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Disciplines, Bloodline (2nd Edition)

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Bloodline Disciplines

Name Rank Cost Dice Pool Description
DEC 112 Cachexy (Morbus)
Diagnose Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Sense carriers of disease.
Contaminate •• None Render a space a contagion vector for a given disease.
Inflame ••• Wits + Survival + Cachexy - Stamina Inflict penalties by exacerbating a disease's symptoms.
Plague-Bearer •••• ●/turn Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Quickly infect nearby victims with a given disease.
Accelerate Disease ••••• Wits + Survival + Cachexy - Stamina Inflict lethal damage by worsening even a mild sickness.
DE2 119 Crochan (Bron)
Swift Flows the Blood Intelligence + Medicine + Crochan Spend up to your successes in additional Vitae this turn on healing.
Blooding the Hunter •• Wits + Survival + Crochan Sample your quarry's blood to apply successes as a bonus for the night to track and pursue them.
Sealing the Covenant ••• ○, ●/oathmate None Mix blood to swear a shared oath of loyalty, taking a symbol or focus as an added Touchstone.
Blood of My Blood •••• ●+ (○) None Touch blood to a subject to spend Vitae to heal them immediately.
Conquering the Challenge of the Axe ••••• ●●○ None Swear not to be moved, and suffer no damage for the scene so long as you take no aggressive action.
NH-SB 23 Dead Signal (Jharana)
Analyze Signal Wits + Composure + Dead Signal Diagnose Radio Sickness and stigmata.
Minor Repairs •• ●+ Wits + Medicine + Dead Signal Heal a subject's non-Persistent Condition or bashing damage per Vitae.
Receive Transmission ••• Intelligence + Occult + Dead Signal Shoulder another vampire's Radio Sickness for a night.
Configure Receiver •••• ●●/dot, ○ Intelligence + Medicine + Dead Signal Anoint a subject with blood to enhance their Skills for a night.
Broadcast ••••• Manipulation + Persuasion + Dead Signal Issue a friendly summons to beings touched by the God-Machine.

Bloodline Devotions

Devotion Prerequisites XP Cost Description
Onyx Path blog Obtenebration (Khaibit Devotions)
Udjat (●) You can see in total darkness and can't be blinded by injury or supernatural imposition. Spend Vitae to perceive beings in Twilight for one scene, during which you can't be possessed by strix.
Ba Obfuscate •• 2 ●●● Grasp a shadow large enough to contain you and don it, becoming darkness yourself. You're treated as a being in Twilight, able to touch (and be touched by) anything else in Twilight. Half your Speed and, whenever you're hurt, take an extra two lethal damage in this state. The Ba offers no protection against fire or sunlight.
Iteru Celerity •• 2 Slip reflexively into a shadow and back out of any contiguous shadow. Once per scene, using the Iteru can grant the rote quality to a Dodge.
Pseshkf Vigor •• 2 ●+ Coat an object in frozen darkness. Add Blood Potency to its Durability and Vitae spent to its Structure. Coated weapons add one to their weapon rating against physical targets, and apply a weapon rating equal to your Blood Potency to the noncorporeal. You can wield a coated object at a distance through the Tyet, even while immaterial through the Ba.
Tyet Vigor •• 2 ●+ Expel darkness out for your Blood Potency times Vitae spent, in yards. You can shape the cloud of shadow, including preexisting shadows within the space of the cloud.
NH-SB 32 Nosoi Devotions
Infectious Bite Contest Manipulation + Medicine + Protean vs Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance to infect a mortal with your blood sickness.
Plague Doctor's Mask Obfuscate •• 1 Use Touch of Shadow to mask the symptoms of a blood sickness.
Tiny Guardian Protean ••• 1 ●/bug Requires Swarm Form. Bud off intelligent, loyal insect servants.
NH-SB 44 Scions of the First City Devotions
City Attunement Touch hands with the surface of your city to see through its eyes. This is required to use other Scion Devotions in a particular city.
Incriminating Evidence Auspex ••• 1 (●) Roll Wits + Empathy + Auspex to search your city for clues of wrongdoing by a touched subject. Use for free once each scene.
Our Mother's Mind Auspex ••••• 3 ●● Walk barefoot through your city and contest Intelligence + Occult + Auspex vs Resolve + Tolerance to seek and impede quarry.
NH-SB 27 Siphon (Lidérc Devotions)
The Give-and-Take Celerity or Vigor ••• 1 ●● Gift a feeding vessel with two dots of your Physical Disciplines for a night, but steal any Willpower they recover from Vice.
The Look Majesty •• 1 Use exceptional success to provoke emotion to psychically drain Vitae from a victim's will.
The One That Got Away Obfuscate •••• 2 By feeding on a sleeping victim, conflate yourself with their ideal, inflicting yourself as a temporary Vice.
The Pledge Majesty •• 1 Pledge yourself to a consenting vessel. They gain your Majesty in fawning Social Merits, and you recover Willpower from rousing their passion, but cannot target anyone else with Siphon.
NH-SB 49 Vardyvle Devotions
Shapeshifting Protean ••, Obfuscate • 1 ●/feature Copy features from the appearance of a vessel for a night.

Bloodline Sorcery

Rite Rank Target Opposition Penumbrae Crúac Book
Sanguine Augur 6 Dream cryptic revelations about the last vessel you fed from. Spend Vitae to broaden or clarify the vision. NH-SB 40
Wisdom of the Blood ••• 6 Read prophecies about a subject in the dreams of a torpid vampire. NH-SB 40
Clotho's Skein ••••• 9 vs Resolve + Tolerance Dreamwalk the threads connecting Kindred through the daysleep to implant a suggestion in a vampire's sleep. NH-SB 40

Bloodline Merits

Merit Rating Maneuver Description
NH-SB 15 Icelus Merits
Psychognosis Psychognosis requires Medicine (Psychology). Each Psychognosis technique costs Willpower, has its own Discipline requirement, and must draw on the stolen dreams of a hypnotic sleeper.
Hypnotic Precognition Requires Dominate ••. Using Mesmerize or Iron Edict also draws insight as per Dream Visions.
•• Diagnostic Dreaming Requires Auspex ••. Upgrade Beast's Hackles successes to exceptional, and spend Vitae to ask additional questions with Uncanny Perception.
••• Waking Prescience Requires Auspex •••. The Spirit's Touch succeeds automatically, and you may spend Willpower to ask additional questions.
•••• Morphean Blackmail Requires Dominate ••••. Spend an extra Vitae on Dominate to half any resistance or contest.
••••• Shared Minds Requires Auspex ••••. Spend an extra Vitae on Lay Open the Mind to share a subject's senses.
Onyx Path blog Kerberos Merits
The Three Heads of Kerberos This is actually three Style Merits which can be purchased separately, one for each aspect of the Beast: monstrous, competitive, and seductive.
Honing When you lash out with this aspect of the Predatory Aura, add your dots in this Merit as bonus dice.
•• Internalizing You can voluntarily take on the aspect's corresponding Condition (Bestial, Competitive or Wanton).
••• Cowing When you lash out with this Merit's aspect, you can substitute a form of the Subservient Condition that applies to commands in line with the aspect.
•••• Striking When your actions touch a victim, you can spend Willpower to reflexively lash out with this Merit's aspect.
••••• The Fires of Hell When you lash out with this Merit's aspect, you can target a number of victims up to your Blood Potency. This is compatible with Striking, but the vector action must touch upon each victim.
NH-SB 33 Parliamentarian Merits
Denouncement •••• Spend Willpower on an accusatory harangue as a contested Social action to inflict an isolating scandal on a victim.
Recruitment Tactics ••• Once per story, apply Blood Potency as bonus successes to sway others through arguments, but suffer Competitive or Obsession.

Bloodline Gifts

Bloodline Gift Description Book
Icelus Dream Visions As the Mekhet Merit. NH-SB 15
Kerberos Hounds of Hell When you inflict the Predatory Aura, increase the dice bonus to pursue your aspect of the Beast to your Blood Potency. Onyx Path blog
Neglatu Agah Easily create and sustain a brood of revenants. Onyx Path blog
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item