Artifacts (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Rating Size Gnosis Mana Arcana Description Book
Pearl of Unbeing ••• 1 2 8 Prime 3 When swallowed, wielder can create a new Nimbus or replicate one they've revealed for a scene for one mana. NH-NA 32
The Sword of Alec •••••
3 4 16 Death 5 Functions as a greater hollowstone. Can cast Sever the Awakened Soul if wielded by a blood relative of Veliona's Hand dynasty willingly. If it has removed the wielders soul they can summon ghosts of any relatives or ancestors they have. NH-NA 156
The Divine Gobbet •••••
- - - - Once a scene, roll Composure + Resolve with a penalty to a maximum of -5 to avoid fulfilling their Vice. Not rolling and fulfilling restores all Willpower and gains persistent Open Condition for Abyssal beings. When the wielders Befouled spell generates an anomaly, all other spells in a certain distance generate Antinomian anomalies instead of Paradox anomalies for a scene. Reduces all Withstand traits by one when casting Fraying, Unraveling, or Unmaking pratices for a scene. Can store up to 18 Paradox successes. NH-NA 105
The Codex •••••
- - - Prime Yantras using symbolism of authority, law, control, or governance cannot provide a bonus above +1 within a designated area. Spells using them as sympathetic Yantras have the strength of the sympathy lowered by one level. Yantras don't work when used in spells targeting people within the Codex's area of influence, or targeting those named and written into the Codex. Named are immune to the effects of the Codex and gain 8-again when countering those using the Yantras of authority, provided they're under the named persons Nimbus Tilt. DE2 300


Name Durability Size Gnosis Mana Description Book
The True Hand of Glory Indestructible 1 4 24 Allows wielder to cast Amorality, Detect Substance, and Teleportation. Any being that sees the lit fingers or smells the smoke coming from it falls into a trance that lasts until the fingers are snuffed out or the victim has been injured or violently interfered with. SoS 102


Name Rating Structure Size Spell Capacity Description Book
English Literature •••••
Variable 1* 5 (*Base size) Eidoform that can take the form of any work or collection of English fiction printed in modern book form, as long as the wielder knows the title and one or two lines of the text. SoS 103


Name Rating Structure Durability Size Gnosis Mana Description Book
The King Who Is a Throne •••••
50 5 5 5 200 Allows wielder to cast Celestial Fire, Psychic Domination, and Transform Energy. Functions as a dedicated magical tool for Obrimos. SoS 104-105