Athanors (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Frankenstein Affinities Boons
Basilisk Fear Presence, Intimidation Promethean Boon: Reflexively reveal disfigurements; can even terrify Prometheans
Redeemed Boon: Gains 9-again on intimidation rolls
Created 261
Caladrius Healing Composure, Medicine Promethean Boon: Can form a paste from Reagent that can heal mortal illnesses and injuries.
Redeemed Boon: Can absorb the illnesses of others, healing them; can die and resurrect from any illness, once.
Strange Alchemies 24
Griffon Duality Brawl, Investigation Promethean Boon: Once a day, can swap Strength and Intelligence attributes.
Redeemed Boon: Gains lower of Strength or Intelligence in Empathy.
Pandora’s Book 30
Lion Indomitable Composure, Resolve Promethean Boon: May spend Willpower to ignore supernatural or mundane effects that hinder the accomplishment of goals
Redeemed Boon: Retains Promethean boon
Created 263
Manticore Spite Wits, Intimidation Promethean Boon: Can spend Reagent to gain die bonuses to any roll relating to a grudge; can gain Willpower from indulging grudges and spite.
Redeemed Boon: Can still regain Willpower from indulging in grudges or Spite
Strange Alchemies 24
Dove Purity Humanity, Elpis merit Promethean Boon: Bonus to resist supernatural abilities; can add one die to Humanity rolls by spending one Reagent
Redeemed Boon: Upon achieving mortality, can add Azoth to Humanity, to a maximum of 10.
Created 262
Gorgon Ruin Stamina or Resolve (pick one at development), Brawl Promethean Boon: Bite attacks inflict a deadly poison that affects even vampires.
Redeemed Boon: Gains Natural Immunity and Toxin Resistance merits
Strange Alchemies 32
Unicorn Charisma Presence or Manipulation (choose one when developed), Socialize Promethean Boon: As Eagle's boon, but instead of penalties triggers a Humanity roll to avoid derangement
Redeemed Boon: Gains the four dot Striking Looks merit
Created 264
Seraph Understanding Intelligence and Academics Promethean Boon: Gains 9-again on all Intelligence or Academics rolls, or 8-again to understanding cause-and-effect.
Redeemed Boon: Retains 9-again bonus.
Strange Alchemies 32
Swan Grace Dexterity or Manipulation (choose one when developed), Athletics Promethean Boon: Can spend a Reagent to apply full Defense to all attacks for one scene.
Redeemed Boon: Gains one dot of Dexterity, Wits, or Manipulation, potentially above human limits.
Pandora’s Book 30
Ant Cooperation Stamina, Wits Promethean Boon: Gains a bonus when involved in teamwork, and can spend Reagent to get a bonus to extended actions.
Redeemed Boon: Retains the Promethean teamwork bonus.
Magnum Opus 59
Eel Grace Dexterity, Stealth Promethean Boon: Promethean gains a bonus to defense, initiative, and speed.
Redeemed Boon: Receives either Fleet of Foot or Fresh Start merits.
Strange Alchemies 39
Dragon Power Strength, Brawl Promethean Boon: Upon receiving fire damage, one Reagent can be spent to reflexively convert the damage to lethal
Redeemed Boon: Over time, the redeemed will receive one dot of Resources per Presence dot he possesses, through various coincidental channels.
Created 263
Eagle Authority Presence or Manipulation (choose one at development), Persuasion Promethean Boon: Would be attackers are fearful and must roll to avoid penalties
Redeemed Boon: Gains 9-again on Persuade rolls.
Created 263
Honeybee Unity Presence, Socialize Promethean Boon: Once per day, may make a skill check using the skill of a throng-mate.
Redeemed Boon: Gains a bonus to all teamwork rolls.
Strange Alchemies 39
Owl Intellect Academics, Intelligence Promethean Boon: Gains a bonus to resist external attempts to emotionally influence.
Redeemed Boon: Gains Encyclopedic Knowledge merit.
Pandora’s Book 31
Scorpion Retaliation Dexterity, player's choice of Brawl, Weaponry of Firearms Promethean Boon: Can spend Reagent to make a reflexive counterattack when damaged by an attack.
Redeemed Boon: Gains a reflexive version of Fresh Start, which requires a Willpower point to use.
Glimpses of the Unknown 27
Sphinx Wisdom Intelligence, Investigation Promethean Boon: Gains Encyclopedic Knowledge merit; can spend Reagent to gain 9-again on knowledge rolls.
Redeemed Boon: Gains Encyclopedic Knowledge.
Magnum Opus 78
Cerberus Protection Stamina, Danger Sense merit Promethean Boon: Can spend a Reagent to gain two armor against anything for one turn
Redeemed Boon: Once per scene, can convert lethal damage from an attack to bashing
Created 262
Crab Persistence Stamina, Survival Promethean Boon: Gains a bonus to Health and Armor.
Redeemed Boon: Retains the Health bonus.
Strange Alchemies 45
Humbaba Threat Presence or Intimidation Promethean Boon: Can spend Reagent to increase Size for one scene.
Redeemed Boon: Gains 9-again property for Intimidation; mortals who would attack must roll to be brave enough to do so.
Strange Alchemies 46
Pelican Sacrifice Composure, Resolve Promethean Boon: Can heal others with Reagent.
Redeemed Boon: Once per day, on any roll aiding another, Willpower can be spent to reroll.
Pandora’s Book 30
Phoenix Regeneration Stamina, Medicine Promethean Boon: May spend Reagent to heal wounds
Redeemed Boon: Gains the Quick Healer merit
Created 263
Chimera Change One Attribute or Skill chosen when developed Promethean Boon: Can shift dots from an attribute to another attribute, or a skill to another skill. Can only be performed once per scene, and lasts for the remainder of it.
Redeemed Boon: Upon achieving Mortality, may permanently transfer one dot from any one attribute to another attribute, or any one skill to another skill.
Created 262
Crane Soul Voyages Wits, Resolve Promethean Boon: Can enter the astral realms as a Mage does, paying Vitriol to cross the threshold.
Redeemed Boon: Retains the above boon, now spending Willpower instead of Vitriol.
(M:tA) Astral Realms 138
Dragon Knowledge Intelligence, Manipulation Promethean Boon: Acquires a symbiotic spirit dragon, who can offer advice on spirits, and for a point of Reagent anything the Created wishes to know about it.
Redeemed Boon: Immune to possession by ghosts and spirits.
Strange Alchemies 53
Fox Unnatural Cunning Wits, Larceny Promethean Boon: Can spend Reagent on rolls dealing with supernaturals.
Redeemed Boon: Gains Unseen Sense for all types of supernaturals
Pandora’s Book 30
La Llorona Sorrow Manipulation, Resolve Promethean Boon: Once per chapter, can steal Willpower from a victim.
Redeemed Boon: Can inflict the Depression derangement on others.
Strange Alchemies 53
Raven Psychopomp Manipulation, Occult Promethean Boon: Can spend a Reagent to locate the nearest haunted place or ghost, or can spend Reagent to give Essence to a ghost.
Redeemed Boon: Gains the Unseen Sense merit, attuned to ghosts.
Magnum Opus 67
Salamander Fire Stamina, Wits Promethean Boon: Can spend Reagent to resist fire damage, and gains a bonus to resist torment due to fire.
Redeemed Boon: Ignores some of the first fire damage suffered within a scene.
Magnum Opus 73
Toad Immunity Stamina, Survival Promethean Boon: May spend Willpower to perfectly resist all effects from a chosen transmutation class
Redeemed Boon: Retains the Promethean bonus to toxins and disease
Created 264
Caucasian Eagle Justice Stamina, Intimidation Promethean Boon: Can spend Reagent to invoke an aura of guilt; interrogations gain automatic successes based on Azoth.
Redeemed Boon: Virtue changes to Justice, gains Interrogation specialty for Intimidation.
Saturnine Night 63
Chi Wiou Domination Presence, Weaponry Promethean Boon: Once per scene, can spend Reagent to gain a defense bonus based on Azoth that wears down over time.
Redeemed Boon: Gains the Inspiring merit.
Saturnine Night 64
Golden Maiden Assistance Intelligence, Craft Promethean Boon: If assisting another in a teamwork roll to create, can spend Reagent to make the action rote.
Redeemed Boon: Retains Promethean boon, substituting Willpower for Reagent
Saturnine Night 64
Cockroach Survival Stamina, Survival Promethean Boon: Gains an extra health dot, can spend Reagent to gain extra carapace armor.
Redeemed Boon: Retains extra health dot.
Saturnine Night 84
Machine Service Stamina, Strength Promethean Boon: Gains 9-again when following orders or protecting another; can spend Reagent to heal.
Redeemed Boon: Retains the above 9-again property.
Saturnine Night 84