Artifacts (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
••• Artifacts Durability Size Structure Mana
Mark Of Qazalak, The 2 1 3 11 Tattoo. Casts "Cleanse the Body" (Life 1) on successful Gnosis+Life. Awakening 335
Ring Of The Dethroned Queen, The Gem studded bell clapper. Adds information on Exarch influence to mage sight. Reign of The Exarchs 23
Spotted Stone, The 4 1 5 11 Olmec stone with a Jaguar image. Gnosis + Forces and activated with a prayer mimics Nightsight (Forces 1), Duration 1 scene. Awakening 336
•••• Artifacts
Astral Crystal 3 1 4 11 Clear crystal-like fist size item. Allows Scrying (Space 2) into the Astral Realm. Astral Realms 119
Coin Of The Jester King 6 1 7 11 Silver coin stamped with a stately king, instead of a crown he wears a medieval jester's cap, on the flip side is the image of crossed wands with a flame between them. Whoever bears this coin is granted Quantum Flux (Fate 1). Awakening 335
Count Amaury’s Spectacles 4 1 5 11 Antique glasses. Casts "Scrying" (Space 2) Awakening 335
Crystal Dream Bracelet 3 1 4 11 Bracelet made of transparent stone. Allows the wearer to cast from Astral Space into the fallen world. Exists only in Astral Space. Astral Realms 120
Dionysian Key 3 2 5 0 A jar full of magical tass wine, when drinking moves you to a temple in a extra-dimentenal space. similar to the Space 2 spell “Follow Through” Secrets of the Ruined Temple 105
Ferryman’S Flask 4 1 5 11 A flask full of oil, oil an object to interact with Twilight as Death 2 “Touch of the Grave” Adamantine Arrow 194
Hound’S Manacle, The 5 1 6 11 A manacle that let you open portal throu spatial distortion as Space 2 “FollowThrough” spell Adamantine Arrow 195
Judge’S Eye, The 3 1 4 11 Shows possessing spirits. Book of Spirits 123
Seal Of Nar-Khedai 5 1 5 11 Ivory pendant elegantly carved into a grinning hyena's head. By touching the pendant lightly it activates First Impressions (Mind 2). Boston Unveiled 51
••••• Artifacts
Amulet Of Sekhmet 4 0 5 11 A golden pendant that grants Organic Armor. Mysterium 205
Book Of Safe Journeys, The 2 1 3 15 The holder of the book gain the effect of all mage shields of the 10 arcanas Magical Traditions 126
Crystalline Skull 4 2 6 11 When activated (1 Mana) the skull amit glow from the inside as Forces 3 spell “Light Mastery” Secrets of the Ruined Temple 105
Cyclopean Stone, The 3 1 4 11 Fist-sized sphere of stone. Casts "Evil Eye" (Fate 2). Astral Realms 121
Dice of Destiny, The 20-sided die, performs minor magical effects when rolled, primarily negative Unbidden p121
Dreamstone Free Council 114
Konstantinov's Knife 11 Knife (3L), Honing the Form (Life 3), Unbidden p71
Peacebringer 5 1 6 11 Old-style colt revolver. Casts "Exorcism" (Spirit 3) on shooting. Book of Spirits 123
Permit 2 0 2 11 The permit is a paper the size of 4 on 6 inches that make the looker think he see a official permit or license. the permit magic workes like Mind 3 spell “Imposter” but on object Banishers 71
Profane Ephod 3 4 7 12 The artifact can cast “Aura Perception” and “Emotional-Urging” Seers of the Throne 197
Queen Sorra’S Jewelry 3 1 4 12 The jewel grands the effect of Fate 2 “Target Exemption” to any area spell on all the other people wearing another piece of the artifact (to include only them r exlude them) also the effect take place without a penaly to the spell Adamantine Arrow 195
Red Ring, The Shadows of the UK 182
Rings Of Astral Unity, The Astral Realms 125
Subtle Mirror Guardians of the Veil 203
••••• • Artifacts
Adamant Banner, The Adamantine Arrow 191
Aegis, The Adamantine Arrow 192
Astral Bubble Astral Realms 118
Coin of the Ferryman 12 Coin, do 1A with Brawl-Defense-3 attack, Ban (Space 3) against Ghosts. Unbidden p71
Dirala’s Talon Legacies The Sublime 147
Dragon Chained, The Banishers 69
Ley Markers Sanctum & Sigil 98
Pearl Of Obscurity Guardians of the Veil 202
Perpetual Motion Machine Adamantine Arrow 195
Seat Of Kings Silver Ladder 204
Shard Of The Sun 6 2 8 12 Old katana. Summons a spirit of fire and light to serve. Book of Spirits 123
Tanshien’S Thorn Boston Unveiled 39
••••• •• Artifacts
Bane Of The Hoard Guardians of the Veil 200
Bijdava Secrets of the Ruined Temple 104
Black Beauty Adamantine Arrow 192
Bottled Aether Adamantine Arrow 193
Codex Of Lost Pages, The Astral Realms 120
Coin of Lead and Gold 4 0 4 12 Seers of the Throne 196
Crown Of Kings Guardians of the Veil 201
Dragon’S Eye, The Adamantine Arrow 193
Gabriel’S Horn Adamantine Arrow 194
Gravity Well Adamantine Arrow 194
Karnacki’S Coffin Guardians of the Veil 201
Librarian’S Rod, The Secrets of the Ruined Temple 81
Lord Of Storms Guardians of the Veil 202
Mask Of Aztlán Secrets of the Ruined Temple 106
Orb Of Amnesia 4 1 5 11 A brilliant glowing orb; all those who touch it cannot be remembered so long as they remain in contact. Mysterium 206
Profane Urim 3 4 7 12 The artifact can cast “Telepathy” and “Telepathic Control”. if the artifact is an 8 dot artifact it can also cast “Read the Depths” Awakening 309 / Seers of the Throne 197
Quicksilver Spear Adamantine Arrow 196
Rays Of Dawn Adamantine Arrow 196
Robe Of The Dethroned Queen, The Heavy mantle. Provides the benefits of 5 dots of the merit "Occultation". Casts "Destroy the threads" (Space 3). Provides rote to "Complete Invisibility against Exarchs" (Force 4) Reign of The Exarchs 60
Scepter Of The Dethroned Queen, The Blocks the power of a Profane Urim. Enables versatile counterspells against Seers of the Thrones. Teaches a single counterspell rote in any arcana to the wielder. Casts "Supernal Dispellation" (Prime 4) Reign Of The Exarchs 89
Shard Of The Mountain Adamantine Arrow 197
Soma Magical Traditions 140
Soul Hammer Banishers 71
Taroa’S Book Book of Spirits 124
Temenotic Obelisk 7 10 17 11 Seers of the Throne 196
••••• ••• Artifacts
Celestial Urn Silver Ladder 202
Coin Of Hiding 4 1 5 11 Once nailed to the wall of a structure, conceals the entire structure from space magic. Mysterium 206
Creeping Mirror Doll Guardians of the Veil 203
Crown, The 4 2 6 Silk Scarf worn of ther head. Casts "Telepathic Control"(Mind 4), "Possession"(Mind 5). Casts "Psychic Domination" on Seers of the Throne. Bonus to social rolls against Seers of the Throne Reign of The Exarchs 110
Cup Of Life, The Astral Realms 120
Doorway Beyond, The Astral Realms 115
Grim Sanctum Silver Ladder 202
Imadrillan, Ancestral Axe Of The Léon Family Boston Unveiled 74
Kingly Regalia Banishers 70
Liar’s Mask Silver Ladder 203
Mestorian Bracers Secrets of the Ruined Temple 106
Mirror Of Revelation 4 2 6 14 Functions as a powerful scrying mirror, through both time and space. Mysterium 207
Null Bomb, The Free Council 114
Opal Of Styx, The Lead ring mounted with a black opal. Casts "Enervation" (Death 4) and "Befuddle" (Mind 4). Awakening 336
Pillars Of Enduring Creations 3 2 6 11 A set of four pillars that can be arranged to create a region; within this space, all Prime magic has indefinite duration, and any mages within can cast Create Tulpa at will. Mysterium 207
Profane Thummim 3 4 7 12 The artifact can cast “Telepathy” and either “Possession” or “Psychic Domination”. if the artifact is an 9 dot artifact it can also cast “Read the Depths” Seers of the Throne 197
Rabbi’S Cane, The Magical Traditions 44
Shadow And Silence Silver Ladder 204
Soulgate Tome 4 1 5 12 Once read, these tomes transport the reader to the Shadow. Mysterium 208
••••• •••• Artifacts
Altar Of Hallows Secrets of the Ruined Temple 104
Clockwork Heart Adamantine Arrow 193
Flying Saucer, The Astral Realms 121
Opener Of Ways Silver Ladder 203
Shadow And Light Adamantine Arrow 196
Unmaker, The Guardians of the Veil 203
Vimana Engine Secrets of the Ruined Temple 106
••••• ••••• Artifacts
Grimoire Of The Exarchs Banishers 70
Mask of Eyes, The Seers of the Throne 198
Ring Of The Unvoiced Herald Silver Ladder 204
St. Peter's Key Banishers 71
••••• ••••• • Artifacts
Teraphim, The Seers of the Throne 198
••••• ••••• •• Artifacts
Eye Of Ahriman 10 0 10 15 Permanently replaces a functioning eye, but grants many powers over shadows. Mysterium 208
Metachronal Clock 12 1 ? 20 A puzzle box which contains an impregnable sanctum, containing an infinite wealth of libraries. Mysterium 209
••••• ••••• •••• Artifacts
Star Of Athichi, The Adamantine Arrow 197
Artifacts Of Unknown Power
Globe Of Transfer Astral Realms 123
The Heart Full Of Flies And The Eyes Of Salt Reign of The Exarchs 48
Throne Of The Exarchs Reign of The Exarchs 138