • to •• Skinchangers 31
Asthmatic Reaction ••• Spend an essence, roll dex+athletics – opponents defence, the opponent takes a -3 to all actions for a turn, then -2, then -1 after which they take 2 bashing Changing Breeds 79
Aww!!! • to ••••• +1 per dot to social rolls involving cuteness Changing Breeds 79
Bare Necessities • or ••• Can change form with clothes, at 3 dots the feral can also change with weapons/a bag Skinchangers 31; Changing Breeds 79
Beast Magic • to ••• Allows the feral to purchase certain mage spells, they may not also take any spirit related aspects Changing Breeds 79
Beast Surge ••• Stare down another shapeshifter, both roll composure+feral heart, if the initiator wins the other changes into primal-beast Changing Breeds 80
Birth Blessing Spend 1 essence to make a pregnancy especially healthy Changing Breeds 80
Blank Burrow •••• Can spend an essence to teleport from a hidey hole to another Changing Breeds 93
Blend In Spend 1 essence to blend in with surroundings gaining +2 to stealth in that area Changing Breeds 80
Bound Totem Skinchangers 30
Brave Escape ••• Can double speed for a turn Changing Breeds 93
Burrowing •• or ••• Can dig at half speed through soft dirt and a quarter speed through harsh terrain, at 3 dots the feral can dig through stone Changing Breeds 80
Carnivore’s Puissance •• Regain essence by eating the heart of an animal, ½ an essence per dot of size the animal has Changing Breeds 81
Catwalk • to ••••• +1 per dot to stealth and balance while moving Changing Breeds 81
Clamber • to ••••• +1 per dot to climb Changing Breeds 81
Clever Monkey • to ••••• +1 per dot to solving puzzles Changing Breeds 81
Culling the Weak •• Spend an essence and roll wits+empathy to determine the weakest member of a group Changing Breeds 82
Durga’s Blessing •• or ••• Spend essence to heal aggravated damage Changing Breeds 82
Earthbond •• +3 to perception in a natural setting, +2 in an urbane setting Changing Breeds 82
Enchanting Affinity •• Skinchangers 31
Exoskeleton •• Gain 1/1 armor but -1 defence Changing Breeds 82
Extraordinary Specimen +1 to size and strength Skinchangers 31; Changing Breeds 82
Fast Healing •• Skinchangers 31
Fast Skinner Skinchangers 32
Foretelling •• The feral has vague but in some way true visions of the future Changing Breeds 82
Fortune’s Favor •• or ••• Spend a willpower to bless another character with good luck equivalent to a +4 on a significant roll, the ST decides when this luck will occur Changing Breeds 82
Grave Misfortune •• Spend a willpower to bless another with bad luck equivalent to a -4 on a significant roll, the feral also receives bad luck to a lesser extent Changing Breeds 83
Gross Eater • or •• At 1 dot the feral can survive by eating any biological matter, at 2 dots they can eat anything but are not immune to heat or sharpness of anything they eat Changing Breeds 83
Hare Heart -1 to avoid berserk, defaults to rabbit run unless willpower spent to enter tiger storm Changing Breeds 83
Hound’s Honor • to ••••• +1 per dot to track a specific character or object Changing Breeds 83
Humane Harvest •• Skinchangers 30
Hunter/Killer Skinchangers 30
Hybrid Form •• or ••••• Skinchangers 32
Hybrid Forms •••• Allows the use of throwback and dire-beast forms Changing Breeds 83
Hypnotic Allure ••• Roll presence+persuasion against a groups resolve+composure, the feral gains a +1 per success more than the group to socialise Changing Breeds 83
Imitate Gift •+ Skinchangers 33
Increased Essence •• Skinchangers 33
Injurious Change Skinchangers 33
Invisible Marking Can leave behind a single word message only detectable by members of the ferals breed or band Changing Breeds 83
Keen Sense • or •• +2 to perception Changing Breeds 83
Leap • to ••• At 1 dot this doubles the ferals jumping distance, at 2 dots it’s tripled, at 3 dot’s it’s quadrupled Changing Breeds 84
Long Life • or •• At 1 dot the feral has a 50% longer life span, at 2 dots it’s 100% longer Skinchangers 33; Changing Breeds 84
Magnificence •• +4 to social rolls in primal-beast Changing Breeds 84
Mercy’s Touch ••• Spend 1 essence and rolls composure+medicine to heal lethal on another character equal to the number of successes, cannot heal more than their feral heart trait Changing Breeds 84
Mimic • or ••• The feral can mimic a similar animal or human with a wits+animal ken+feral heart roll, this can be uncovered with a contested wits+subterfuge roll Changing Breeds 84
Mindmap ••• A successful intelligence+composure+feral heart roll allows the feral to find their way home no matter how far away they are Changing Breeds 84
Mindspeech •• The feral can telepathically communicate vague idea’s and feelings to another character granting +2 to empathy with that character Changing Breeds 84
Mother’s Fury • to ••••• +1 per dot to aggressively defend loved ones Changing Breeds 85
Nine Lives ••••• When the feral dies they subtract their harmony score from 10, wait that many hours and rolls resolve+composure to awaken spending 1 feral heart, aggravated damage is converted to lethal, if the ferals body is damaged after death or if they have only 1 feral heart left they cannot resurrect Changing Breeds 85
No Talisman •••• Skinchangers 31
OutofBody ••• Skinchangers 33
Pack Bond ••• The feral can send essence and willpower to those of the same species, they can spend 1 willpower to telepathically communicate with another for 10 seconds and can spend 1 willpower to send out a telepathic distress signal to all members of the same species Changing Breeds 85
Partial Change •• The feral can change one part of their body instead of their whole form Changing Breeds 85
Pearl of Great Price •• Roll intelligence+subterfuge+feral heart to fool another character into thinking a mundane object is actually valuable Changing Breeds 93
Permanent Talisman Skinchangers 31
Piggyback Passenger ••• Spend 1 willpower to see through the senses on another animal within a mile Changing Breeds 86
Rejuvenating Change •• or •••• Skinchangers 34
Resilient Form •+ +1 health per dot, cannot exceed the characters human health Skinchangers 34; Changing Breeds 86
Restricted Change Skinchangers 34
Righting Reflex • to ••• At 1 dot take half fall damage, at 2 dots +2 defence, at 3 dots these apply to human form as well Changing Breeds 86
Scentless Transformation Skinchangers 34
Sense of Familiarity •• When delusion is caused those effected cannot resist it, in the case of overtly supernatural actions in plane view the feral must roll wits+subterfuge-subjects resolve, this cannot affect physically acting on a character Skinchangers 34; Changing Breeds 86
Sense of Self •• Skinchangers 35
Sexual Dimorphism •• +2 to all social rolls when dealing with the opposite sex Changing Breeds 86
Shadow Bond ••• Allows the feral to cross the gauntlet into the shadow with an intelligence+presence+feral heart roll Changing Breeds 87
Skillful Change Skinchangers 35
Skin Double •••• The feral can steal the skin of a dead character gaining +4 to disguise rolls Changing Breeds 87
Slumber’s Touch ••• Spend an essence and roll resolve+stamina+feral heart, each success is another person who falls asleep Changing Breeds 87
Snatch and Carry •• Spend an essence to take an item when the feral changes form Changing Breeds 87
Spinebite ••••• Roll an attack at -3 to deal aggravated damage Changing Breeds 88
Spirit Affinity ••••+ Skinchangers 35
Spirit Animal •+ Spend 1 essence to gain a pre-determined skill bonus from a similar animal equal to dots in this aspect Changing Breeds 88
Spirit Gift •+ Can choose 1 gift from Werewolf: The Forsaken per dot Changing Breeds 88
Spirit Secrets ••• Allows the purchase of Numina at the cost of a 3 dot aspect Changing Breeds 88
Spirit Sight •• Roll intelligence+occult+feral heart to see an area of spiritual disturbance Changing Breeds 88
Spook the Herd ••• Roll presence intimidation to cause a group to flee Changing Breeds 88
Stampede Rush •• or ••• At 2 dots +4 for an all out attack, +6 at 3 dots Changing Breeds 89
Stash • to ••••• +1 per dot to hide objects or characters Changing Breeds 89
Static Beast Shape •• or ••••• Skinchangers 35
Strong Instincts Skinchangers 35
Swarm/ Flock Form •••• Roll composure+feral heart to change into a swarm, spend 1 essence to scatter and 1 more to reform Changing Breeds 89
SweetVoiced Fiend Ignore up to 2 dice penalties for persuasion, subterfuge and speech based expression rolls Skinchangers 36; Changing Breeds 90
Swift Wing ••• Charge in flight at 3 times speed and keep 1 defence against the first attack Changing Breeds 90
Talisman Skinchangers 31
Tar Baby ••• Roll wits+crafts+feral heart and spend 1 essence to make a decoy, anyone who sees the decoy rolls wits+composure-2, if they fail they are fixated on the decoy and take a -3 to the next wits+composure roll, then a -4 after that Changing Breeds 94
Tell -• The feral has a physical trait that remains the same in all forms, characters who notice the trait in 2 forms might connect the dots Skinchangers 36; Changing Breeds 90
Territory Bond ••• to ••••• At 3 dots the feral can roll wits+composure+feral heart to sense anything wrong in their territory, at 4 dots with 1 willpower and a wits+composure+feral heart roll the feral can see into their territory, at 5 dots with 2 willpower and a wits+composure+feral heart roll they can alter their territory slightly Changing Breeds 90
Tiger Heart -1 to avoid berserk, defaults to tiger storm unless willpower spent to enter rabbit run Changing Breeds 90
Toss the Scent Roll wits+subtersuge+feral heart to throw sent away or onto another character Changing Breeds 95
Totem Guardian ••+ A totem spirit that chooses to bond with the feral or their band Changing Breeds 91
Truth Sense • to ••••• +1 per dot to see past a lie or false conspiracy Changing Breeds 91
Twisted Tongue Allows the feral to speak in animal form Skinchangers 36; Changing Breeds 91
Unhealing Skinchangers 36
Unnerving Cry •• Spend 1 willpower and roll presence+feral heart to give -2 to anyone nearby who fail a resolve+supernatural trait roll (excluding the def) Changing Breeds 91
Unsettling Eye Double intimidation for a scene Changing Breeds 91
Unspeakable ••• or ••••• 1 automatic success for intimidation -1 to resist delusion Changing Breeds 91
Venomous ••• or •••• A successful attack poisons the target with toxicity 5, at 4 dots the target is not poisoned instead takes aggravated damage equal to successes Changing Breeds 92
Vicious Skintaker Skinchangers 30
Wallwalking •• +2 to climb, can climb seemingly unclimbable surfaces Changing Breeds 92
War Heart ••••• Upon receiving lethal damage the feral gains strength equal to the lethal received in the last turn only with a maximum of +5 Changing Breeds 92
Warrior’s Restoration •• The feral heals twice as fast Changing Breeds 92
Weatherskin Immune to temperature extremes short of fire or ice Changing Breeds 92
Weaver’s Wisdom • to ••••• +1 per dot to build or design, does not work for more complex things i.e. computers Changing Breeds 92
The Wild Cry • to ••••• At 1 dot the feral can empathically bond with an animal, at 2 dots they can speak to 1 type of animal, at 3 dots they can speak to large groups, at 4 dots they can call upon the animals for help, at 5 dots the animals will fight to the death for the feral Changing Breeds 92

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L